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九年级英语 Chapter 4 what should I do

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What should I do?


At Debbie?s school, students can write to Ms Robbins,the school counselor about their problems. Here are extracts from there she received recently.

在戴比的学校,学生可以写信给罗宾斯,学校辅导员自身的问题。这是她最近收到的提取物。 I had not seen my friends Amy for a long time ,so last Sunday I went to visit her new high-rise flat. While I was there,she knocked a flower pot from her window by accident. It broke on the ground below and narrowly missed some children at play. No one was hurt, so we said noting and left for the cinema.


When we got home, We learnt that the police had just been to the flats and questioned everyone about the pot.


Amy was too afraid to talk to the police. Now I feel guilty and don?t know what to do…



By nine o?clock yesterday evening, I had finished my piano lesson and was taking the underground home. Three strong boys got on my almost empty carriage. They sat down beside a young boy who was travelling alone.


They began to bully him. The boy was so frightened that he moved to another seat. However ,the bigger boys just followed him and continued their bullying.


Then the train stopped at my station . I got off the train and walked home. I felt very sorry for the boy, but I did not know how to help him. I ?m not strong enough and I hate violent behaviour. What could I do?...



The checkout assistant at my local supermarket is always rude and unhelpful. Yesterday, I gave her a 100-yuan note to pay for a bottle of water. she gave me an extra 20-yuan note in my change by mistake.


When I noticed the error, I went back and tried to tell her about it.


?Excuse me,? I said .but before I could continue, she stopped me . ?Can?t you see there is a

queue??she shouted . ?go to the end and wait your turn?


I?d had enough! I left the shop with the 20 yuan. Because she was rude, I decided to keep the money.Was I wrong?


Can you complete the article? Fill in each blank with one word. Less than three mistakes is


Debbie?s school, students ______ ______ ______ Ms Robbins, the school

____________ about their problems. Here are extracts from three letters ______ ______ ______. I______ ______ ______ my friends Amy ______ a long time , so last Sunday I went to visit her new ____________ flat. ______ I was there, she ______ a flower pot from her window______ ______. It ______on the ground ______ and __________ missed some children ______ ______. No one ______ ______, ______ we said noting and ______ ______ the cinema.

______ we ______ home, We ______ that the police ______ ______ ______ ______ the flats and ____________ everyone about the pot. Amy ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ police. Now I ______ ______ and don?t know ______ ______ ______…

______ nine o?clock yesterday evening, I ______ ______ my piano lesson and ______ ______ ______ ______ ______. Three strong boys ______ ______ my ______ empty ______. They sat down ______ a young boy ______ was travelling ______.

They ______ ______ ______ him. The boy ______ ______ ______ that he moved to ______ seat. __________ ,the ______ boys just followed him and continued their __________.

Then the train ______ ______ my station . I got off the train and ______ ______. I ______ very ______ ______ the boy, but I did not know ______ ______ ______ him. I ?m not

______ ______ and I hate ______ ______. What could I do?...

___________ at my local supermarket is ______ rude and ______.

Yesterday, I ______ her a 100-yuan note to______ ______ a bottle of water. she gave me an ______ 20-yuan note in my change ______ ______.

When I ______ the ______, I went ______ and tried to tell her about it. ?Excuse me,? I said .but ______ I could continue, she __________ me . ?______you see there is a ______??she ________ . ?go to the end and wait your________?

I______ _______ _____! I ________ the shop with the 20 yuan. ________ she was rude, I ________

________ ________ the money. ________I wrong?

1. other, another, others, the other, the other two, the others, another two, two more.

other adj,其他的, 必须接名词, other students

than any other + 名词单数

another adj, an+other 泛着其他的当中的一个 ●○○○○ ○○○○○ others 相当于名词, some ……others……(泛指)●● ●●●○○○○○ the other 常用于one… the other…一个,另一个(特指) ● ● the other + 数字 另外的那几个(特指)

the others 特指剩下的所有 ● ●●●●●●●●●

another + 数字+名词 另外…… ,再多……

数字+ more 还要X个

2.twice as polite as 倍数(修饰成分)+ as + adj + as

3.sit in his seat take.have

4.probably probable possible perhaps

5.question sb about sth. out of the question不可能 out of question=no problem无疑

6.injured, hurt ,wound

7.behaviour, behave

8.checkout, check out


10.recently, lately

11.while, when

12.knock at. knock down.

