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九年级unit 3 reading

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Unit 3 Section B 随堂练习
1.父母在学习上对孩子们很严格。 Parents are quite strict with children in their studies. 2.几天前,我被允许打耳洞了。 The other days, I was allowed to get my ears pierced. 3.他的难题是所有的同学都认为他的发型很丑。 His problem is that all his classmates think his haircut is ugly. 4. 如果我是你,我会选择自己的衣服。 If I were you, I would choose my own clothes.

? 5. 我们应该更集中注意力于我们学习上而不是衣服上。 ? We should concentrate more on our studies rather than clothes. ? 6.我去年暑假有一个机会去澳大利亚旅行。 ? I had an opportunity to travel to Australia last summer. ? 7. 对他来说,成为一名志愿者是一次好的经历。 ? It’s a good experience for him to be a volunteer. ? 8. Although she______ (sleep) 9 hours last night, she still feels _____(sleep). I’m sure she’ll fall___ (sleep) ? in a while. ? slept; sleepy; asleep

? 9. We’ll ______________(放假7天) for National Day. ? have seven days off ? 10. They __________(放了三个月的) _______(volunteer) others. ? had three months off ; to volunteer ? 11. Who can answer my question?(同义句) ? Who can reply to my question? ? 12. 请尽快答复。 ? Please reply as soon as possible.

Unit 3 Reading
The fifth period

Should I be allowed to make my own decisions?

New words
? obey v. 服从;顺从 ? in the way 挡道的;妨碍人的 achieve v. 完成;实现 ? race v&n. 赛跑;比赛;与…比赛;参加赛跑 ? taught (teach的过去式和过去分词) ? importance n. 重要;重要性 ? care about 担心;关心 ? succeed v. 成功;达到;完成 ? Point n.要点,论点

Discuss the questions.

What does she want to be?

She wants to be a singer.

Liu Xiang wants to be a professional runner.

What are you going to be in the future? To do this, what will you do? Do your parents agree what you do?

Before You Read:
Think about the questions:

1.How old is a teenager?
2.What are some of the rules that a teenager should obey? (at home/school)

1. What does Liu Yu want to be?
He wants to be a professional runner. 2. What do parents worry about? They worry about child’s study at school.

3. Do his parents allow him to train as much as he likes?
No, they don’t.

4. Is Liu Yu serious about running?

Yes, he is.
5. Are his parents strict with him? Yes ,they are. 6. Does Liu Yu believe himself? Yes, he does.

1. Liu Yu wants to be a writer. F 2. Parents worry about his study . T 3.Liu Yu loves running so much. T

4. Parents think he should spend time on homework. T 5. Liu Yu isn’t serious about running. F

6. Parents think he needs to be realistic. T


Can you make your own sentences?
get in the way of 妨碍

(be) serious about 对…感兴趣的/是认真的

spend time on 花时间做


E. g: Playing games on line day afte

r day often gets in the way of children’s study. They are serious about playing football. I spend a lot of time on learning English.


Points show Liu Yu’s parents care about him. They want him to achieve his dreams; They watch all his races.

Points show that Liu Yu is unhappy with his parents.
He doesn’t agree with his parents; he wants to be allowed to make decisions; he thinks his parents don’t believe in him.

Work in groups
Parents’ Points Liu Yu’s Points

They worry about success his_______ at school.

→_________________. professional athlete They think he should He just wants to do → he ______ . enjoys spend time on study. what ______
He wants to be a
They think he needs realistic to be ________.

He is serious about running ________.

They think it is a very believes achieve difficult dream to______. He _______ himself.

1.Choose the best answer
1.They should____ practice their B hobbies. A. allowed to

B. be allowed to
C. are allowed

C 2.Liu’s parents think he needs _____ realistic.
A. be B. to C. to be

3.Liu Yu should spend time_____ C his homework. A. in B. with C. on

A 4.Liu Yu is serious _____running
A. about B. in C. with

5. They have taught me the B ______working hard.

A. important of B. importance of
C. of importance

2.Fill in the blanks with the words.
worry about in…team achieve allow him to get in the way of

1. Parents might _____________their worry about child’s success at school. 2.These hobbies can get in the way of ___________________schoolwork.

3.Liu Yu is ____his school on team running_______. allow him to 4.His parents won’t____________ train as much as he would like to.
5.We want to see Liu Yu achieve _________his dreams.

Do you think Liu Yu should be allowed to practice running? Discuss this with your partner. Use the information in the reading to support your opinion.

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