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江西省抚州市金溪二中九年级英语全册《Unit 13 Rainy days make me sad Section B 1a-2c》达标检测题

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《Unit 13 Rainy days make me sad Section B 1a-2c》达标检测


1.Be ____. there is a hole in the road.(care) 2.His father died of a ______disease (mystery)

3.Dean is a really _______person to have around when things go wrong.(use) 4.She has _____ hair.(shine)

5.Usually a child has _______ skin.(silk)

6.The new ______(produce) sells very well in the department store. 7.Standing in the doorway was a ______ (beauty)


The ladies club (妇女俱乐部) always l__ a meeting 2 Friday afternoon and someone came to talk to them about 3____ . After that, they had tea and asked 4 .

One Friday a man came and talked to the club about the food problem. "There's not 5 food in the world for everyone, " he said . "More than half of the people in the world are hungry . And when they have 6 food, they have more babies , 7 they never 8 _ being hungry . Somewhere in the world, a woman is having a baby every minute day and night. What are you going to do about it?" He 9 ___for a few seconds. Then one of the ladies said, "Well, why not 10 __that woman and STOP



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