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unit1 My name's Gina.SectionB

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Section B Period One

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

单词 zero 0 one 1 two 2 three 3 four 4 five 5 six 6 seven 7 eight 8 nine 9 电话;电话机 telephone 号码,数字 number 电话;电话机 phone 朋友n. friend 中国n. China 最后的;末尾的adj. last 中间的 adj.中间 n. middle 学校 n. school 第一 det.first

English numbers

0 1 2



zero one






six seven eight nine




5 47 32 01 86 9 5

Game: Say it in English and spell it.

3 72 5 04 6 8 9

nine three four five seven two zero one eight

nine four three zero two five one seven eight

Let’s read these numbers.

59732 26554

23661 94614

806536 60215 05489 25897

Work out math problems

What’s 0 and 2? 1. 0+2=2 2. 3+4=7 3. 6+4=1 0

1.电话号码telephone/phone number 2.姓 last name 3.中学;初中 middle school 4.名字 first name 5.我的朋友 my friend 6.in China 在中国

短语 last name姓 first name 名字
What ? : Look! _____ is his name? ? : Sun Wukong. first ? : Oh, great. Wukong is his____ name and Sun is his____ name. last

Translate and write them down.
1. 他的名字叫托尼,我的名字叫琳达。 His name is Tony. My name is Linda. 2. 我叫杰克 .史密斯,我的姓是史密斯, 我的名字是杰克。

My name is Jack Smith. My last name is Smith, my first name is Jack.

? ? ? ? ? ?

句型 1.What’s your telephone number ,Li Xin? 李欣,你的电话号码是多少? ---It’s 281-9176.281-9176. 2.What’s her last name? 她姓什么?

? 3. What’s her first ? 她的名字是什么?



Listening to the conversation and write the telephone number.


1c Groupwork Ask and tell your phone numbers.

A: What’s your phone (telephone) number, Li Xin? B: It’s 281-9176.

1d-1e. Listen and match the names with telephone numbers:
c 1.Tom ____ a. 929-31_ _ 60

d 2.Linda ____
b 3.Bob _____ a 4.Mary ____

49 b. 398-61_ _
28 c. 278-79_ _ 42 d. 555-80_ _

My telephone number is…

What’s your telephone number?

13944267788 What’s his telephone number?
It’s …


His telephone number is…

6 9 7 2 8 8 8

What’s her telephone number? It’s…
Her telephone number is…


Practice introducing yourself and others.
Example: I’m Rose White. Rose is my first name, White is my last name . My phone number is 358-6344. My friend’s name is Tony Brown, Tony is his first name, Brown is his last name. His phone number is 2578900.

027-6461585 7791649 2288649


First name: Jenny Last name: Jenny Brown Brown Telephone number: 535_2375

Michael Jackson David Beckham Gina Brown

What’s his/her first name?

What’s his/her last

Cai Yilin
Li Yuchun
What’s his/her first name?

What’s his/her last

Zhou Jielun

2a Read the list of names. Write F for

first name and L for last name.
1.Alan 2.Green 3.Miller F L 6.Jack 7.Smith 8.Brown 9.Zhang F


L 4.Mingming F



L 10. Mary F

2b Read the message and match them with the pictures. Circle the first names and underline the last names.

1.My name is Jenny Green. My phone number is 281-9176. My friend is Gina Smith. Her phone nnumber is 232-4672. 2.I’m Dale Miller and my friend is Eric Brown. His telephone number is 357-5689. My telephone number is 358-6344.

3.My name is Mary Brown. My friend is in China. Her name is Zhang Mingming. My phone number is 257-8900 and her number is 9293155.

2c Match the names with the telephone numbers. Then find three pairs of friends in the name list.
Names Telephone numbers 358-6344 929-3155 281-9176 257-8900

Eric Brown
Gina Smith

Dale Miller
Zhang Mingming

Jenny Green
Mary Brown


Friends Jenny Green 1.___________ and_________ Gina Smith Eric Brown 2.____________and_________ Dale Miller Mary Brown Zhang Mingming 3.____________and_________


Use the information on the ID card and answer the questions. PEP Middle School
First name:_________ Alice
Green Last name:_________

Phone Number:_________ 951-3397

Alice Her first name is_________ Green Her last name is _________

Her phone number is _________ 951-3397


Fill in your own ID card and write about yourself.

First Name:___________. Last Name:____________. Phone number:_________.

My first name

Self Check
1 Write out the numbers.
one two zero 120_____________________ one zero zero eight six 10086___________________

double one four 114_____________________
one two three one five 12315__________________

one one nine 119______________________
one seven nine five one 17951____________________

2 Match the sentences to make conversations. 1.Hello. I’m Cindy. C A E

2.What’s you name?
3.Hello. I’m Grace.

4.My name’s Eric.

D 5.What’s his telephone number? B

A.I’m Chen Kang.

B.It’s 876-9548.
C.Nice to meet you,Cindy.

D.Nice to meet you, Eric. I’m Bill.
E.Hi,Grace. I’m Alice.

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