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B. What’s the date today? D. What day is it today? wolf and the sheep together, the wolf may eat the sheep,” he 9. Tom is new here. He has friends, does he? said to .“If I leave the sheep and the vegetables A. many B. a few C. few D. a litter together, the sheep may eat the vegetables.” He thought and 10. There an English part tomorrow evening. thought. At last, he had an idea. And he able to get to A. will is B. will be C. will have D. has the other side of the river with the sheep, the wolf, and the 11. You must pay attention. Your ball always me vegetables. Do you know 一、根据首字母填空(10分)

1. It’s rcold today. You’d better wear warm clothes. today is 20 degrees. I feel very comfortable. that he came here was known to us all. 4. The scenery in Lanzhou is .(迷人的) 5. (农业) is quite important to a country. 二、英汉互译(10分)

1. 害怕2. 一个接一个 3. 直到……才 5. nothing…but和……一样 7. 净化空气8. 长大成为 9. 装满10. 写下 三、单项选择题(20分)

1. Music is one of my _________.

A. favorite B. favorites C. favorite subject D. subject

2. All of the teachers and the parents make us ____ very hard. A. study B. to study C. studying D. studies 3. Danny is good at _____.

A. swim B. sing C. paint D. dancing 4. Jelly likes playing ____ piano in _____ winter. A. the .the B. the, a C.the, / D. / /

5. Jim asked Li Ping _____his best wishes to everybody.

A. gives B. gave C. giving D. to give

6. The weather in Chengdu is very nice. It’s ______too cold in winter___ too hot in summer.

A. either; or B. neither; nor C. both; and D. and, or .

A. one and one B. one after one C. one or one D. one by one 8. — ? — It’s March 1st.

A. How’s the weather? C. What’s the temperature?

the head. A. hit, on B. hits, to C. hit, to D. hits, on 12. —I feel tired and weak。 — Why not stop ? A. to work B. to go on with your work C. to have a rest D. having a rest 13. — She is too busy to help us finish the work. — Let’s do it . A. herself B. myself C. ourselves D. itself 14. The lazy boy get to school ten o’clock yesterday morning. A. could, until B. didn’t, until

C. did, when D. couldn’t, before 15. — I heard your father to Japan once. — Yes, he there last year. A. went, has been B. goes, went C. has been, went D. has been, has been 16. What leaves ? A. are, for B. is, for C. do, for D. does, for 17. If you buy it, . A. so do I B. so I will C. so will I D. so I do the sun and make it food. A. to, to B. from, to C. from, into D. to, into 19. Which you eat , plant or meat? A. most B. many C. more D. much 20. We can’t live plants. A. with B. has no C. without D. not 四、完形填空(10分) Once a man wanted to go one side of a river to side by boat. He take him a sheep, a wolf and a basket of vegetables. But he could take only one of them , because the boat was very . “If I the 1. A. on B. in C. from D. with 2. A. another B. the other C. others D. other 3. A. had to B. has to C. have to D. must 4. A. after B. with C. about D. up 5. A. once a time B. at time C. in time D. at a time 6. A. large B. big C. small D. beautiful 7. A. will leave B. left C. leave D. have left 8. A. oneself B. myself C. itself D. himself 9. A. was B. is C. be D. can 10. A. how did he it B. what did he it

C. how did he do it D. how he did it

五、阅读理解(30分) A Plant parts How many parts do plants have? A plant has four main parts. Flowers, leaves and stems grow above ground. Roots grow below ground. What do roots do? Roots bring water from the ground to the plant. What is the stem for? The stem carries the water from the roots to the leaves and flowers. The stem holds the leaves and flowers in the sunlight. What are leaves for? Leaves make food for the plant. Why do plants have flowers? Is it because flowers are beautiful? No! Plants have flowers because the flowers make seeds. New plants grow from seeds. What part do we eat? A carrot is a root. We eat the leaves of cabbage.

The seeds of rice plant feed billions of people. What’s a billion? It’s 1000000000!

( )1. How many parts do plants have? A. 1 B. 2 C.3 D. 4 ( )2. What do roots do?

A. Roots bring water from the ground to the plant. B. Roots can hold the leaves and flowers in the


C. The roots carry the water from the roots to the

leaves and flowers.

D. It can make food for the plant.. ( )3. Why do plants have flowers? A. Because flowers are beautiful. B. Because we need flowers

C. Because the flowers make seeds.

D. Because the flowers can get sunlight for the plant. ( )4. What are leaves for?

A. Leaves make food for the plant. B. Leaves can give the plant water. C. Make the plant more beautiful. D. Leaves give people more food.

( )5. What part of a plant grows below the ground? A. Flowers B. stems C. roots D. leaves


Mrs. Green is going to give a birthday party for Kate. Kate is her daughter. She is going to be thirteen years old. A lot of friends of Kate’s are going to come to the party. They are all girls and there are twenty of them.

Mrs. Green is going to get ready for the party. Mrs. Brown is helping her.

“That’s a nice cake,” Mrs. Brown says to Mrs. Green. “Thank you very much.”

Mrs. Green is going shopping now. She’s buying fruit for the party. She buys a lot of pears, oranges and bananas. Then she goes home.

It’s three o’clock in the afternoon. Everything is ready.

Now the first girl is coming .The party is going to start in thirty minutes.

( )1.______is going to give a birthday party for Kate.

A. Mrs. Brown B. Mrs. Green C. Kate D. Kate’s friends ( )2. Kate is going to be ______years old.

A. twenty B. ten C. twelve D. thirteen ( )3. _____are going to come to the party. A. Thirty boys B. Twenty girls

C. Forty children D. Mrs. Green and Mrs. Brown ( )4. Mrs. Green is buying ____for the party. A. a cake B. some fruit

C. some bananas and apples D. a lot of oranges

( )5. The party is going to begin at ____in the afternoon. A. two thirty B. three C. four D. three thirty


Mr. Smith lives in a village, but he works in a big city. He goes to work by train every morning and comes home in the same way.

This morning, when he is reading his newspaper (报纸) on the train, a man behind him says “hello” to him and begins to talk to him, “Your life is not interesting, is it? You take the same train every morning, and you always sit in the same seat and read the same newspaper.” “How do you know all that about me?” Mr. Smith says angrily.

“Because I always sit in the same seat behind you.” the man answers.

( )1. Mr. Smith works ____________.

A. in a town B. in a village C. in a city D. in the country

( )2. He comes back home from work _____.

A. by ship B. by bus C. on foot D. by train ( )3. When he is on the train, Mr. Smith often_____.

A. reads books B. reads newspaper C. talks to others D. listens to others ( )4. Mr. Smith _____.

A. likes the man very much B. likes reading books C. doesn’t like the man at all D. has much money ( )5. The man knows Mr. Smith because_____ A. he is Mr. Smith’s good friend. B. he work in the same factory.

C. he sits behind Mr. Smith on the same train every day. D. they live in the same village. 六.按要求完成下列各题(20分):

1. I have already watered my seed. (改为一般疑问句) you seed ?

对划线部分提问) a plant need to grow? 3. Shelly is among the world’s greatest poets.(同义句转换) Shelly is ’s greatest poets. 4. 小女孩转过身跑向她的妈妈。

The girl her mother. 5.我宁愿呆在家里看书也不愿意出去看电影。

I read at home go to see film. 6. The room is full of people.

The room people. 7. Turn into 与grow into 意思相同。

“turn into” means “grow into”. 七.作文:

以“My favorite season”为题写一篇作文,80字以上。

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