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江西省抚州市金溪二中九年级英语全册《Unit 14 Have you packed yet Section B 3a-4》达标检测题

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《Unit 14 Have you packed yet Section B 3a-4》达标检测题

一、 英汉互译

1) 举办音乐会________________2)赢得一份奖品_____________________

3)收集邮票__________________4)clean his room_____________________

5) a travel guidebook_______________6) play a musical instrument____________________



Steve Ballmer is always exciting, as he was this time in front of over 2,000 students from Qinghua University and Beijing University.

Ballmer, president(总裁) of Microsoft Corp., received a warm welcome at Qinghua University when he gave a talk on the next generation(一代) of the Internet on September 19th. He came to China last week for a two-day visit, during which he slept only four hours and had many meetings with government officials(政府官员) and men of business. After all those business matters, he came to Qinghua and was asked thousands of questions from the excited students.

Ballmer, who joined Microsoft in 1980, is the first business manager hired(聘用) by Bill Gates, a schoolmate of Ballmer at Harvard. Gates first dropped out of school to start Microsoft and Ballmer was still studying, but he also gave up his studies and joined Bill Gates’ five-year-old Microsoft in 1980.

In his talk to the students, Ballmer described what the Internet would bring to their life. He said there are several hundred Qinghua graduates now working or being trained at Microsoft both in China and in the US. He also warned the students not to drop out of school and follow the examples of Bill Gates and himself.

( )1. Ballmer gave a talk on ___________ at Qinghua.

A. the future of the Internet B. how to use the software made in his company C. what computers will bring to universities D. his own experience from Harvard to Microsoft ( )2. It seemed that Ballmer came to China mainly ___________. A. to meet some government officials B. to give a talk at Qinghua University C. to manage business matters D. to visit places of interest ( )3. He encouraged Chinese students ___________. A. to work for Microsoft in China or in America


B. to follow the examples of Bill Gates and himself

C. to work on software

D. to go on and finish their college education


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