13.be accident, accidental, accidentally

14.unbreak, broke, broken break into, break out, break up v. 打碎, 破碎, 分裂, 结束 break one?s words

15.narrowly ,widely wide

16.at play, at work,

17.leave for. go to

18. too…to, so… that. not enough …to

19.feel guilty. feel tired.

20.what to do, how to do it what + 主语+ 情态动词+ 动词

1.by by bus,take a bus. on a bus, in a car, by hand. by oneself. by the way

2. take the underground subway, Metro

3. beside. besides ,except, except for. who was travelling alone

4. bully laugh at. make fun of. play a trick on

5.so frightened that afraid,fear, threaten be frightened of 通常指对…害怕,而be frightened at则有受…惊吓,大吃一惊的意思

6. walk home

7. feel sorry for

8. how to help him

9. not strong enough

10.hate violent behaviour

11.always rude and unhelpful helpless无助的 unhelpful无用的,不起帮助作用的

He was rude and unhelpful to his helpless students.

12. pay for a bottle of water

13.so busy complaining that

14.by mistake

15.notice the error, in error, by mistake

16.queue, stand in a line, in a row

17.wait one?s turn turning, around. over.

18.I?d had enough!

19.decide to

20. keep 系动词 keep doing. keep in mind. keep away from, keep …for.. words.

1.be busy (in) doing

2. share with

3. jump the queue

4. search for

5. not at all (Do you mind…?和Thank you.的回答)

6. appreciate

7. make it

8.deparment store

9. none of your business

10. if necessary if possible

11. note down

12.be responsible responsibility

13. persuade sb to do sth

14.be pleased to do

15.realize. learn. know

16.seem to be



19.a lack of courage




23.make sth adj

24.belong to



1. Everybody here ______________________ (忙于准备) the final exam.

2. Can you _________ her _________ (说服…放弃) her foolish plans?

3. Tony, you should learn to _____ your toys ____ (与…分享) your friends.

4. This is all I ___________ (了解) it; for the rest, you may ask others.

keep one?s promise,

5. To make sure that he was at home, I called him up __________ (提前).

6. I ___________ (记下) everything that my mother asked me to buy.

7. After two year’s hard work, the building began to __________ (成形).

II. 从方框中选择合适的词组并用其适当形式填空,使句子完整、通顺。

1. — Oh, I can’t find my English book. Have you seen it anywhere?

— Here it is. I’m so sorry. I took it _________

2. — You look very healthy though you’re _________ 60 years old.

— I often exercise and have a balanced diet.

3. The car driver drove too fast, so he should ________________ the accident.

4. — Why didn’t Tom climb the wall?

— Because he __________ climbing high.

5. — What would you do if you picked a lot of money ___________?

— I would hand it to the police.

6. Welcome to our city. ___________, I’ll be glad to show you around our city.

7. — Where is your son, John?

— Oh, he is ______ in the garden.

8. The old couple gave away a lot of money to the college ___________ their son.

Module 1 Chapter 4

What should I do 练习

Paraphrase the following sentences

1. Amy was too afraid to talk to the police.


2. We said nothing and left for the cinema.


3. I don’t know what I should do.


4.The pot narrowly missed the children at play.


