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牛津8A Unit 2 Reading

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Unit 2 Reading

School Lives

Zhang Yunjuan

Look for friends for the words
movie, fall, cookie, eraser, vacatio soccer , football n, store , , truck British American British
? ? ? ? ? filmautumnbiscuitrubberlorry-

yard American

? ? ? ? ?

holidaygardenshopfootballAmerican football-

Boys and girls have lessons together. They are in a mixed(混合的)school.

French is a foreign language.

school library borrow books from... You can bring in books and magazines from

We should listen to the teacher carefully.

They are doing sports together happily.

They won the game. Win- won

He lost the game

Zhaobenshan and Songdandan are buddies(搭档、朋友).

They are my heroes(英雄、被崇拜的对象).

They are playing baseball. If you want to play it well, you should practice hard every time.

New words
mixed french foreign language during discuss in class guy buddy offer end baseball win


Life in a British School

I. Listen and answer:
(1)Who wrote the first passage?

Nanc y. (2)What activity does the school have every year? A Reading Week.

Part2 Life

in an American School

I. Read and answer :
(1)Who wrote the second passage?

John. (2)Who else are mentioned(提及) in the passage?


T or


P22 B3

Life in a British school
I’m Nancy. I am in__ __ at__ ____near___.It is a ___ school. Boys and girls___ __ ___.Among all my___,I like______best. Learning ___ ___is___. Our school has a____ ____ every year.____this week, we can___more books___the school library. We can also___ ___books and magazines from home.I often read ___books _ _my classmates. Near ___ ___ __the week, we ____ the books___our classmates __ ___.Time ___ ___ go faster when we__ ___ ___ ____.

My name is John and I’m___ years old. I’m in ___ ___ ___ at ____ ____ ___ ____ near___. Every ___,I go to the ____ ____.In the club,____students help new students ___ ___ ___ the school.My friend Tony often listens ___ to___my problems and___me ____.He is my ___. We have ___ _____ every day. On Friday afternoon, our school ends ____than ____.My friends and I often ___ ____ ____. ____ ____ _____,I play____ after school. I love this game and _____ ____ every time. Our team ____two games last month.

Life in an american school

Nancy/14 years old/ in 9th grade/Jim/ driving lessons/ twice a week/softball/every Monday/ buddy club/older students—new students/enjoy/Julie/help Nancy with…/hero/ during lunchtime…/sometimes…

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