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Exercise One
1.姐,妹 sister2.兄,弟 brother .叔,伯,舅uncle 4. 阿姨 aunt 3 5.父母 parents 6.祖父母 grandparents7.爸 father/dad 8.妈 mother/mum/mom9.谁 who 10.恩,好吧 well

11.再见 goodbye12. 儿子 son 13.女儿 daughter 14.堂兄,妹 cousin 15. 他,她,它们 they

Exercise One
16.祝过得愉快 Have a good day ! 17.这里是我的一张家庭靓照。 Here is a nice photo of my family. 18.这是我奶奶。 This is my grandmother.

19.这是她父母。 These are her mother and father/parents. 20.她是谁? Who is she? 21.她们是谁? Who are they?
22.在第一张/下一张照片中 In the first/next photo

Father and mother


love you.

family tree. grandpa dad mom grandma uncle aunt

daughter sister



根据句意填入家族成员的名词。 grandmother 1. Father’s mother is my ____________. 2. Mother’s brother is my ________. uncle grandfather 3. Mother’s father is my ____________. 4. Father’s sister is my _________. aunt 5. I’m Lucy. This is my father. I’m his _________. daughter 6. Uncle’s daughter is my __________. cousin 7. Tom is my son. I’m not his father. I am his mother ______. parents 8. My father and mother are my ________. 9. My grandparents are my parents’ parents. ___________ 10.I’m Jim. This is my mother. I’m her only son ______.

Fill in the blanks.(填空)

daughter 1. Lucy is a girl. She is her father’s __________. son 2. Jim is his father’s ____.

aunt 3. My father’s sister is my ______ .
uncle 4. Kate’s father’s brother is her _________.
5. Tim’s father is my uncle, so Tim is my ________. cousin

father 6. His parents are his ______ and _______. mother grandfather grandmother 7. My grandparents are my ______ and_________.

Grammar focus
This is my friend Jane.
These are my brothers. Who’s she? Who’s he? Who’re they?

That’s my grandfather.
Those are my parents. She’s my sister. He’s my brother. They’re my grandparents.

Mother , mother, this is my mother. Father, father, this is my father. Mother and father, these are my parents. Grandfather, grandfather, that is my grandfather. Grandmother, grandmother, that is my grandmother. Grandfather and grandmother, those are my grandparents. Who is she? Who is she? She is my mother . Who is he? Who is he? He is my father . Who are they? Who are they? They are my father and mother. Who are they? Who are they? They are my parents.

Exercise four


1. She’s my sister . (划线部分提问) ______________________ Who’s the? 2. They are my grandparents.(划线部分提问) ______________________ Who are they? 3. They are my books.(划线部分提问) ______________________ What are they? 4. This is my friend. (改复数句) These are my friends. ______________________

Exercise four


5.Here is a photo of my family . (同义句) Here is my famil

y photo ______________________. 6. Coco is my dog’s name.(同义句) Coco is the name of my dog. ______________________

Translate and write them down.
1. 这些是我的父母,这个是我的奶奶。 These are my parents and this is my grandmother. 2. 这是我的朋友,那是我的哥哥托尼。 This is my friend and that is my brother, Tony.

3. 那些是他们的钢笔吗?
Are those their pens?

4. 这些是我们的英语书吗? Are these our English books?
5. 那些是她的尺吗? Are those her rulers? 6. 它是我们的学校。 It is our school.

单数 this that it/he/she is 复数 these those they are



This ___ my sister. is That ____ his brother. is She _____ his aunt. is He _____ my uncle . is These _____ her parents. are Those ____ her friends. are They _____ my family. are are Tom and he _____ good friends.

Exercise 选择正确的答案完成句子。
( B )1. Is this _____ sister ? A. you B. your C. he D. she ( B )2. Here _____ my uncle. A. are B. is C. am D. be ( A )3. ---Is this his cousin?---Yes, ___ is. A. it B. its C. this D. he ( B )4. ______ these her parents ? A .ARE B. Are C. is D. Is (C )5. Thanks _______ your family photo. A. For B. FOR C. for D. or

1、如果你处在7号位置上,你能写出你和其他家庭成员的关系吗? (写出英文与汉语意思) (1)______ __________ grandfather 爷爷,外公 奶奶,外婆 (2)______ __________ grandmother (3)_______ __________ father 爸爸 妈妈 (4)_______ __________ mother 哥哥,弟弟 (5)_______ __________ brother (6)_______ __________ sister 姐姐,妹妹 2、翻译下列句子: This is my friend. 1.这是我的朋友。 ________________________ These are my brothers. 2.这些是我的兄弟们。________________________ That's my family. 3.那是我的家 人。 ________________________ Those are my parents. 4.那些是我的父母。 ________________________

1.通过知识梳理你能写出下列单词的相应形式吗? sisters brothers 1)sister(复数)_____ 4)brother(复数)____ are these 2)is(复数) _____ 5)this(复数) ______ that 3)friends(单数 friend _____ 6)those(单数) _____ 2.按要求完成句子。 Those are my books. 1)That is my book. (改为复数句) ________________ These are my brothers 2)This is my brother.(改为复数句) __________________ That is my friend. 3)Those are my friends.(改为单数句) _________________ Who's she? She's my mother. 4)翻译:她是谁? 她是我妈妈。___________________

Bob,Dale,Eric, Frank, Alan, Tom, Mike, Jack, Paul.

Alice,Cindy,Grace, Helen, Gina, Jenny, Mary, Lindy, Jane, Sally, Kate.

father, dad, brother, mother, mum, mom, grandfather, grandpa, grandmother, grandma, uncle, son. aunt, daughter, sister.

parent(s), grandparent(s), cousin, friend.

My family Hi,I’m Jenny. Here are two nice photos of my family. My g

randfather and grandmother are in the first photo. These are my Parents, Alan and Mary. In the next Picture are my brothers, Bob and Eric. These two girls are my sister Cindy and my cousin Helen. Coco is in my family, too.

My family photo I have a happy family. Look!Here is a nice photo of my family! This is my father. This is my mother. They are my parents. Those are my grandparents. That boy is my brother. I love my family!

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