5. She knocked a flower pot by accident.


6. The police had questioned everyone about the pot.



1. by mistake 错误地


2. by accident


3. at play 在玩耍


4. draw a conclusion 得出结论


5. violent behavior 暴力行为


6. knock over… 把…撞倒


7. advise sb. to do sth. 建议某人做


8. if necessary 如有必要的话


9. be busy doing 忙于做…


10. continue doing 继续做…


11. persuade sb. to do 劝告某人做


12. none of one’s business不关某人事


13. behave oneself


14. bully sb.欺负某人


15. an extra 20-yuan note额外的20元钞票


16. question sb. about 向某人讯问


17. a high-rise flat高层公寓


18. feel sorry for…为感到抱歉


19. feel guilty about sth.对感到内疚


20. a school counselor 校内心理辅导员


Module 2 复习定语Attribute

一.1. The_____ is just around the corner and you won?t miss it.

A. bicycle?s shop B. bicycle shop C. bicycle shops D. bicycles? shop

2. He dropped the____ and broke it.

A. cup of coffee B. coffee?s cup C. cup for coffee D. coffee cup

二.1. The disc, digitally _________ in the studio, sounded fantastic at the party that night

A. recorded B. recording C. to be recorded D. having recorded

2. The picture_____ on the wall is painted by my nephew.

A. having hung B. hanging C. hangs D. being hung

3. The Olympic Games, _____in 776 B.C., did not include women players until 1912.

A. first playing B. to be first played C. first played D. to be first playing

四.1. I?m going to the supermarket this afternoon. Do you have anything______?

A. to be buying B. to buy C. for buying D. bought

2. She will tell us why she feels so strongly that each of us has a role_______ in making the earth a better place to live.

A. to have played B. to play C. to be played D. to be playing

五.1.---How was your recent visit to Qingdao?

---It was great. We visited some friends, and spent the____ days at the seaside.

A. few last sunny B. last few sunny C. last sunny few D. few sunny last

2. ________students are required to take part in the boat race.

A. Ten strong young Chinese B. Ten Chinese strong young

C. Chinese ten young strong D. Young strong ten Chinese

3. John Smith, a successful businessman, has a _______ car.

A. large German white B. large white German

C. white large German D. German large white

4. The house smells as if it hasn?t been lived in for years.

A. little white wooden B. little wooden white

C. white wooden little D. wooden white little

5. This_______ girl is Linda?s cousin.

A. pretty little Spanish B. Spanish little pretty

C. Spanish pretty little D. little pretty Spanish

六.1. Many students signed up for the______ race in the sports meeting to be held next week.

A. 800-metre-long B.800-metres-long C. 800 metre length D.800 metres length 七.1.---Have you finished your report yet?

---No, I?ll finish it in_____ ten minutes.

A. another B. other C. more D. less

2. ---Can you come on Monday or Tuesday?

---I?m afraid day is possible.

A. either B. neither C. some D. any


1. There are two buildings; _____ stands nearly a hundred feet high.

A. the larger B. the larger of them C. the larger one that D. the larger of which

2. The place_______ the bridge is supposed to be built should be________the cross-river traffic is the heaviest.

A. which, where B. at which, which

C. at which, where D. which, in which

3. Great changes have taken place in that school. It is no longer______ it was 20 years ago, ______ it was so poorly equipped.

A. what, when B. that, which C. what, which D. which, that

4. His sister has become a lawyer, _____she wanted to be.

A. who B. that C. what D. which

5. There were dirty marks on her trousers____ she had wiped her hands.

A. where B. which C. when D. what

6. ____is often the case, we have work out the production plan.

A. Which B. When C. What D. As


( )1. It?s generous ________them to donate money to UNICEF . They think it important ________them to help children go to school .

A. to ; for B. for ;of C. of ; to D. of ;for

( )2. Tony has much difficulty ________Chinese , so he often asks me ________help .

A. to understand ;with B. understanding ; of

C. to understand ;for D. understanding ;for

( )3. You should be strict ________ yourselves and strict _________your work .

A. in ; with B. with ; in C. in ; in D. with ;with

( )4. You look ________.What do you ________?

A. worry; worry about B . worry; worried about

C. worried; worry about D. worried; worried about

( )5. I am going to spend more time on the problem. I won?t ________.

A. give it out B. give up it C. give it up D. give it away

( )6. Although they are friends, they often_______ each other when they have

different opinions.

