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江西省抚州市金溪二中九年级英语全册《Unit 15 We are trying to save the manatees Revision》学案

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《Unit 15 We are trying to save the manatees Revision》


1 Revise the words in Unit15 2 Revise the useful expressions in15 重难点预测: Understand the texts in Unit15




1) wear表 状态后接衣物.帽.手套.眼镜.手表等。

She was wearing sun-glasses.

Mike is wearing a new coat.

2) put on穿着,指动作,不用与进行时连用。

She put on her coat and went out.

3) be in 表 穿的状态,后接表颜色或衣服的词。

Is he in blue dress? The woman is in red.

4) dress 穿衣,作及物动词时,其宾语一般是人。

The girl likes to dress in black.

Will you dress the children?

2. It should be pulled down.此句是含情态动词的被动语态:情态动词+be+过去分词

1)The book may be kept for two weeks by you.

2) Fish can be found everywhere in the sea.

3)The ring must be stolen.

四、自主预习 1 Revise the new words. Read the new words three times.

海牛 巨大的 挑衅的 袋鼠

黑猩猩 红树 水生的 植物草木

发现.发觉 厌恶的 词语 表达 总统

2、词组大盘点 enjoy fresh air_________________ dress up ________________________

hand in_______________________ in trouble ________________________ shake hands with sb _______________drop by ________________________

make a noise______________________ go out of one’s way

__________________ to do sth


make sb feel at home________________ be/get used to ______________________________ learn sth by oneself__________________be pleased with sb ___________________________ 五、合作探究

1 According to the listening on Page138-139 practice the conversations with your



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