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七年级英语上册Unit 2 This is my sister单元简析

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Unit 2 This is my sister


sister(n.) mother(n.) father(n.) parent(n.)

brother(n.) grandmother(n.) grandfather(n.)

grandparent(n.) family(n.) those(pron.) who(pron.)

these(pron.) they(pron.) day(n.) well(interj.)

son(n.) cousin(n.) aunt(n.) grandma(n.)

uncle(n.) daughter (n.) here (adv.) of (prep.)

photo(n.) picture(n.) girl(n.) next(adj.& n.)


my sister我的姐姐/妹妹 my brother我的哥哥/弟弟

my family我的家庭 have a good day过得愉快

two nice photos of my family 我家的两张漂亮的全家福

in the first photo在第一张照片里 the name of ......的名字


This is ... 这是.......

Is this...? 这是......吗?

These/those are... 这些/那些是......

Are these/those...? 这些/那些是......吗?

Who is/are...? ......是谁?


1.典例:Your parents _______ (is, are) here.


The man is over there. ______ is my teacher.

典例2:______ (那)is an apple and _______(这) is a pen._________(那些)are my grandparents over there and _______(这些)are my friends.

典例3:This ‘s my sister.(请改错)

3.典例:This ______ a big family.My family ______happy.(be)

辩析:family home house

4.典例:_______ is that man over there?---He is dick’s uncle. A.Where B.What C.Who D.Which

5.典例1:How are you?---- I’m very w_______.

典例2:She is an English teacher, so she can speak English very _______. A.nice B.well C.good D.bad

6.有关day的短语:day after day, these days, the whole day, day by day, New Year’s Day, Children’s Day

7.典例1:He is fine, _____(也)

典例2:He is a student, too.(改为同义句)

典例3:He doesn’t like comedies, ______.

8.典例:Here _____ my family photos.

A.is B.am C.are D.isn’t



一、指示代词是表示“这个;那个;这些;那些”的代词。其中,this和these指离说人较近的人或事物;that和those 指离说话人较远的人或事物。

典例:Look!do you know _____ man under the tree?

Sorry. It’s too far to see _____ clearly.

A.this;him B.that;his C.this;her D.that;him

二、指示代词this, that 作主语时,系动词be用单数形式is, 同时后面的名词用单数形式;当these, those作主语时,系动词be 用复数形式are,同时后面的名词用复数形式。

典例:That ______ my aunt.

These _______ our bikes.(is, are)

三、在回答主语是this或that的一般疑问句或特殊疑问句时,在答语中用it代替问句中的this或that.当回答主语是these或those 的问句时,在答语中用they来代替句中的these或those。

典例1:Is that your pen?---- Yes, ______ ______.

典例2:Are these your cousins?----No, ______ ______.

四、在介绍某人时或在电话用语中使用this或that, 不用he或she.

典例: Hello! Is that Kate speaking? Yes, ______.

A.it’s Kate B.I’m Kate C.this is Kate. D.Kate is me



典例1:______ likes science?----My friend Rosie does.

典例2:Do you know the man ______ is reading the book over there?----Yes, he’s Mr. Green, our P.E. Teacher.

A.which B.what C.whom D.who

二、who 用于be动词之后作主语。

_______ is your math teacher?---- Ms Da.


______ do you often play tennis with? Tom.


一)一般情况在后面加s。如:fathers, books, Americans, Germans, apples, bananas

二)x, sh, ch, s, 后加es。如:boxes, glasses, dresses, watches, wishes, faxes

三)1)以辅音字母加y结尾的变y为i再加es 如:baby-babies, family-families, duty-duties, comedy-comedies, documentary-documentaries, story-stories

2)以元音字母加y结尾的直接加s。如:day-days, boy-boys, toy-toys, key-keys, ways

四)以o结尾:黑人英雄在火山上爱吃西红柿子和土豆。Negro, hero, volcano, tomato, potato

五)以f或fe结尾的变f为v再加es(s)。如:knife-knives, wife-wives, half-halves, shelf-shelves, leaf-leaves, yourself-yourselves



1.that is his good f_________ Emma.

2.A_______ these your sister?

3.My father’s parents are my g_________.

4.This is my book .T________ are his books.

5.H________ a good day!

6.Mike is my father and Mary is my mother.They are my _________(parent).

7.My ________(father) brother is my uncle.

8.________(this)are my English books.

9._________(those) is my grandmother.

10.What’s _______ _______ _____ (...的名字)your white dog.


1.That is my ______.

A.brothers B.families C.father D.friends

2.Are ______ your friends?

A.that B.this C.those D.it

3.______ is ______ man over there?

It’s Jim Brown. We often play basketball together.

A.Which; the B.Who; this C.Who; that D.Which; that

4.Is zhang Tao your brother? ----________.

A.Yes, he is. B.No, he is

B.C.Yes, he isn’t D.No, I’m not.

5.Are these your parents?----Yes,______

A.they are B.they aren’t C.these are D.it is

6.Is this your notebook?----No, ______ isn’t. Ask Bill. He is looking for ______ note book.

A.it;he B.it;his C.its; he D.it’s;his

7. Frank and Mary are my mother’s parents.They are my _______.

A.grandparents B.grandfather

B.C.grandmother D.parents

8.Have a good day! _______.

A.OK B.Thanks

C.Nice to meet you. D.Good morning

9.Alan, this is my aunt._______.

A.Thank you B.Who is she? C.Bye!

10.Your family _______ big.

A.are B.am C.aren’t D.is

11. She likes blue.I like blue,____.

A.also B.yes C.to D.too

12._______ is that girl?

She is my friend, Jenny.

A.How B.what C.Where D.Who

13.Mrs Smith has _____ son and a daughter.

A.A B.an C.the

14.My friend tom comes from Canada and _____ is a tall boy with blue eyes.

A.he B.his C.she D.it

15.Is this _______ dictionary?----No, it’s not mine. A.you B.your C.yours

16.Is it a photo ______ your family?

A.and B.of C.on D.or

17.My key _____ in my backpack.Those ______ my keys.

A.are;are B.is;aren’t

C.are;aren’t D.is;isn’t

18.Here ______ my family photos.

A.is B.am C.are D.I

19.Tom’s mother is your aunt.He is your _____.

A.friend B.brother C.uncle D.cousin

20.In my family, I have _____ uncle and _____aunt.

A.a;a B.a;an C.an;a D.an;an

21. This is Mary and this Jane.______ my _______.

A.She’s friend B.They’re;friends

C.They’re; friend D.She’s; friends

22.these are pencils. Those are ______, too.

A.watches B.keys C.pens D.pencils


1.Let’s go to the zoo at two o’clock.

________(好吧 ), that’s a good idea.

2.Wash your hands before you have meals.

Oh, _______(我知道了)


4.These are my father and mother.(改为同义句)

These are ______ _______.

5.that’s my aunt.(改为一般疑问句)

_______ ______ ______ aunt.

6.Look at my family photo.(改为同义句)

Look at the ______ of _____ _____.


What is in ______ _______ picture.


Wangwang is _______ my family, ______.

9.her, photo, of, family, here, is, a(.)(连词成句)

10.parents, in, picture, first, the, are, my(.)(连词成句)

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