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初中英语导学案8A Unit1(09)

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初中英语导学案8A Unit1



1. To plan ideas for writing;

2. To learn the proper and easy ways to write something;

3. To write a description of the appearance and personality of a friend.


To wrte an article to describe a friend’s appearance and personality.

课 前 导 学

一、阅读教材P.19-20.,试做Part B。


1. Who does Daniel write about?


2. When did Daniel get to know Kate?


3. What does Kate look like?


4. What is Kate like?


5. What would she like to be when she grows up? Why?



1. 深棕色

2. 3. 明亮、笑眯眯的眼睛

4. 感到无聊和不开心

5. 脸上带着笑容

6. 住在隔壁课堂活动

Step 1 Revision

In this unit, we have learnt a lot about how to describe our best friends. Show three photos of Betty, Max and May. Ask some students to describe them. Revise some useful words and expressions.

Ask: What aspects can we talk about from when we talk about our best friends?

What’s his/her name?

What’s he/she like?

What’s his/her quality of a good friend (personality)?

What does he/she like doing?

What would he/she like to do in the future?

Please keep them in your mind. We will talk about them step by step.

II. Presentation.

1. Get Ss to look at Part A. Explain some difficult words.

2. Ask Ss to complete Part B to describe their best friends. Try to choose suitable vocabularies.

3. Read the passage on P20 quickly and find out some information about Daniel’s best friend

4. Phrases and sentences

Now we have these words. Is it enough to write a passage? No. So we still need some phrases and sentences structures. Try to find the phrases and sentences Daniel used in his passage.

6. Ask Ss to find out the structure of the passage by themselves.

Introduction: Who is your best friend?

Body(appearance—personality and ability)

Conclusion(hobbies and future plans)

III. Practice.

Are you ready to write about your best friends? Let’s have a try.

IV. Writing and checking

IV. Homework.

Write a passage about their best friends.


一、 用所给的首字母或中文完成单词。

____ when I speak in class. ---There’s no need to be afraid next time.

(确实)want to see Jim at once.

4. We all can’t fo(令人愉快的)hiking to the town of West Hill.

_______( 正确).


____(friendly) people in the class, I think.

____ (small) than a watermelon.

3. Saturday is my ____________ (busy) day in a week.

4. She is getting __________ and ________ (slim).

5. I think it’s too expensive. I’d like a _____________ (cheap) one.

6. He comes to school much ________________ (early) than I.

三、 同义句转换。

1. Jane arrived here earlier than the other two girls.

Jane arrived here __________ ____________ the three girls.

2. Jack is shortest in his class.

Jack is shorter ___________ _________ ___________in his class.

3. Simon is taller than kitty.

Kitty is_____ __ _______ _Simon.

4. My English is worse than David’s.

David’s English is ___5. Tom is the fattest boy in his class.

6. Diving is not as exciting as hiking.

Hiking is ___ ____ _____ ____ ____ __diving.

7. Jack is the tallest boy in his class.

Jack is ___ ____than______ _ _______ _ boy in his class.

8. Daniel is 20 years old. I’m 20 years old.

四、 选词填空。(用适当形式,每词限用一次)

I have a wonderful friend ____1_____Max. He is as tall ___2___ I am. He has poor eyesight because of too _____3_____ computer work at night. He ____4___ a pair of glasses and they

make him look _____5___. Max has a good ______6____of humour. I ___7_____ feel bored or unhappy when he is with me. He likes______8___ funny jokes and always makes me laugh. Max’s legs are very long and he walks fast. He is one of the ____9____boys in our class. Max is my _____10____friend. He is very funny.




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