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短语 初二英语

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on Sunday morning get home get to work; make breakfast practice guitar

practice speaking English

take a shower = have a shower

take the Number 17 bus to the Hotel in March / on July 1st

have breakfast/dinner/lunch have a good time

Children’s Day/Women’s Day do one’s homework tell sb. about sth.

love to do = like to do at around six o’clock listen to the teacher get dressed;

brush your/his teeth eat breakfast;

be late for class/school/the party on weekends

eat/run/write quickly after school/dinner/ class for half an hour; taste good/delicious either…or…; have a walk;

have a healthy life. play the guitar play the piano play the drums play chess play basketball speak English; speak a little English say it in English

join the art /swimming club play the guitar well be good with sb;

be good for your health be good at doing

help sb with sth / do sth help kids with swimming call sb at + 电话号码

have an e-mail address between .....and be happy to do sth

what about playing basketball?

on time

welcome to+地点 want sb. to do sth tell sb.to do sth. write a letter to sb.

listen to.... Don’t eat in class be late for

it takes me5 minutes to do my home work be quiet go out

do the dishes make breakfast make(one’s)bed enjoy reading paly with sb. have fun think of

practice doing sth. be in (great)danger

one of the students 学生之一 all day 整天 for a long time

save many people’s lives forget /remember to do sth. be friendly to sb. (be)out of danger come form (be form) help sb. do sth. help sb. with sth. read a new paper make soup

go to the movies his favorite subject

follow the rules

talk on the phone listen to a CD use the computer wash the dishes clean the room be like 像.... live with sb tell(ask)(want)sb.to do sth like doing sth

may I speak to Tom? This is Tom speaking

be friendly to sb. be at home between...and... 在...和之间

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