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英语八年级(上)U-7 Section A-2a-2c

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Unit 7

Will people have robots?

Do you think there will be robots in people’s homes? (宾语从句) 某地有某物(表存在) There be 1、有 某人有某物(表拥有) Have / has
2、there be 接词要运用就近(临近)原则 There is a book and two bags. There are two bags and a book. 3、there be 句型的时态变化 There is / are 一般现在时 一般过去时 一般将来时

There was / were
There will be

Let’s predict our future!
Do you think you will have your own robots?

In 100 years, people will have robots in their homes. In 100 years, there will be robots in our homes.

? We won’t use ? any paper money
? There won’t be any paper money.

Books will only be on computers, not on paper.
There will only be books on computers, not on paper.

A B. C default. 12 + =? ?。。。

We won’t have a school. There won’t be a school.

Kids won’t go to school. They’ll study at home on computers.

You won’t carry a backpack. It will carry you.

We will have only one country. There will only be one country.

People will live to be 200 years old.

“There be”句型的一般将来时
肯定句: There will be +名词+其他成份

[注意]:无论后面加单数名词或复数形式, be都必须用原形。 There will be only one country.
否定句:在will后面加not. There won’t be only one country.

? 把will提到there之前。 ? Will there be only one country? ? Yes, there will. ? No, there won’t.

? Will there be less pollution? ? No, there won’t. ? There will be more pollution. ? Will there be fewer trees? Yes, there will.

Language Goal:
Make predictions

In 100 years
People will use the subways less.

A: Will people use the subways less? B: Yes,they will. / No,they won’t.

There will be more people.

In 100 years

A: B: A: B:

Will there be more people in… ___________________________________? ________________ Yes,there will. Will there be fewer people in…? No,there won’t.

In 100 years

A: ___________________________________? Will there be more cars in… B: ________________. / No,there won’t. Yes,there will

In 100 years

In 100 years

A: B:

________________________________? Will there be more trees in… ________________. Yes,there will No,there won’t.

In 100 years

2a Listen and circle the words you hear.

1.There will be(more / less / fewer)people.

2.There will be (more / less / fewer) free time.
3.There will be (more / less / fewer) cars. 4.There will be (more / less / fewer) pollution. 5.There will be (more / less / fewer) trees.

fewer less more
fewer 更少的, 修饰可数名词 less 更少的, 修饰不可数名词 more 更多的, 可以修饰可数和不可数名词





比较级 最高级

few little
many much

一些(否定)修饰可数 名词 一

些(否定)修饰不可 数名词
许多 许多 修饰可数 名词 修饰不可 数名词

fewer less
more more

fewest least
most most

fewer vs less 相同点: 这两个词后都是比较级, 均可表示“较少的”。 不同点: 1. fewer是few的比较级,只能修饰可数名词的复数. 2. less是little的比较级,只能修饰不可数名词的复数. 试做以下试题: less ①I earn ______ money than my sister. fewer ②There are ______ cars parked outside than yesterday. fewer ③We have ______ students this year than last year. ④You ought to smoke ______ cigarettes and fewer less drink _____ beer.

2b Listen again. Check ( √) the predictions you hear.

1.There will be fewer people.
2.There will be less free time.

_______ √
______ √

3. People will use the subways less. ______ 4.There will be more pollution. ______

√ 5.Cities will be very big and crowded. ____

W: OK, now I want to hear everyone’s predictions about the future.

G1:Well, I think there will be more people.
W: More people? OK. What else?

B1: I predict there will be less free time.
W: I hope not.

G2: Well, I think there will be fewer cars.
W: You do?

G2: Yes, people will use the subways more.

W: That’s a great idea. Let’s hear another

B2:There will be less pollution.
W: That will be good for the earth!

G1:I think there will be less trees. I think
cities will be really big and crowded

because there will be a lot more people.

2c Make conversations about the predictions in 2a and 2b.

A: What’s your prediction about the future?

B: I think there will be more pollution.
A: Really? I don’t think so. But I think there

will be fewer trees.

4. What’s your prediction about the future?

prediction 是predict 的名词形式。有“预言、

预料、预测之意。 例如:
Sales were five percent flowerer than predicted.

Newspapers predicted that Davis would be
re-elected. 报纸预测戴维斯将再次当选。


Predictable adj
Predictably adv


Predictability n


Exercises I 用more, less, fewer 填空 1. We plant trees every year, more there will be _____ trees in the future. 2. If we waste water, there will less be ____ water. 3. If every family has a baby, there will be _____ people. fewer

less/ more 4. I think English is _________ popular than Chinese. more 5. There will be _____ robots everywhere, and humans will have less work to do. ___ more 6. There will be _____ free time when people retire.

1.人们将在家里有机器人. People will have robots in their homes. 2.琳达认为20年后人们将会很忙. Linda thinks people will be busy in 20 years. 3.你认为孩子们将会去上学吗? Do you think kids will go to school? 4.十年后我们的城市将会很拥挤吗?是的. Will our city be very crowded in 10 years? 5.我认为人们不会使用钱. I don’t think p

eople will use money.

6.将来孩子们将会很高. Kids will be very tall in the future. 7.50年后,学校将会越来越大 Schools will be bigger and bigger in 50 years. 8.未来的人们将不会活到200岁. People won’t live to be 200 years old. 9.将就要越来越多的纸袋.

There will be more and more paper bags. There are going to be more and more paper bags.

Fewer or less? ?There will ?There will pollution. ?There will ?There will ?There will ?There will juice. be ___________ fewer less be ___________ less be ___________ fewer be ___________ less be ___________ less be ___________ trees.

water. cookies meat. orange

If you laugh once, you

will be ten years younger.


My future is not just a dream ! What will you be ?will you be pretty ?will you be a teacher /doctor or whatever ?write a conversation to talk about your dream .

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