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9A Unit3 复习试题

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9A Unit 3复习测试题

Class__ Name__________



1.My friends sent me some presents. I ___________ them (take willingly) happily.

2.You ought to _______________ (be successful at)a balance between study and hobbies.

3.Dr. Smith _______________(say no) to speak at the meeting.

4.We have ___________(lots) of homework to do every day.

5.They have to stay up to late to __________(finish) their homework every night.

6. Thank you for offering me these useful ______________(建议)?

7.She had no ______________(勇气) to tell her parents what had happened.

8. Our teachers are all ___________(严格的) with us in our study.


2.He had no _____________ but to stay at home.

3.Her ________________ went beyond the film industry.

4.It’s my _______________ to help you with your English.

5.The youth worker gave her some ____________ advice.

6. His father has had no ________________ with his family for a long time.


2.The twins ______________ with each other when their parents came back.

3.I got e-mail from my online friend. I ____________ to it tonight.

4.The noise ____________ me mad at yesterday’s wedding.

5.His father __________ from serious illness for years

6.He with his friends ________ some time to go travelling every season.


( )1. She didn’t know ______ so much litter.

A. what to do B. how to do C. how to deal with D. what to solve

( )2. The piece of music is worth ________.

A. to listen B. to listen to C. listening D. listening to

( )3.There are lots of bright lights on ________ side of the street.

A. both B. every C. either D. each of

( )4.He’s hardly allowed to watch TV because of study, _________?

A. is he B. isn’t he C. has he D. hasn’t he

( )5. I don’t doubt _________ it is going to snow tomorrow.

A. that B. whether C. if D. when

( )6. The government has ________ lots of money for medical treatment.

A.offered B. given C. provided D. run out

( )7. It is of great __________ to do some voluntry work in spare time.

A. interest B. interesting C.interested D. funny

( )8. You’d better ________ your worries _______ yourself

A. not keep, to B.not to keep, for C. not keep, for D. not to keep, to

( )9. ---Could you turn down the TV? ---_________.

A. Yes, I could B. My pleasure C. With pleasure D. That’s all right.

( )10.He couldn’t understand the article _______ there are few new words in it.

A.because B. though C.as D. instead

( )11. I _______ you could support me.

A.hope B. expect C. wish D. look forward to

( )12.She is used to _________ homework ______time.

A. hand in, in B. handing in, in C. hand in, on D. handing in, at

( )13. ---Don’t stay up too late, or you will feel sleepy the next day. ---___________.

A.Yes, I don’t B.No, I don’t C. Yes, I won’t D. No, I won’t

( )14. ____________ useful advice you gave us!

A. How B. What C. What a D. What an

( )15. ---Would you like coffee or tea? --- __________. I’d like some apple juice

A. No. B. Neither C. Some coffee D. A glass of tea


1.Both of them like play the guitar.(改成否定句)

__________ of them _________ the guitar.

2.Someone saw him walk into the building.(改成被动语态)

He _________ __________ ________ _________ into the building.

3.The film began ten minutes ago.(同义句)

The film __________ _________ _______ ________ ten minutes

4. Let us begin our class with a discussion , ________ ________ ?(反意疑问句)


________ __________ TV ________ he ________ every night?


These years, with the development of society, more and more teenagers have s___1__ from stress. Some of the problems can make them feel very worried and u___2___ all day. Who can help them? A teacher from a college tried his b___3___ to help them. He thought of a lot of ways to help them. On Monday and Thursday, you can call his hotline. Here are some ideas how to keep the young men healthier in every way.

sleep every day is also necessary. Try to have a h___6__ diet every day. Secondly, maybe you are not the top student. It doesn’t m will understand you. If you have some problems, you should be to talk with your teachers and parents. They can help you. Remember to your happiness and with your good friends. Sometimes you can go out for a walk.

In a word, you can try to make you happy by yourselves. I’m sure you can be happy every day.

1.___________ 2.__________ 3.___________ 4.____________ 5______________

6.___________ 7.__________ 8___________ 9.____________ 10_____________


Millie is suffering from stress. Sigmund Friend, ___________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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