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Unit 2 Keeping Healthy
Topic 2 I must have a good rest tonight.

Section A
湖北省利川市铜锣坝中学 朱传根

Enjoy the song


Look at the picture and answer:

1. Can you guess what’s wrong with Kangkang?

2. Why does he look like this?

Listen and check the answers(录音2)
1. What’s wrong with Kangkang?

He has a headache.
2. Did he watch a soccer game on TV last night?

Yes, he did.
3. Is staying up late good for your health?

No, it isn’t.


Look, listen and say (影片1)

Kangkang, you look tired. What’s wrong? Kangkang: I have a headache. Jane: I’m sorry to hear that. What caused it? Kangkang: I watched a soccer game on TV last night and went to bed very late.


I see. Staying up late is bad for your health. You should go to bed early tonight and you’ll feel better tomorrow. Kangkang: Right! I must have a good rest tonight.

New words
health n. 健康 (不可数名词)
eg: Good health is very important for us.
healthy adj. 健康的 eg: Healthy bodies are very important for us.

tonight n. 今晚,今夜 eg: Tonight is the best time to see the

adv. 今晚,今夜
eg: They are going to perform tonight.


adj. 想睡的,困倦的
v. 睡觉

eg: He feels sleepy.

eg:Are you sleeping, Little John?

Retell 1a
Jane: ….. …. look tired. ………… ? Kangkang: ………. a headache. Jane: … sorry to ….. ……..? Kangkang: … watched ………….. last night and ……….. bed very late. Jane: ……. Staying up late …………. health. .... go …….. early tonight. and ……. feel better ………. Kangkang: …..! …must ………. rest tonight.

Make similar conversations after the example. Then act it out in pairs.
A: I feel sleepy because I went to bed very late last night. B: Oh, staying up late is bad for your health. You should …
Help: terrible tired … eat too much watch TV all night …

Listen to the tape and check ( )what Wang Junfeng did and what he should do.(录音3) What he did
( ( ( ( ) eat too little ) drink a lot of tea or coffee ) have a big breakfast ) stay up late at night ( ( ( (

What he should do
) take some medicine ) have a good rest ) eat some fruit ) drink some milk

meal n. 一餐(饭) eg: We usually have three meals every day. fingernail n. 指甲 eg:Everyone has fingernails. Keeping fingernails clean is good for our health.

without prep. 没有 eg: 1. We can’t go to the city without ships. 2. The boy begins his meals without washing his hands. 3. We can’t live without water.

Are these habits good or bad?

washing hands before meals

doing morning exercises

keeping fingernails clean

going to bed late


Pair work

Discuss these habits after the example. If they are bad, write good ones on the lines. Example:

A: Is going to bed early good or bad for our health? B: It’s good. ...


Bad □

1. going to bed early
2. getting up late 3. doing morning exercises 4. keepin

g fingernails long 5. washing hands before meals 6. playing sports right after meals 7. going to school without breakfast

□ √

□ □ □ □

□ □

8. brushing teeth twice a day

1. 2. getting 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

up early

keeping fingernails short

not playing sports right after meals having breakfast before going to school


Class activities (影片2)

Let’s chant.

Wash your hands, have a bath. Open the window, take a fresh breath. Early to bed, early to rise. Makes a man healthy, Wealthy and wise.

Part 3 Competition Which group can list the most
living habits? Then discuss whether these living habits are good or bad for our health.
Habits Good Bad

Sum up
1. Learn to talk about personal hygiene and living habits. 2. Learn to answer questions with or.


1.模仿 1a 编写一段类似的对话, 至少60词。

2.列举出五种对身体健康 有益的生活习惯。

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