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Ⅰ. 单项选择。(每小题1分,共30分)

1. He to like drinking.

A. doesn’t use B. doesn’t used C. didn’t use D. didn’t used

2. I think is very hard me a foreigner.

A. it, for, to understand B. that, of, to understand

C. that, for, to understand D. it, of, understand

3. Some students get when they find watching English movies .

A. frustrated; frustrating B. frustrating; frustrating

C. frustrated; frustrated D. frustrating; frustrated

4. He’s never read such an interesting book. And _____.

A. so am I B. neither am I C. so have I D. neither have I

5. The air pollution in this area caused the of many trees.

A. die B. died C. death D. dying

6. “ do you study a test?” “I study by reading the textbook.”

A. What; at B. Why; for C. How; for D. What; for

7. Our teacher added that watching English-language TV also helpful.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

8. When you find some new words, you’d better in the dictionary.

A. look up it B. look up them C. look it up D. look them up

9. “ you ever by listening to tapes?” “Yes, I have.”

A. Did; study B. Have; studied C. Are; studying D. Were; studying

10. They always end up in English.

A. speak B. speaks C. speaking D. to speak

11. Gina is very shy. She is afraid in front of the class.

A. speaking B. to speak C. talking D. to say

12. Jack couldn’t spell the word. I couldn’t,

A. too B. either C. also D. neither

13. I’m not good at English, but I know Australia is an country.

A. spoken; English-spoken B. speaking; English-speaking 1 C. spoken; English-speaking D. speaking; English-spoken 4. I will have my hair _____ tomorrow. A. cut B. to cut C. cutting D. cuts 15. “We must keep in the library.” The woman said to me . A. quiet; quietly B. quietly; quietly C. quietly; quiet D. quiet; quiet 16. Beijing a lot in the past ten years. Now it has become one of the biggest modern in the world. A. changes; cities B. changed; city C. has changed; cities D. changed; cities 17. We must help each other and _____ each other. A. learn B. learn to C. learn from D. learn with 18. It was dark I couldn’t see anything. A. too; to B. such; that C. so; that D. as; as 19. The old man lived but he didn’t feel A. alone; lonely B. alone; alone C. lonely; alone D. lonely; lonely 20. A. Lucky B. Luck C. Luckily D. Luckless 21. The room must _____ up right now. It’s too dirty. A. be cleaned B. be cleaning C. clean D. cleaned 22. We all know the _____ of learning English well. A. important B. importance C. different D. difficult 23. There are so many beautiful clothes in the store. I really don’t know _____. A. what to choose B. how to choose C. when to choose D. which to choose 24. You must concentrate _____ your study not on your clothes. A. on B. with C. in D. to 25. Bad habits will get _____ the way of your life. A. on B. by C. at D. in 26. The boy was made _____ the new words twenty times. A. wrote B. writing C. to write D. written 27. Our English teacher is ill, so Mr. Smith will take her class _____. A. instead B. instead of C. except D. at the end 28. I haven’t seen you _____ you left for Shanghai last year.


A. until B. because C. after D. since

29. Miss Green _____ a lot of money for clothes.

A. pays B. costs C. spends D. takes

30. Mike failed the math test again. It made his father _____.

A. happy B. angry C. happily D. angrily

Ⅱ. 完形填空。(每小题2分,共20分)

When learning new vocabulary, don’t just memorize a list of words. Instead, try to five sentences using each new word. Then use the new word as often as you can day you learn it. This you will remember new words much longer.

Practising sounds, you know, is —the “th” sound for example. Choose words that begin “th” and repeat(重复) them over and over again you are comfortable with them. Let’s try! This , that , those, them, think, thought, through, thin….

Read, read, read—in English, of course! Reading is one of the best ways to increase(增加) your vocabulary improve your grammar in a natural and fun way. Be to choose topics(话题) or books you are interested in.

When someone is talking in English, the main(主要的) point. If you hear a word you don’t understand, ignore(忽略) it and go on listening. If you stop and think about the word, you will everything else the person is saying.

