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2013年新目标人教版七年级英语上册Unit5 SectionB 课件

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Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball?
Section B

Lead in Let’s play computer games. That sounds interesting.

interesting 有趣的,让人感兴趣的

Let’s watch TV.

That sounds relaxing.

watch 观看


What do you think of these things?

relaxing (轻松的) fun

difficult (困难的) interesting 有趣的; 令人 感兴趣的

boring (无聊的)

有趣的; 令人 愉快的

1a Match the words with the pictures. e c 1.interesting ___ 3.fun___ 5.relaxing ___ a 2.boring ___ d 4.difficult___ b

1b Listen and check(√) the description words you hear in 1a.

1. interesting _______
2. boring _______ 3. fun _______ 4. difficult _______ 5. relaxing _______

1c Listen again. What does Paul say about these activities?
Choose a word from 1a to fill in each blank. play computer games play volleyball watch TV play basketball interesting ___________

difficult ________
boring ________ ____ fun

1d You are Paul. Your partner is Paul’s friend Jenny. Talk about the activities in 1c. Let’s …. That sounds….

2b Read the survey results in a school magazine and answer the question: Who has a soccer ball? Do You Have a Soccer Ball? Frank Brown: I don’t have a soccer ball, but my brother Alan does. We go to the same school and we love soccer. We play it at school with our friends. It’s relaxing.

Gina Smith:

Yes, I do. I have two soccer balls, three volleyballs, four
basketballs and five baseballs and bats. I love sports, but I don’t play them —I only watch them on TV!

Wang Wei: No, I don’t. Soccer is difficult. I like ping-pong. It’s easy for me. I have three ping-pong balls and two ping-pong bats. After class, I play ping-pong with my classmates.

2c Who do you think says these sentences? Check(√) F for Frank, G for Gina or W for Wang Wei. 1. I play ping-pong with my classmates after class. 2. I have soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs and baseballs. 3. My brother has a soccer ball but I don’t. F G W

F 4. I only watch sports on TV. 5 Soccer is not easy for me. 6. My brother and I are in the same school.



1. 单词短语:___________
(在小组内口头汇报) 2. Let’s play basketball. Let’s play the piano. 在乐器 的前面加the。

I. 句型转换 1. I have a soccer ball and a volleyball.(改为否定句) don’t have I _____ ______a soccer ball or a volleyball. 2. His brother has a baseball.(改为一般疑问) Does _____ his brother ______ a baseball? have

3. Do your parents play computer games?(作肯定回答)
they do Yes, _____ ____.

4. Does Ella have a tennis racket?(作否定回答) No doesn’t ____, she ________. 5. My friend has a baseball.(改为否定句) doesn’t have My friend ________ _____a baseball.

Ⅱ.句子翻译 1. ——你有电脑吗?——是的, 我有。 —Do you _____ a computer ? —Yes, ___ ____ . I do have 2. ——他有网球拍吗?——不,他没有。 doesn’t Does — ___

__ he have a tennis racket ? —No, he ________.

3. ——咱们打网球吧。 ——那听起来不错。 sounds good Let’s — _____ play tennis. —That _______ ______.

4. ——玛丽有两本词典吗?——是的,她有。
Does —_____Mary _____ two___________? —Yes, she _____ . have dictionaries does

your Is 5. ——这是你的词典吗?____ this ______ dictionary ?

Write about sports things and other things you have. 写一段话,谈谈你所拥有的体育用品和其他物品。

Pride goes before, and shame comes after. 骄傲使人落后。

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