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英语:Unit7 SectionA1教案(人教八年级上2013秋季版)

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Unit 7 Will people have robots?

Section A 1 (1a-2d)


1. 语言知识目标:

1) 能掌握以下单词: paper, pollution, prediction, future, pollute, environment, planet, earth, plant, part, play a part

2) 能掌握以下句型:

① What will the future be like?

Cities will be more polluted. And there will be fewer trees.

② Will people use money in 100 years?

③ Will there be world peace?

④ Kids will study at home on computers.

⑤ They won’t go to school.

2) 能了解以下语法:

will + 动词原形 来表达一般将来时态。

3) 学会表达自己对未来的看法;学会谈论自己未来的打算。

2. 情感态度价值观目标:



1. 教学重点:

1) 学习掌握一般将来时态的意义和结构。

2) 掌握There be句型的一般将来时态的结构。

2. 教学难点:


情态动词will + 动词原形来表达一般将来时态。


Ⅰ. Lead-in

1. 在大屏幕上向学生展示一些机器人的图片,让学生们说出谈论自己的未来的工作,对工作的打算等:What do you want to be when you grow up?

Ss: I want to be a scientist.

T: How are you going to do that?

Ss: I’m going to study science hard.


2. 学生们根据图片来引导出机器人这一话题。

Ⅱ. Presentation

1. 引导学生们看大屏幕上的图片,根据图示来理解will来表达一般将来时态。 用一句话来让学生们明白一般将来时态:

I’m thirteen years old now. And I will be fifteen years old in two years. 现在我十三岁,两年后我将是十五岁。

2. 让学生们看大屏幕上图片,并让学生学习will + 动词原形及won’t + 动词原形的用法。通过例句让学生们理解。

Ⅲ. Game

1. How will your future be like in 100 years? Can you see anything about it?

2. Ss discuss and think about their future. Then say some sentences. e.g. People will have robots at their home.

There will be only one country.

People won’t use money in the future.


4. How will the world be different 100 years from now? Read the predictions in 1a. Check A for agree or D for disagree.

Ss read the sentences discuss them and check A or D .

Ⅳ. Listening

1. T: Now listen to the recording and circle the predictions you hear in 1a.

2. Play the recording for the Ss to listen and circle the predictions.

3. Play the recording again. Check the answers with the Ss.

Ⅴ. Pair work

1. Let Ss read the first conversation in 1c after the teacher.

2. Then let Ss ask and answer questions about the predictions in 1a. Then make their own conversation.

注意:如果将陈述句变为一般疑问句,应将情态动词will 提前到主语前便可。

3. Let some pairs ask and answer about their conversations.

Ⅵ. Listening

Work on 2a:

1. Read the sentences in 2a. Tell Ss they will listen to some sentences. They should listen and circle the words in the bracket.

2. Play the recording for the Ss to listen and circle the words.

3. Play the recording again to check the answers.

Work on 2b:

1. Let Ss read the sentences below. Explain some main sentences for the Ss. Make sure they know what to do.

2. Play the recording for the Ss to check the predictions they hear.

3. Play the recording again to check the answers.

Ⅶ. Pair work

1. Tell Ss ask and answer questions about the predictions in 2a and 2b.

2. Let Ss read conversation in 2c first after the teacher.

3. Ss talk about the predictions with the information in 2a and 2b.

4. Ask some pairs to act their conversations.

Ⅷ. Role-play

1. Read the conversations and answer the questions:

1) What will the future be like in the book?

2) What can people do?

2. Explain some new words and main points in the conversation.

be in great danger, move to other planets; play a part;

3. Read the conversation after the teacher.

4. Practice the conversation with their partner. Then let some pairs to act out the conversation.


1. Recite the conversation in 2d after school.

2. 用下列词组来造句:

(1) be more crowded and polluted (2) be fewer trees

(3) be in great danger

(5) less water


(4) on the earth (6) playa part

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