A. argue about B. argue with C. quarrelled about D. fight with

( )7. He ________rather go home ________at school .

A. would; than to stay B. should ;than to stay

C. would; than stay D. would; than staying

( ) 8. There_____ a number of teachers in that school, and the number of the


A. is ; is B. is ; are C. are ; is D. are ;are

( )9. Judy was sad because her pet dog was found ________ this morning .

A. die B. death C. to die D. dead

( )10. The policemen put all their effort _________ solving the case .

A. in B. into C. to D. on

( )11. -How long _______ each other before they________ married ?

A. have they known; get B. did they know; were going

C. do they know; get D. had they known; got

( )12. Mr. Fang became a famous director ________.

A. in his mid-forty B. in his mid-forties

C. at his mid-forty D. at his mid-forties

( )13. Mother asked Peter________.

A. why didn?t he clean his bedroom B. why he won?t clean his bedroom

C. why he hadn?t cleaned his bedroom D.why doesn?t he clean his bedroom

( )14. If eating will make you_________ , you can go to your favourite restaurant ______ a delicious meal.

A. happily; to have B. happy; having

C. happy; to have D. happily; having

( )15. After hearing the news that there would be a football match this Saturday,

the boys_______.

A. became exciting B. became excited

C. to become excited D. become happy

( )16. Which student is the most suitable person to be a good monitor(班长)?

A. Student A is a little selfish, but he is energetic and active.

B. Student B is hard-working and stubborn. Once he makes up his mind, he will never give up.

C. Student C is organized and confident. He is also easy-going. Many students like to ask him for help because he is wise.

D.Student D is very imaginative and creative, but sometimes he is a little careless.

( ) 17. What way do you think of ____________with the problem ?

A. dealt B. deals C. dealing D. to deal

( ) 18. ―Would you like to play ______ guitar?

―No, I want to play ______ basketball instead.

A. the, the B. the, / C. /, the D. /, /

( ) 19. It? s impolite_____ you to make so much noise in the library.

A. for B. of C. with D. to

( ) 20. I ate__________ apples. They?re very sweet.

A. more two B. two more C. two another D. another

( ) 21. I?m too busy. I have my robot________ the housework.

A. does B. to do C. done D. do

( ) 22 ―Please hand in your homework on time, Millie.


A. Yes , I do. B. No, I don?t. C. OK, I will. D. Don?t worry.

( ) 23. ________the students________ their teacher are enjoying the comedy.

A. Not only, but also B. Both, and C. Neither, nor D. Either, or

( ) 24. Jackie Chen is well-known_______ his acting skills. We all remember him _____ a famous actor.

A. for, for B . as, for C. as, as D. for, as

( ) 25. Did your father tell you ________ ?

A. when he traveled to Hong Kong B. how he goes to Shanghai

C. where he has spent his holidays D. why did he visit Hangzhou

( ) 26. I don?t think _______ few people can finish the work in_______ a short time.

A. so, such B. so, so C. such, so D. such, such

( ) 27. —Could you tell me ____?

—It?s twenty minutes by underground.

A. how can I get to your school

B. how much it costs to get to your school

C. how far it is from your home to your school

D. how long does it take me to get to your school

( ) 28. I wonder ________ you would like to come to my birthday party.

A. that B. whether C. that if D. that whether

( ) 29. I want to buy a comic book but there is___________ left in the bookstore.

A. no B. none C. nothing D. no one

( ) 30. —Wearing a green coat looks good________ you.

—Thank you.

A. in B. with C. at D. on

( ) 31. I really don?t know_________________ with the problem .

A. how to do B. what to deal C. what to do D. how to deal it

( ) 32. Don?t worry about him. He is old enough to_____________ himself.

A. put on B. wear C. dress D. have on

( ) 33. A number of volunteers _________willing to develop the west. The number is getting_________.

A. is, more and more B. is, bigger and bigger

C. are, bigger and bigger D. are, more and more

( ) 34. — Must I go shopping with you, Mum?

