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Module 2

Unit 1

Is this your mum?

Family [f?mli] 家庭,家人
F A M I L Y father and mother I love you

Words and expressions
father [fɑ:e?] n. 父亲,爸爸

mother [m?e?]



parent [p??r?nt] n. 父亲;母亲 grandfather [ɡr? ndfɑ:e?] n. 祖父,外祖父

grandmother [ɡr? ndm?e?]

n. 祖母,外祖母

grandparent [ɡr? ndp??r?nt] n. 祖父或祖母,外祖父或外祖母

Words and expressions
? dad [d? d] ( papa) ? mum [m?m] (mama) ? grandpa [ɡr? npɑ:] ? grandma [ɡr? nmɑ:]

n.爸爸 n.妈妈 n.爷爷;外公 n.奶奶,外婆 n.妹妹;姐姐 n.弟弟;哥哥

? sister [sist?] ? brother [br?e?]

Words and expressions

aunt [ɑ:nt] n. 姨母;伯母;婶母;舅母;姑母 uncle [??kl] n. 叔叔;伯伯;舅舅;姑父;姨父 cousin [k?zn]
son [s?n] daughter

n. 堂兄弟;表兄弟 n. 儿子 n. 女儿


? 凯利夫妇和他们的 18个孩子(美国)

family tree



grandfather grandmother
外祖父 外祖母



father 父亲 sister

mother 母亲

叔叔;伯伯;舅舅; 姨; 姑父;姨夫 伯母; 婶母; cousin 舅母; daughter 堂(表)兄(弟); 姑母 女儿 堂(表)姐(妹)



This is Tony’s family.

This is Tony’s …
grandfather grandmother grandmother


father mother aunt

uncle uncle



cousin cousin

What a big family!

2 Listen and check (√) in Activity 1 the people Tony mentions.
grandfather grandmother



mother aunt uncle √ father √




cousin cousin

3 Listen and choose the correct answer. 1 Linda is Tony’s sister / cousin. 2 Liz is Tony’s mother / aunt. 3 Paul is Tony’s dad / uncle.

4 Mike is Tony’s cousin / brother.

1. My mum’s parents are on the left, and my dad’s parents are on the right. 我妈妈的父母亲在左边,我爸爸的父母亲在 右边。 What a big family! 真是一个大家庭啊! on the left 在左边 on the right 在右边 都是表示方位的介词短语,不仅可以用来描 述人物之间的位置关系,也可以用来描述事 物之间的位置关系。如: The bus station is on the left, and the hospital is on the right. 公交车站在左边,医院在右边。

2. Is this your mum? 这是你的妈妈吗? “Is this / that …?”常用于询问对方“这/ 那 是……吗?”,回答时常用“Yes, it is”或“No, it isn’t”。 回答主语是this 或that的疑问句时,常用it来代 替this 或that,以避免重复。同样,回答主语为 these或 those的疑问句时,常用they来代替。 —Are these your photos? —Yes, they are. on the right / left 意为“在右边/左边”,此处 right/ left为名词。 “在某人的右/左边”是on one’s right / left或


amily 家庭 family 若强调一个整体,谓语动词用单 数;若强调家庭中的每一个成员,则谓 语动词用复数形式。如: My family is a big one. 我们家是一个大家庭。 His family are going to travel to the USA. 他打算全家去美国旅行。

family, home和house 1) family意为“家,家庭,家人”,着重指 由 家庭成员组成的社会基本结构——家庭或 家庭中的每个成员,如: I love my family. 我爱我家。 The whole family will spend their holiday in Hainan. 全家将在海南度假。 2) home意为“家,家园”,指与家人共同 居

I have to stay at home alone tonight. 今晚,我不得不一人呆在家里。 3) house意为“房子, 房屋”, 侧重指住所, 即建筑物,如: There are many trees in front of my house. 我家前面有许多树。 His house is in Shanghai. 他住在上海。

4 Underline the correct words. Tony has a big family. In the photo his father’s parents are on the (1) left / right and his mother’s parents are on the (2) left / right. Mike and Helen are Tony’s cousins and they’re (3) in front of / next to Paul. Paul is Liz’s (4) husband / brother.

Pronunciation & speaking
5 Listen and repeat. /h/ Helen her husband

/b/ boy brother
/p/ parent Paul

Talk about your family.

A: How many people are there in your family? B: There are … A: Is this your dad? B: No, it isn’t. That’s my uncle. A: Are these your grandparents? B: Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t.

A: Is this your grandparents? B: Yes, they’re. This is my grandmother. My grandfather is on the right.

A: Is this your cousin? B: No, it isn’t. That’s my brother. My cousin is on the right. He’s playing basketball.

Name: Jessica

A: Is this your sister? B: Yes, it is. A: What’s her name? B: Her name is Jessica.


A: Is this your father? B: No, it isn’t. It’s my uncle. A: Is he a teacher? B: Yes, he is. He’s a math teacher.

本课时主要句型 1. — How many people are there in your family? — There are … 2. — Have you got any …? — Yes, I have. I’ve got … His / Her name is … Their names are … No, I haven’t.


注: word 文档 点击此处链接

一、单词练一练。 a f 1. 祖父; 外祖父 gr_nd_ather o 2. 祖母; 外祖母 g_andm_ther r th 3. 父亲 fa__er er 4. 母亲 moth__ ro 5. 兄弟 b__ther 6. 姐; 妹 s_s_er i t 7. 姨; 伯母; 婶母; 舅母; 姑母 au_t n cl 8. 叔叔; 伯伯; 舅舅; 姑父; 姨夫 un__e

二、根据首字母完成单词。 1. It is a p____ of Tony’s family. hoto

2. How m___ people are there in any Lingling’s family? 3. Daming’s sister is on theeft l__. 4. Tony’sunt is next to his ncle a___ u____. 5. The school is in f____ of the building. ront

her we our my his she he my My name’s Rebecca. These are ___ friends. There are from different Her countries. Susan is American. ___ father is a doctor. Mi

ke isn’t Chinese. ___is He English. ___ mother is a teacher. ___ is His She our English teacher. ___ are her students. ___ We

1. 我的妹妹是医生。她就站在我旁边。 My ___ sister is a doctor She is standing next__ _____. ___ to me. 2. 他的奶奶来自美国。她是一名公共汽车司 机。 His ___ grandma is from America. She’s a bus ____ _____. driver 3. 杰克不是中国人。他的父亲是酒店经理。 Jack isn’t ___ Chinese. ___father is a ____ ______. His hotel manager

4. — 盒子里有几个苹果? — 有6个。 How many ______ are there — _____ ______ apples ____ _____ in the box? — ______ ____ six. There are 5. 看,这些是我新自行车的照片。 these are some photos Look, _____ ___ _____ ______ of my new bike. 6. 他的妈妈紧挨着爸爸。 next to His mother is ____ __ his fahter.

1. Remember all the new words and expressions we’ve learned today; 2. Write something about your family by using words we’ve learned today.

1. To preview the new words and expressions in unit 2;

2. To preview the passage in unit 2.

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