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江苏省海安县大公初级中学八年级英语上册《8A Unit 3 A day out》Period 4 Grammar(1)学案

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《8A Unit 3 A day out》Period 4 Grammar(1)


语言知识:理解and, but, or的含义以及动词不定式做宾语 。

语言技能:能正确运用‘and’, ‘but’, ‘or’;掌握动词不定式做宾语的用法。 情感态度:通过旅游这一话题让学生积极主动地学会知识体会知识增长的快乐;培养学生的团队精神;拓宽视野,养成对不同文化的包容态度,了解本国的优秀文化,进行爱国教育。

【学习重难点】 重点:1. 学会使用and, but和or来连接句子。

2. 掌握接动词不定式做宾语的一些动词。

难点:1. 正确使用and, but和or

2. 动词不定式做宾语



1日落 2 可能 3 去骑马

4 准备去做某事 5 同意去做某事 6 决定去做某事 Keys: 1.sunset; 2.possible; 3.go horse riding; 4.prepare to do---

5.agree to do--- ; 6.decide to do---;



一、用and, but, or填空。

1) It was raining, ______ they went on playing football.

2) It was Sunday ______ we needn’t go to school.

3) Hangzhou has many places of interest ______ many people like to go there for holidays.

4) It is very hot in summer in Hainan ______ diving there is very exciting.

5) You can visit the Yellow Mountain in spring ______ autumn.


6) I like Hunan Road in Nanjing ______ only for shopping.

7) The West Lake is large _______ beautiful.

8) You can write to me _______ call me.

9) I don’t like to play cards_______ chess.

10) Be careful! _______you will fall off your bike.

Keys: 1.but; 2.and; 3.and; 4.and; 5.or; 6.but; 7. and; 8.or; 9.or; 10.Or


1. I’d like______ (make) a home page.

2. All of us hoped______ (see) the sunset.

3. They agreed______ (have) a Chinese lesson every week.

4. He decided ______ (leave) this city tomorrow. 5. I hope ______ (not meet) the man again.

6. When the teacher comes, please stop ______ (talk) ______ (read) English..

7. He teaches himself ______ (play) computer games.


一、 用and, but或 or填空 1. Please come ___________have a cup of coffee with me.

2. She always works hard __________ she does well in all her subjects. 3. I eat a lot of things, ____________ I still feel hungry. 4. Every weekend, we have a party __________ have a picnic.

5. You may take this book _________ that book, ________ you can take only one book.

6. He never goes to work by bus ___________ by taxi, he always walks.

7. You should bring a map with you in this strange place, ___________ you will lose your way. 8. Which subject do you like better, English ___________Chinese.

Keys: 1.and; 2.and; 3.but; 4.or; 5.or; but; 6.or; 7. or; 8.or


1. He decided _______ (not leave) this city tomorrow.


2. Father told the boy _________ (be) quiet.

3. The shopkeeper told the children _________ (not touch) the glass. 4. We watched them _________ (play) football just now.

5. The teacher made me _________ (clean) the classroom.

6. He often hears his neighbour _________ (sing) in the morning.

7. I hope _________ (not meet) the man again.

8. Did the teacher tell you how _________ (work) out the problem.

9. Do you need _________ (exercise)?

10. It took us two hours _________ (watch) TV yesterday.

11. It is time for them _________ (have) lunch.

12. Take care _________ (not do) this in the sunlight.

Keys: 1.not to leave; 2. to be; 3.not to touch; 4.play; 5.clean; 6. sing; 7.not to meet; 8. to work; 9. to exercise; 10. to watch; 11.to have; 12.not to do



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