—No, you __________. You________ stay at home and watch TV.

A. needn?t, must B. don?t have to, must

C. don?t need, may D. needn?t, may

( ) 35. —He?s never spoken to a foreigner,_________ he?

—________. He?s active and can speak English freely.

A. is, No B. has, No C. is, Yes D. has, Yes

( ) 36. ―Thank you for listening to my problems . ―__________.

A. It? s my pleasure B. That?s nothing

C. with pleasure D. Don?t mention it

( ) 37. ―Would you mind my opening the window?

―_____________. It?s cold outside.

A. Of course not B. Better not C. No, I don?t D. Yes, please

( ) 38. ________ useful advice you?ve given me!

A. How B. What a C. How a D. What

( ) 39. Lily prefers_________ computer games________ reading novels.

A. playing, than B. playing, to C. play, to D. play, than

( ) 40. They?re still working _______. They wish to work_______ soon.

A. on it, it out B. on it, out it C. it on, it out D. it on, out it

( ) 41. Life on Mars will be better than ________on Earth ______ many ways.

A. the one, on B. that, on C. that, in D. the one, in

( ) 42. I don?t like cooking. My sister doesn?t like it, _________.

A. too B. as well C. also D. either

( ) 43 ---- Thank you for your help.

---- ___________ . That?s what friends are for.

A. With pleasure B. My pleasure C. You?re right D. Sorry to hear that

( ) 44. Please pass me ______________ magazine on the table.

A. a B. an C. the D.不填

( ) 45. Audrey Hepburn began taking ballet lessons _______ a very young age.

A. in B. at C. to D. with

( ) 46. I saw Daniel in the library __________. I?m not sure if he is still there.

A. at times B. so far C. right now D. just now

( ) 47. I used to go without breakfast, _________ that was a long time ago,

A. and B. but C. so D. or

( ) 48. Sorry, I don?t want to go shopping now. I would rather _______ at home.

A. to stay B. stay C. stayed D. staying

( ) 49.--- How much food is there in the fridge?

---There is __________. Let?s go and get some.

A. something B. anything C. nothing D. none

( )50 . I hope a lot of pop stars can _________ to the charity show.

A. invite B. have invited C. be invited D. invited

( )51 . The hot bath made me _________ so good.

A. feel B. feels C. to feel D. feeling

( )52 . Please drink a glass of milk you go to bed. It?s good for you.

A. before B. after C. until D. while

( ) 53. The program covers different ___ , such as tennis, swimming and football.

A. subjects B. news C. films D. sports

( ) 54.--- What do you think about fights in action films?

--- __________.They have a bad effect on people, especially teenagers.

A. I disagree B. That?s true

C. They are terrible D. They are great

( ) 55 . You ________ buy a ticket to go into the cinema.

A. can B. may C. must D. could

( ) 56. Mr Wu told the students____________________ in class.

A. to not shout B. not to shout C. don?t shout D. no shouting

( ) 57 .Who can help me? I really don?t know__________ to do.

A. what B. how C. when D. where

( ) 58. Everyone except Alice and Sophia _________ there when the typhoon hit Taiwan.

A. are B. were C. is D. was

( ) 59. Millie ran back to school because she _________ her book in the classroom.

A. left B. has left C. would leave D. had left

( )60 . It?s _________ clear day that we can see the hill from here.

A. so B. so a C. such D. such a

( )61 . I don?t want to have noodles today. Let?s have some bread __________.

A. instead B. however C. though D. too

( ) 62.We need lots of_________ people to give us some new ideas.

A.fair B.selfish C.impatient D.creative

( ) 63.Which of the following can NOT be used as a subject?

A.Lucy B.washing dishes C.she D.get up early

( ) 64.—Yi Jianlian and Yao Ming are famous sports stars.

—Yes._________of them have set a good example to us.

A.All B.Either C.Both D.None

( ) 65. How could my character be___________ by them?

