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九年级英语全册《Unit 15 We are trying to save the manatees Section A 3a-4》学案

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《Unit 15 We are trying to save the manatees Section A 3a-4》


⑴Master the different messages and usages of the words.

⑵Learn and read tow letters. Then write a letter and give his or opinion. ⑶Can debate an issue .

重难点预测: Different views about protecting animals

二、知识链接 A: I think zoos are good because animals can live there safely.

B: I didn’t think so. Zoos are bad because animals have no freedom if they there.


1.请同学们先认真阅读学习目标,然后仔细研读课本P120 (3a—4),看完后将所学到的东西进行归纳,画出重要知识点,用红笔做好疑难标记。


1) Our school played against K High School at baseball.

2) We are for peace and against war.



make a visit to??(参观,访问)

be on a visit to??(正在参观/访问中)

go on a visit to??(去访问,去参观)

e.g.This is my first visit to Beijing. Mr. Brown is on a visit to China.


keep doing sth. 意思是继续不断的做某事,一直做某事.

The baby kept crying until his mother came back. Keep


keep+adj. 意思是保持某种状态

You must keep quiet in the library.

keep+sb/sth +表地点的介词短语。意思是让某人一直在某地,

You’d better keep the chicken in the fridge.

keep sb/sth.from doing sth.意思是防止某人/某物做某事. The policemen kept the children form crossing the road when it was dangerous. keep on doing sth.意思是反复做某事.

Don’t keep on shouting at me.



be against doing sth ____________ in one’s life __________________ be kept in tiny cages_____________ be given food once a daytime _______________ 1

be supposed to do sth______________ living textbooks ________________________ provide sth for sb __________________care for sb ___________________________ have enough time to do sth____________ disagree with sb _____________________


1 你能利用参考资料朗读并理解3a and 3b吗?试着与你的同伴一起完成吧。了解对动物园不同的观点。

2 Read 3a and 3b aloud in different ways.

3 Answer the following questions below according to the passage.

5) Were there many people in the zoo Animal Friend visited yesterday?

4.Read the two letters in 3a and 3b, then describe the advantages and disadvantages of these animals being kept in the zoos and in the cages.

Advantages Disadvantages

___________________________________ ____________________________________ ___________________________________ ____________________________________ ___________________________________ ____________________________________ ___________________________________ ____________________________________


A:I think that animals should not live in zoos.

B:I disagree with you.I feel that zoos provide clean and safe places for endangered animals to live.





6. Let’s discuss

Many animals are dying out. As a middle school students, what can we do for the animals?

1) Join an animal-protecting organization.


2) Put up signs.

3) Hand out advertisements after school.


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