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九年级英语全册《Unit 15 We are trying to save the manatees Section B 3a-4》学案

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《Unit 15 We are trying to save the manatees Section B 3a-4》

一、学习目标:1 New words and phrases 2 Understand the passage 3a

重难点: 文章中的定语从句的理解


A: How do we deal with the waste paper.

B: We should recycle it.


1.请同学们先认真阅读学习目标,然后仔细研读课本P122 (3a—4),看完后将所学到的东西进行归纳,画出重要知识点,用红笔做好疑难标记。

2. hear, hear of与hear from 的区别

1) hear表示“直接听到”


I heard him singing in the next room.

3. be made from ,be made of ,be made in, be made into ,be made by ,be made up of


a) be made from 意为“由······制成”。强调从成品中看不出原材料。

Eg: 这酒是由葡萄酿成的。The wine is made from the grapes.

b) be made of意为“由······制成”。 强调从成品中能看出原材料。

Eg:这张桌子是由木头制成的。 The desk is made of the wood.

c) be made in 意为“在······(地点)制造”。后面跟产地。

Eg:这种机器是中国制造的。This kind of machine is made in China.

d) be made into意为“被制成······”。后跟加工制成的产品。 Eg: Bamboo can be made into walking sticks and fishing poles.竹子可以被制成拐杖

和钓鱼竿。 e) be made by意为“由······(人)制造”。后跟动作的执行者。 Eg: This model plane is made by Uncle Wang.这架模型飞机是由王叔叔制造的。

f) be made up of意为“由······组成”,后跟组成部分。 Eg: The football team is made up of eleven players.足球队是由11名队员组成

( )①I am building a new factory here. It will be bad for the environment.

A. to B. for C. with D. against

( )②--Have you finished the book? -- No, never.

A. read B. reads C .to read D .reading

( )③The fences were built bricks and wood.

A. in B. with C .out of D. from

( )④This wine tastes a little bit strange. It’s made apples. A .of B. from C. by D .in

( )⑤I think important to tell him the news.


A. that B .this C .it D. him

( )⑥We to close the windows before we left the lab.

A. tell B. told C. are told D .were told

( )⑦--There goes the bell. --It’s time for class .Let’s stop . A .talk B to talk C .talking D .not talk

( )⑧--Do you remember what ? --She has round face with two big eyes.

A .she likes B .does she like C .is she like D. she is like




1 你能利用参考资料朗读并理解3a 吗?试着与你的同伴一起完成吧。

2 Read 3a and 3b aloud

3 Read 3a Answer the questions below。

① What kind of person do you think Amy Winterbourne is? _________________________________________________

① What are the windows and doors of her house made from?


② What are the walls made from? What about the roof and the fence? __________________________________________________

③ Amy won an award recently, didn’t she?


⑤ What does she make model toys for?


4 According to the pictures on Page122 and complete the article. Use the phrases

“be made from” “used to be”

5 Make a survey.

Who recycles the most in our class?

6 Write a passage according to your survey.





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