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Module 3 Sports Unit 1 Nothing is more enjoyable than playing tennis 2013年八年级英语上册

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basketball 篮球

football 足球

table tennis 乒乓球

baseball n. 棒球

tennis 网球

n. 排球

Olympics n. 奥林匹克运动会

The 2012 London Olympic Games

n. 体育场

What’s the matter?
hurt v.(使)疼痛;(使)受伤

baseball 2 basketball 1 football 3 table tennis 6 tennis 5 volleyball 4


b e




Look at the sports in Activity 1 and talk about them. Use the words in the box to help you.
boring dangerous difficult easy exciting expensive popular relaxing safe

Playing table tennis is very popular in China. Watching playing tennis is safer than playing it.

Last week the football match on TV was so boring because no one scored at all. This week’s NBA match is very exciting.

Swimming isn’t safe, it’s dangerous. Running isn’t expensive, it’s very cheap.

Staying at home is easier than going to the stadium.

Now check (√) the true sentences. √ 1. This week’s match is more exciting

than last week’s.
2. Tony played table tennis yesterday.

√ 3. For Tony, playing tennis is more
enjoyable than watching matches on TV.

4. Watching the Olympics on TV was more expensive than buying tickets for the games.

√ 5. Going to the stadium was more
difficult than staying at home.

Complete the sentences with the words in the box. already miss hurt Olympics matter mind stadium

1. Why didn’t Tony score? What’s the ________ with him? matter 2. You lost the match? Never _______. mind Maybe you will win next time.

3. I am not good at tennis. I always

________ the ball. miss 4. The match began ten minutes ago and Spain is _________ winning. already
5. The 2008 __________ were held in Olympics


6. Watching football at home is easier than going to the __________. stadium 7. Tennis is a little dangerous because you may _______ you knee. hurt

Complete the passage about yourself. Use the words in Activity 1 to help you.

My favourite sport is (1) ________. And I football enjoy watching (2) ___________. I am table tennis quite good at (3) __________. I do not like swimming playing (4) _________. And I am not very baseball good at (5) _________. volleyball

Listen and notice how the speaker links the words. 1. Spain scored a minute ago. 2. Last week the match on TV was so boring because no one scored at all. 3. Oh, look at that.

Talk about the sports you like. — Hey, Bruce. Which sport do you like, swimming or running? — I like swimming. It’s more relaxing than running.

1. — What’s the score? 比分是多少? — Spain scored a minute ago. 西班牙(队)一分钟前得分了。 在第一个句子中,score 是名词, 意思是“比分, 进球数” ; 第二个句子中 的 score 是动词, 表示“得分, 进球”。

After two hours and twenty minutes of play, the final score was 3:2. 经过两小时二十分钟的比赛,最终比分 为三比二。 Arsenal scored in the final minute of the game. 阿森纳队在比赛的最


2. So this week’s match is already more exciting. 因此, 这周的比赛早已更令人激动。 英语中的形容词有很多为多音节词, 如: dangerous, difficult, exciting, expensive, beautiful, popular 等, 其比较级形式是在 该形容词前加 more。除了多音节形容词 变比较级要用 more 之外, 部分双音节形 容词, 如 careful, tiring, boring 等比较级 也是在其前加 more。

由此可见, 多音节形容词及部分双音节 形容词比较级的句式结构为: A + 谓语 + more + 多音节形容词/部分双 音节形容词 + than + B。 ① This picture is ______________ than more beautiful that one. 这张照片比那张照片漂亮。 ② He is _____________ than the others. more careful 他比其他人更仔细。 ③ The football match is _____________. more exciting 足球赛更激动人心。

④ Your shirt is ______________ than mine. more expensive 你的衬衫比我的贵。 3. But you enjoyed watching the Olympic on TV, right? 但是你喜欢在电视上观看奥运, 是吗? enjoy 欣赏; 享受; 喜爱[+v.-ing] reading I enjoyed _______ these books very much. 我很喜欢读这些书。 Tom doesn’t enjoy _______ to cinema. going 汤姆不喜欢看电影。

4. And staying at home was easier than going to the stadium. 呆在家里比去体育馆容易。 stay at home “呆在家里”,在句子中 作 主语,因此要用动名词或不定式形式。 课文中像这样的句子还有: Watching is not dangerous and it’s more relaxing too!

1. It was a _______ day and she feel very _______. (2012广东河源) A. tiring; tired B. tiring; tiring C. tired; tiring D. tired; tired 2. — How do you like your new job in the bank? — It’s _______. I do exactly the same thing every day. (2012辽宁丹东) A. interesting B. exciting C. surprising D. boring

3. Li Na won the first place in the final tennis game. Nobody else played _________! (2010佛山) A. well B. better C. best 4. Of the two coats, she’d like to choose the _____ one to save money for a book. (2011兰州) A. cheapest B. cheaper C. more expensive D. most expensive

5. After practicing for several months, I can swim much _____ now. (2011温州) A. slower B. slowest C. faster D. fastest 6. — It’s so cold today. — Yes, it’s _______ colder than it was yesterday. (2011浙江丽水) A. some B. more C. very D. much

7. — Which do you like ______, summer
or winter?

— I prefer summer.
A. good B. well


C. better

D. best

1. Remember the words and phrases in the unit. 2. Remember the rules you learned in the unit. 3. Finish the exercises in the workbook.

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