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( )19.What was his wife doing when the man hurried into the living room?

A. Listening to the radio and eating apples.

B. Watching TV and waiting for her husband. C. Listening to music and cleaning the room. ( )20.How did the husband get the ten thousand dollars?

A. He saved money little by little.

B. He bought the lottery tickets (彩票). C. He found the money in his office.



21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

二、单项填空:选出最佳答案填在括号内。(本大题有20小题,每小题1分,共20分) ( )26. ----_____do you improve your listening?

----I improve it ______ listening to tapes.

A. How; with B. What; with C. How; by D. What; by ( )27. Don’t let yesterday _________ too much of today.

A. use up B. put up C. give up D. look up ( )28. I’ll do it better if the teacher gives me _____ chance.

A. other B. the other C. others D. another

( )29. Yesterday the girls were _____ at the _____ news.

A. excited, excited B. excited, exciting C. exciting, excited D. exciting, exciting

( )30. We used to have a lot of friends to __________, but now we don’t have time to meet them


A.chat with; any more B. chat; any more

C.chat with; no more D. chat; no more

( )31. If I ______ you, I ____ a small present.

A. was , would take B. were, would take C. were, will take D. am, will take

( )32. You will fail your next exam ________ you start to work hard at your studies now.

A. because B. unless C. so D. if ( )33. What are you like? _________.

A. I like funny and energetic things B. I’m funny and energetic C. I look like my funny and energetic father D. I feel energetic

( )34. I can’t believe _____ little child can make ____ much money.

A. so, so B. so , such C. such a , such D. such a , so

( )35. This pair of jeans ____ you. They are too big. You’d better ____ them. A. doesn’t fit, not to buy B. don’t fit, not to buy

C. doesn’t fit, not buy D. don’t fit, not buy

( )36.-- May I do the rest of the work tomorrow?

--Yes, of course. You _____ finish it today.

A. must B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. could

( )37. When we practice speaking English, we often end up _____ in Chinese. A. to speak B. speaking C. spoken D. speak

( )38. _________ should not be allowed to go out at night.

A. Twelve-years-old B. Twelve-year-olds C. Twelve year old D. Twelve years olds

( )39 This phone isn't . It might belong to .

A. me; him B. my; his C. mine; him D. me; his ( )40. Teachers should be strict students and their study. A. with, with B. in, in C. in, with D. with, in ( )41 What do you think “anxious” ______?

A. mean B. means C. meaning D. meant

( )42. --Can you make sure ____? I’m looking for her. --Sorry, I’ve no idea. But I did see her just now.

A. where did she go B. where has she been

C. where she has gone D. where she will go

( )43. --More and more people ____ thinking and talking in English. --Because it _____widely in the world.

A. get used to, is used B. are used for, is used

C. get used to, is using D. are used for, is using

( )44. Shy people get when they have to speak in public.

A. worry B. confident

C. nervous D. creative ( )45. --How about going hiking this weekend?

--Sorry. I prefer A. staying at home, go out B. going out; staying at home

C. to go out, stay at home D. to stay at home, go out 三、完型填空(本大题有10小题,每小题2分,共20分)


During the have to

mother language.

After you have learned to think of several words in English, then move on to the next step--thinking in . Listening and repeating is a very useful first and don’t care too much about you fully understand what you’re hearing. Try to repeat what you hear. The more you listen, the 根据材料内容选择最佳答案,将其标号填入题前括号内。

( )56.What number may you call if you and your friends want to enjoy the sunshine at the seaside? A.67538293. B.63986432. C.64639818. D.63875629.

( )57.Sam wants to stay in Hunter Valley with his wife, his five-year-old daughter and his

seven-year-old son. How much will it cost?

A.$25. B. $50. C. $100. D. $150.

( )58.David loves sports. He will take his holiday from May 7 to May 15.What activity will he probably

take part in?

A. Hiking in the mountains. B. Fishing in the country. C. Watching plants at night. D. Swimming in the sea.

( )59.Lucy is a college student. She is quite interested in science. She wants to know something about

the life of plants at night. Which trip will she choose?

A. Trip 1. B. Trip 2. C. Trip 3. D. Trip 4. ( )60.Which of the following is NOT mentioned according to four advertisement?


Three Things to Do Before You Are 18

Are you bored with your daily life? Here are some things you should try before you are 18, because after that it’s too late.

Learn to swim

Seriously, this is so important that it can save your life. If you can’t swim well, you won’t be able to do water sports like waterskiing, surfing and diving. Even taking a boat trip will be dangerous for you. Make sure you do it.

Try at least one kind of team sports

71____________ 72____________ 73____________ 74___________ 75___________

76_____________ 77_____________ 78_____________ 79____________ 80___________



的灾难性的气候改变,联合国环境规划署组织了“Planting Trees for the Earth”大型活


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我们从小就接受“今日事今日毕”的教育。然而许多人还是喜欢把今天的事情推迟到明天去做。 他们没有计划安排他们的工作和时间,结果,他们最终没有完成他们的目标。请举例谈谈你对“今日事今日毕”的看法。


we have been told that never put off until tomorrow what you can do today since childhood.

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