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中考英语。。阅读C篇难度 翻译

Tell a story and tell it well, and you may open wide the eyes of a child, open up lines of communication in a business, or even open people’s mind to another culture or race.


People in many places are digging up the old folk stories and the messages in them.


For example, most American storytellers get their tales from a wide variety of sources, cultures, and times. 例如,大多数美国说书人所讲的故事都源于广泛的资源信息,多种多样的文明风俗以及不同的时代。

They regard storytelling not only as a useful tool in child education, but also as a meaningful activity that helps adults understand themselves as well as those whose culture may be very different from their own.


“ Most local stories are based on a larger theme,” American storyteller Opalanga Pugh says, “ Cinderella(灰姑娘), or the central idea of a good child protected by her goodness, appears in various forms in almost every culture of the world.”

“大多数地方特色的故事都基于一个更大的主题”,美国说书人 Opalanga Pugh 说,“灰姑娘的故事,或者中心思想是善良的孩子被她的美德所庇护的故事都以不同的形式出现于世界的不同文化中。”

Working with students in schools, Pugh helps them understand their own cultures and the general messages of the stories.


She works with prisoner too, helping them knowing who they are by telling stories that her listeners can write, direct, and act in their own lives.


If they don’t like the story they are living, they can rewrite the story.


Pugh also works to help open up lines of communication between managers and workers. “For every advance in business,” she says, “ there is a greater need for communication.”



Storytelling can have a great effect on either side of the manager-worker relationship, she says. 她说道:“讲故事的方法也在主管和员工的关系间产生了巨大的良效,。”

Pugh spent several years in Nigeria, where she learned how closely storytelling was linked to the everyday life of the people there.


The benefits of storytelling are found everywhere, she says.


“I learned how people used stories to spread their culture,” she says, “ What I do is to focus on the value of the stories that people can translate into their own daily world of affairs.


We are all storytellers. We all have a story to tell. We tell everybody’s story.”


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