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Keeping Healthy
Topic 1 You should see a dentist.

Section B

Steve: Hey, Bruce. You look pale. What’s the matter? Bruce: well, I’m feeling terrible! I have a headache and a cough. Steve: I’m sorry to hear that. How long have you been like this? Bruce: Two days. Steve: Maybe you have a cold. You’ d better go to see a doctor. Bruce: I think I will. Steve: Shall I take you to the hospital? Bruce: No, thank you. I’ll go home and rest now, and then see a doctor tomorrow.

? How long用于询问某个动作或状态所持续的时间。 How long did you stay at home? Two hours. ? How often用于询问某个动作在单位时间内所发生的次数, 是对频率时间状语提问的短语。 How often do you go to see your grandpa? Twice a week. ? day and night 日日夜夜 They often work day and night. ? Feel like doing sth = want to do sth 想要做某事 I feel like running.

Pair work

? I have a sore throat. ? What should I do?

? You’d batter drink hot tea with honey. ? You shouldn’t eat hot food.

? Tea with honey 加蜂蜜的茶 ? With 加…..的, without 没加….的 中国清茶 Chinese tea with nothing. Chinese tea without anything. Lie down 躺下 lie 的现在分词为lying,过去 式为lay. Too much 太多了(修饰可数名词) Too many 太多了(修饰不可数名词) Much too 是“很,太”。用来修饰adj,adv

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他不应该走太多路。 He shouldn’t walk too much. 汤姆的房间有许多书。 Tom has too many books in his room. 这些苹果太红了。 These apples are much too red. brush one’s teeth 刷牙 我一天刷牙两次 I brush my teeth twice a week.

? On the internet 上网 on,以/通过….的方式 ? On TV/ the radio 通过电视/收音机 ? Take care of 照顾,照看,保管,后接名 词或代名词作宾语。 ? 我外出时你帮我照看我的宠物狗好吗? ? Would you please take care of my pet dog when I am out? ? Take good care of 好好照顾 ? 玛丽生病了,好好照看她 ? Mary is sick. Take good care of her.

? Dr. Jiang: Hello, Michael. How are you feeling today? ? Michael: Not too bad. But my left leg still hurts when I move it. ? Dr. Jiang: Oh, don’t worry! Your X-rays show it’s nothing serious. Let me check it over again. ? Michael: Ouch!

? Nothing serious 没什么严重的 ? Something, anything, nothing等不定代词,被形容词修饰 时,形容词位于其后作后置定语 ? Something interesting 有趣的事 ? Check over 检查正误/身体 ? 你能检查我的作业吗? ? Can you check over my homework.

? Dr. Jiang: sorry, Michael. Here, take these pills. Two pills each time, three times a day. ? Michael: OK, I will. ? Dr. Jiang: Stay in bed and don’t move your leg too much. ? Michael: All right, Dr. Jiang. Thanks a lot. ? 服药通常用take,也可以用have。Pill药丸,药片, medicine指内服药,尤指

水剂。 ? Take/have these pills take/have the medicine ? Three times a day 一天三次 其提问词是how often ? How often do you wash your face? ? I wash my face three times a day.

? Maria, Jane& Kangkang:Hey, Michael. Do you feel better today? ? Michael: Much better. Oh, thank you for your flowers and fruit. ? Maria: You’d better not move your leg too much. ? Jane: Have a good rest and don’t worry about your lessons. ? Kangkang : Follow the doctor’s advice, and you’ll get well soon. ? Michael: Thank you. ? Worry about 后接名词,代词,动名词。意思为“为…担 心” ? 别为这种事情担心。 ? Don’t worry about such things.

? Worry about 后接名词,代词,动名词。意思为“为…担 心” ? 别为这种事情担心。 ? Don’t worry about such things. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Be (feel, become, get) worried about 为…担心 Don’t be worried about your homework.= Don’t worry about your homework. Follow. 跟随,跟从 Follow one’s advice= take one’s advice 接受某人的建议 你真是太好了,我会接受你的建议。 It’s very kind of you. I’ll follow/take your advice.

? ? ? ?

Accident (交通)事故,意外,不测事件 Have a accident 发生一场事故 Have a little accident 发生一点意外事故 Have a traffic accident 发生一场交通事故

? Return to sp. 返回某地 go/come back to sp. ? 简昨天返回北京。 ? Jane returned to Beijing yesterday.

? Sick 生病的,有病的。可以作定语也可以作 表语。同ill 反义词是well, ill 只可以作表语,不可以作定语。 ? 简正在照看生病的妈妈。 ? Jane is taking care of her sick mother. ? (sick 作定语,不能用ill) ? 他妈妈生病了而卧床。 ? His mother was ill/sick in bed. ? (sick 作表语)
Both…And… …和…都,既…..又…..表示两者都,用来接相同的两种成 分,该结构作主语视为复数,谓语动词用复数 你和我都错了。 Both you and I were wrong. Both 两者都 三者以上用all Both of 后接可数名词的复数或人称代词,该结构作主语视为复数,谓语 动词用复数。 这两位学生学英语学得很好。 Both of the students are good at English.

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