31. A. make B. remember C. say D. speak

32. A. some B. the first C. each D. the second

33. A. time B. word C. day D. way

34. A. easy B. difficult C. terrible D. funny

35. A. from B. at C. in D. with

36. A. until B. when C. after D. since

37. A. so B. and C. but D. or 38. A. quick B. necessary C. sure D. important 39. A. hear B. see C. look for D. listen for 40. A. guess B. catch C. miss D. get Ⅲ. 选择方框中适当的选项补全对话。(每小题2分,共10分) Mary: Hi, David! I haven’t seen you for many

years. David: Oh, I have been to London and lived with my parents. They work there. Mary: I’m very glad to see you again. David: Yes, I have. I used to be very quiet. Mary: That’s true. Wait a minute! Did you use to play the piano? David: But now I prefer sports. And I’m on a football team. Mary: Wow! People always change. David: You have changed a lot, too. Mary: Yeah. But now I prefer long hair. David: You look more beautiful with long hair. Mary: Thanks a lot. Ⅳ. 阅读理解。(每小题2分,共10分) A If you go to a fast food restaurant, you will probably see a lot of teenagers. Today, many teenagers are overweight, and reason of this is because of their bad eating habits. Most teenagers love fast food with a lot of fat, oil, salt and sugar. People often call this kind of food “junk food”. But bad eating habits go beyond fast food. We find many teenagers eat unhealthily. Some don’t have breakfast before they go to school. During the day, some don’t have a proper meal for lunch. In a recent survey at one school, scientists found that over two


thirds of the students didn’t follow a healthy diet. They didn’t like vegetables, and many of them didn’t like to eat fruits. They preferred to eat food with a lot of salt, sugar, or fat.

that I had left my umbrella in the classroom. of snakes. Parents today also worry about their children’s diet. Some doctors give the following advice:

Teenagers shouldn’t eat too much junk food.

Teenagers shouldn’t eat food with too much salt. Salt can cause high blood pressure(高血压)in the future.

Teenagers should eat food with less fat, oil, and sugar.

Teenagers need to eat some fruits and vegetables every day. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins(维生素)and have little fat.

Teenagers need to drink more milk. Milk will help their bones grow.

Teenagers need to eat breakfast every day. This is good for their body and mind. 46.“Junk food” contains(包括)a lot of _____. A. milk and sugar B. fruits and sugar C. vegetables and salt D. fat, oil, salt and sugar

47. In a recent survey at one school, scientists found many students liked _____. A. vegetables B. fruits C. healthy food D. unhealthy food 48. What does the underlined word “beyond” mean in Chinese in this passage? A. 超出 B. 不如 C. 相等 D. 在后面 49 In this passage doctors think that teenagers should eat more _____. A. food with no vitamins B. fat and sugar C. vegetables and fruits D. salt and oil 50. The best title for this passage is _____. A. Bad Habits B. Junk Food

C. Unhealthy Food D. Advice on Healthy eating

Ⅴ. 根据句意、首字母和汉语提示写出单词。(每小题1.5分,共15分) .

54. I do wish I can __________(实现)my dream some day. 55. We have nothing __________(反对)what you said.

56. Listen! The students are reading (出声地) in the classroom. 57. I sleep with the window (开着).

58. I think we should be allowed to have an _________(机会)to do what we want to do. 59. Mary used to have long (直的) hair.

60. My English teacher is pretty (耐心的) with us. Ⅵ. 书面表达。(15分)

请按照下面6幅图和表格的提示,写一篇题为 “Changes in Our Hometown”的英语短文。字数80左右。(开头已给出不计入字数)





Ⅱ. 完形填空。(每小题2分,共20分)

Ⅲ. 选择方框中适当的选项补全对话。(每小题2分,共10分) Ⅳ. 阅读理解。(每小题2分,共10分)

Ⅴ. 根据句意、首字母和汉语提示写出单词。(每小题1.5分,共15分) Ⅵ. 书面表达。(25分) Changes in Our Hometown In the past ten years, great changes have taken place in our hometown.



Ⅰ. 单项选择。(每小题1分,共30分)

Ⅱ. 完形填空。(每小题1.5分,共30分)

Ⅲ. 选择方框中适当的选项补全对话。(每小题1


Ⅳ. 阅读理解。(每小题2分,共40分)

Ⅴ. 根据句意、首字母和汉语提示写出单词。(每小题1分,共10分)


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