A. advised B.required C.organized D.influenced

( ) 66. The dress looks nice_________ Sandy because she looks very nice_________ pink.

A.on;on B.on;in C.in;in D.in;on

( ) 67. _________China has become a member of WTO,English is more popular than before.

A.Since B.Though C.Whether D.If

( ) 68_______ useful the advice is!

A.How B.How a C.What D.What a

( ) 69. Can you pass my glasses to me,Jerry? I can________ see the words on the blackboard.

A.hardly B.really C.rather D.clearly

( ) 70.—A nice day,isn?t it?

—Yes._________ go for a picnic and relax ourselves?

A.Would you like B.Why don?t C.What about D.Why not

( )71.I was told that a film directed by Fengxiaogang________ this coming Sunday.

A.is showed B.will be showing C.will show D.would be shown

( ) 72. —What a nice motorbike! _______have you been on it?

—Just to Beijing.

A.How long B.How soon C.How far D.How often

( )73 . Don?t be so_________.For me,his failure is not_________.

A.surprising;surprising B.surprised;surprised

C.surprised;surprising D.surprising;surprised

( )74.—Teenagers are sometimes made_______ what they are not_______.

—I agree.

A.to do;interested B.to do;interested in

C.do;interested D.do;interested in

( )75.—I?m sorry that I broke your glass.


A.Thank you. B.You are right. C.It doesn?t matter.D.Help yourself.

( )76.Football is very and we are all in it.

A.interested, interesting B.interesting, interested

C.interesting, interesting D.interested, interested

( )77.It is a long walk __________________by Oxfam Hong Kong.

A.organize B.organizing C.organizes D.organized

( )78.It?s better to teach a man fishing than ________him fish.

A.to give B.giving C.to find D.find

( )79.He used to _________very late, but now he is used to_________ early.

A.get up, getting up B.get up, get up

C.getting up, get up D.getting up, getting up

( )80.----I have no idea if he to see his friend in hospital.

----He will go if it .

A.goes, won?t rain B.goes, doesn?t rain

C.will go, doesn?t rain D.will go, won?t rain

( )81.Nobody understood him, so he stopped in another way.

A.to explain B.explaining C.and explain D.explained

( )82.Mr Liang said he preferred ____ _ rather than __ ___ as an unwelcome person.

A.to go, staying B.going, stay C.to go, stay D.going, staying

( )83.The teacher said that the earth_________ around the sun.

A.moves B.move C.moved D.had moved

( )84.--When shall we meet, this evening or tomorrow evening ?

--I don?t mind. __________ time is OK.

A.Some B.Neither C.Both D.Either

( )85.This pair of jeans looks nice______ Lucy because she looks nice_______ blue.

A.on, in B.in, on C.for, on D.to, in

( )86.It?s nice__________ you to help me with my English.

A.of B.for C.on D.in

( )87.The film for twenty minutes when they got to the cinema.

A.was begun B.had begun on C.has been on D.had been on

( )88.----The leaves have come out, what a fine spring day it is! Oh, what day is today? ----It?s .

A.the Qingming Festival B.the Mid-Autumn Festival

C.the National Day D.the Teachers? day

( )89.----What a nice backpack!Is it yours?

----Of course! I 100 yuan on it.

A.cost B.spent C.paid D.buy

( )90.--What would you like to drink ?

--It doesn?t matter. _______will do .

A.Nothing B.None C . Something D.Anything

( )91.You ought ______ your pet too much food .

A. not to feed B.not feed C.to not feed D.feed not to

( )92.That little girl dressed ______ carefully after she woke up every morning .

A.clothes B.blue C. herself D. her

( )93.I think Lucy?s picture is better than ______ in her class.

A. anyone?s B. anyone else?s C.anyone else D. someone else

( )94. A number of reporters _____ to Wenchuan to cover the earthquake _______.

A.were sent, alive B.was sent, live

C.sent, alive D.were sent, live

( )95.How lovely the boy is ! I don?t know ______.

A.how to call him B.what to call him

C.how should I call him D.what shall I call him

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