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九年级英语全册《Unit 15 We are trying to save the manatees Section A 1a-2c》达标检测题

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《Unit 15 We are trying to save the manatees Section A 1a-2c》



( )1The Sutong Highway Bridge,a _______ bridge,is already open to traffic.

A、32 kilometre long B、32-kilometre- long

C、32 kilometres long D、32-kilometres- long

( )2 Some girls get sick after they try so hard to lose______weight.

A、a B、the C、/ D、an

( )3 Manatees eat about 100______ a day.

A、pound of food B、pounds of food

C、pounds of food D、pounds foods

( )4Do you know the reason _______ she got so angry yesterday?

A、why B、which C、for that D、for why

( )5The Chang Jiang river is about 6300 kilometers _________.

A、long B、tall C、wide D、high

( ) 6— Shall we go shopping now? — Sorry, I can't. I ______ the house.

A. clean B. am cleaning C. cleaned D. have cleaned

( )7 —I didn’t see you at the meeting yesterday. Why?

— I _____ for a long distance call from my daughter in Canada.

A. will wait B. have waited C. was waiting D. am waiting

( )8 —I have bought an English-Chinese dictionary.

— When and where ____ you ____ it?

A. have, bought B. did, buy C. do, buy

D. will, buy


If you ask people of different countries “Could you tell me the way to the post office?”, you will get 1 answers. In Japan, people 2 landmarks(路标) instead of street names. For example, the Japanese will say to travelers, “Go straight down to the corner, 3 left at the big hotel and go past a fruit market. The post office is across from the bus stop.” In the Midwest of America, there are 4 towns or buildings within miles. So instead of landmarks, people will tell you directions and 5 . In Kansas, for example, people will say, “Go north two miles, turn east and then go another mile.” 1

People in Greece sometimes do not even try to give directions because few visitors 6 the Greek will often say, “Follow me.” Then he or she will lead you 7 the streets of the city to the post office. Sometimes 8 a person doesn't know the answer to your question, he or she, like a New Yorker, might say, “Sorry, I have no 9 .” But in Yucatan, Mexico, no one answers “I don’t know.” People in Yucatan think “I don't know” is not polite. They usually give an answer, but often a 10 one. A visitor can often get lost in



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