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英语:Unit8 SectionA1教案(人教八年级上2013秋季版)

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Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake?

Section A 1 (1a-2d)


1. 语言知识目标:

1) 能掌握以下单词: shake, milk shake, blender, turn on, peel, pour, yogurt, honey, watermelon, spoon, pot, add, finally, salt


① ─How do you make a banana milk shake?

─First, peel the bananas?

② ─How many bananas do we need?

─We need three bananas.

③ ─How much yogurt do we need?

─We need one cup of yogurt.

2) 能了解以下语法:

掌握用how much 和how many对事物的数量提问。

3) 学会描述做一些常见食物的过程,并能正确地运用表示顺序的词汇。

2. 情感态度价值观目标:

1. 通过制作食物的介绍, 培养学生的实际生活能力, 了解生活知识, 增长生活阅历, 培养实践操作能力和动手能力。

2. 通过食物制作过程的介绍, 让学生认识到劳动成果的来之不易, 使之懂得不能浪费食物, 珍惜他人的劳动成果。


1. 教学重点:

1) 用how much与how many来对数量提问。

2) 动词词组;描述过程的顺序词。

2. 教学难点:



I. Warming up

1. T: What’s your favorite fruit?

S: apple, orange, strawberry, banana, pear, watermelon.

2. T:What’s your favorite drink?

S: Cola/ milk/ juice/ tea/milk shake?

II. Lead-in

T: Great, those taste nice. Today we are going to learn how to make a banana milk shake. How many bananas do we need? How much milk do we need?

S: ?.

Teacher shows the pictures to students, and makes students know the process of making

milk shake. Then write down the key words on the blackboard.

2. Do 1a. Ask Ss to write the names of the actions. Choose the correct words. Ask Ss to fill in the blanks on their own. Then check the answers.

3. Teach the names of all items. Point to the pictures of the items and ask students to repeat.

Focus on the pictures. Ask the students to tell what they see in the picture. Describe each action and ask students to repeat the following:

peel the bananas, cut up the bananas, put the bananas and the , milk in the blender, pour the milk in the blender, Turn on the blender; drink the milk shake.

4. Point out the actions in the picture and the list of actions in activity 1b . Play the recording and check the answers. Ask students to recite the conversation at once.

Ⅲ. Listening

1b Listen and put the instructions in order.

Ⅳ. Game

1. Show some pictures in the big screen.

2. Let Ss tell what they can see.

3. Let Ss try their best to say how to make a banana milk shake.

Ⅴ. Pair work

Work on 1c:

1. Let Ss read the model with a partner.

2. Use the information in 1b. Ask and answer with a partner.

3. Let some pairs ask and answer about the chart.

Ⅵ. Listening

Work on 2a:

1. Let Ss look at the pictures below. Let one student read the words in the pictures if necessary.

2. Play the recording for the Ss to listen and complete the chart.

3. Play the recording again to check the answers.

Work on 2b:

1. Let Ss read the chart below. Tell Ss that they should write the ingredient under the correct amount in the chart.

2. Play the recording for the Ss to write the correct answers in the chart.

3. Play the recording again to check the answers.

Ⅶ. Pair work

1. Tell Ss to ask and answer questions about how to make fruit salad.

2. Give a model to the Ss.

3. Ss work in pairs. Try to ask and answer about how to make fruit salad.

4. Ask some pairs to act out their conversations.

Ⅷ. Role-play

1. Read the conversations and fill in the chart below.

2. Explain some new words and main points in the conversation.

① one more thing 另外一件事情

another ten minutes 再多十分钟

“数字+ more + 物品” 指“另外的??”

“another + 数字 + 物品” 指“另外的??”


Give me two more hamburgers, please. 请再给我两个汉堡。

The boys rode another two hours.


Do you want one more cup of tea?

Do you want another cup of tea?


② forget to do sth. 忘记(去)做某事

Don’t forget to close the windows.


3. Let Ss read the conversation after the teacher.

4. Practice the conversation with their partner. Then let some pairs to act out the conversation.




first, next, then, ? finally?


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