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初三英语Unit 2 colour 单元检测题

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()1. There's nothing wrong_pink.

A. with B. without C. in D. has

()2. The boy looks nice_white and the red sweater looks good_

the girl.

A. with; on B. in; on C. on; in D. in; with

()3. Most children prefer_basketball rather than_table tennis.

A. to play;to play B. play; play

C. to play; play D. play; to play

()4. Simon kept_phone calls to somebody but he didn't tell us what it was


A. make B. to make C. making D. makes

()5. 1 prefer staying at home_shopping.

A. going B. to going C. go D. goes

()6. He would rather_a bicycle_a motorbike.

A. ride; to B. ride; than C. riding; to D. riding; than

()7. Lucy prefers ________ to _______ .

A. to walk; jogging B. walk; jog

C. to walk; jog D. walking; jogging

()8. If you feel tired and weak, you should wear_clothes.

A. yellow B. orange C. blue D. green

()9. I found _______ more difficult to meet my old friend.

A. it's B. it C. that D. that is

()10. He's in a bad_today because his dog_.

A. mood; death B. moods; died C. mood; died D. moods; dead


Colours help you see things. But man and some monkeys and apes(猿)are the only(哺乳动物)that can see colours. 11 any other mammal, such as the dog, the world 12 a black-white photo. Dogs hunt mainly by listening and smelling. Like 13 animals, dogs see best when things move. The animals they hunt seem to know this. A rabbit or deer will freeze when it finds that it is being hunted. Then the dog 14 see it at all. Birds can see colours. When they fly, they need to find places to land. Colours help them know 15 the place is and what it is like so that they are able to catch flying things in the air or to 16 something they think safe.

Some birds see things even 17 than man. The birds that eat bugs(虫子)can see them from far away. And even a very young bird can see a house 18 the sky. Such good eyes and being able to see colours help birds 19 food and also help them find out 20 there are other animals that are dangerous to them. ()11. A. Like B. With C. As D. To

()12. A. seem like B. looks like C. likes D. like

()13. A. other B. the other C. another D. others

()14. A. may not B. should not C. must not D. need not

()15. A. how soon B. how long C. how fast D. how far

()16. A. land B. land on C. land for D. be landed

()17. A. worse B. nearer C. better D. less

()18. A. for B. from C. on D. at

()19. A. to look at B. look at C. find D. found

()20. A. what B. when C. if D. wh0



One day Trudy saw an advertisement in a magazine. It offered a packet of 100 mixed stamps for$10. Trudy wanted to start a stamp collection so she ordered the packet. One hundred mixed stamps seemed a good way

to begin a collection. She sent a postal order to the stamp company with her order, and waited excitedly for the stamps to arrive. Trudy checked the mail every day for four weeks but the stamps didn't arrive. So Trudy decided to write to the company. "Dear Sir/Madam,”she wrote, "a month ago I sent you a post-order for$10 as payment for 100 mixed stamps. They haven't arrived. Please send by return of mail.”

Another month passed. The stamps still didn't arrive and she didn't receive any reply to her letter. She asked her father for advice. Her father said, "You must write a stronger letter. Make the stamp company worry that you will report them to the authorities.”"Dear Sir/Madam,”she wrote in her second letter. "I am writing to complain about your poor service. Two months ago I sent you a postal order for$10 as payment for 100stamps. I didn't receive the stamps. A month ago I wrote to inform you of this. I still haven't received the stamps, and you haven't replied to my letter. If I do not receive the stamps within seven days, I shall report this matter to the authorities.”

Two days later Trudy received the stamps in the mail.

()21. Trudy ordered the stamps because_.

A. it seemed a good way to start a stamp collection

B. she wanted to give them to her father

C. she needed them to mail some letters

D. she thought they were cheap

()22. Trudy paid for the stamps with_.

A. cash B. a check C. the credit card D. a postal order

()23. Trudy checked the mail every day for_.

A. 4 months B. a week C. a month D. for 3 weeks

()24. In her second letter Trudy complained about how_.

A. expensive the stamps were B. boring the stamps were

C. poor the company's service was D. slow the postal service was

()25. Trudy received the stamps _ after she sent the second letter.

A. a week B. a month C. two months D. two days


Have you ever heard your own voice? "Of course,”you say.

Has anyone else ever heard your voice? Again you say, "Of course.”

But that's not quite true. Nobody else has ever heard your voice the way you hear it. When you talk, you set up sound waves(声波).The air outside your head carries the sound waves to your outer ears. But,of course, the sound of your voice begins inside your head. The bones of your head pick u the sound waves, too. They carry the sound waves straight to your inner(里面的)ears. You get the sound from the outside and the inside too. Other people get just the sound waves from the outside. That's why they don't hear your voice the way you do.

()26. Sound travels in the form(形式)of ______ .

A. bones B. air C. waves D. voice

()27. The sound of your voice begins ______ .

A. inside your head B. outside your head

C. in your inner ears D. in your outer ears

()28. When you talk, other people hear your voice ____.

A. through the bones of your head B .from the outside

C .from the inside D. all of the above

()29. The underlined phrase "pick up" here means ______.

A. to raise B. to get C. to choose D. to pull

()30. The passage is mainly about ______.

A. waves in the air

B .the way you hear your own voice

C. voice gets around far and wide

D. the different ways you and others hear your voice

31. At last they arrived at the top of the mountain ______.

32. The color that makes you feel _____ is white.

33. Red is the color of heat and represents ______ .

34. Do you have difficulty in ______ friends with them?

35. Excuse me,do you mind me ______ beside you?

36. The clever young man learned driving without any ______ .

37. All of us are looking forward to ______ from her now.

38. I wondered if she could give me any ______ on swimming.

39. Let the boy go to bed as he is feeling ______ now.

40. I don't think Simon is the ______ person to be our monitor.


41. The woman doesn't know which sweater she should choose.(改为同义句)

The woman doesn't know which sweater ______ ______ .

42. There is somebody in the fitting room.(改为一般疑问句) there in the fitting room?

43. Jim preferred staying at home to going shopping.(改为同义句) Jim at home go shopping.

44. There's something wrong with my computer.(改为同义句) wrong with my computer.

45. He is sad today. Can you make him happy?(改为同义句) He is sad today. Can you him ?



Sudan is a rather large nation in the northeastern part of Africa with a population of twenty million. The capital city is Khartoum, where the Blue Nile and the White Nile meet together to form the Nile River. There are two groups of people living in Sudan. In the northern part of the country, there are many Arabic-speaking Muslims(穆斯林).They make up about two thirds of the total population. In the southern areas, there are the people who speak African languages. The northern and southern areas also have different histories. People in the south lived by themselves for many years. However, the northern areas were controlled by foreigners for centuries. After World War II,Sudan became completely independent



请以“My ideal teacher”为题,写一写你心中的老师形象。80词左右。请从以下两个方


My ideal teacher

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Answers:

一、1-5 ABCCB 6-10 BDDBC

二、11-15 DBAAD 16-20 BCBCC

三、21-25 ADCCD 26-30 CABBD

四、31. successfully 32. peaceful 33. power 34. making 35. sitting 36. difficulty 37. hearing38. suggestion

39. sleepy 40. suitable

五、41. to choose 42. Is; anybody 43. would rather stay; than 44. Something is 45. cheer; up六、46. Sudan

47. Khartoum 48. Location 49. Twenty 50. thirteen 51. Arabic 52. African53. Histories 54. south 55.



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