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江苏省海安县大公初级中学八年级英语上册《8A Unit 3 A day out》Period 8 Checkout学案

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《8A Unit 3 A day out》Period 8 Checkout



To master the usage of conjunctions and, but and or.

To master the usage of reflexive pronouns and to-infinitives

To master the words and phrases


根据中文写出词组。 1.爬山 2. 进行乘船旅游

3.感受……的美丽 4. 制作网页

5.为……喝彩 6. 整理我的包

7.为我保密 8.真正有趣的一天

9.尽快让我们知道 10.去骑马

11.自学做 12.保持健康

13.决心做某事 14.去机场

15. 赢得篮球决赛 16.计划做某事

17.最后 18.你花在书方面的钱

Answers.1. climb the mountain 2.have a boat trip 3.feel the beauty of

4. make a home page 5.cheer for 6.pack my bag 7.keep secrets for me

8. a really interesting day 9.let us know as soon as possible 10. go horse riding 11.teach oneself 12.keep fit 13.decide to do sth 14.go to the 1


15. win the basketball final 16.plan to do sth 17.in the end 18. the money that you spend on books





一.Combine the following sentences.

1. He is tall. He runs very fast.

He is tall _______ he runs very fast.

2. Jack is very small and thin. He can carry the heavy bag.

Jack is very small and thin _______ he can carry the heavy bag.

3. You can play basketball. You can go swimming.

You can play basketball _____ you can go swimming.

Answers: and, but, or


Answers: myself, yourself, herself, himself, itself, ourselves, themselves


1. It is our duty to_____ the room every. (做主语)

A .to clean B. cleaned C. clean D. cleans

2. He wants_______ some vegetables.(做宾语)

A buy B .buying C. to buy D. buys


3. Robert often asks us _____ his Chinese, so his Chinese is much better than before.(做宾语补足语)

A help him B. to help him with C. to help with D. helps him with

4. She went _______her teacher.(做状语)

A to see B. looks C. saw D. seeing

5. I’m sorry _____ you. (做状语)

A trouble B. troubling C. to trouble D. troubled

Answers: A C B A C

四.Language points.

1.中国的面积是9600000平方米。(square metres in area)




3.黄河是我国最长的河流之一。(one of ...加复数。)




5.他去那里而不是你去。 ______________________________________________________.

6我们可以来看书代替看电视。(intead of)






1. There _______ (be) a lot of traffic on the city roads yesterday.

2. Mr. Wu _______ (invite) me to join in their school trip last week.

3. _____ you _____ (see) many places of interest there? Yes. I ______.

4. When _______ you ________ (get) off the coach?

5. You are lucky. You ___________ (not hurt) yourself last Sunday。

6. I hope it ____ (not rain) tomorrow.

7. I_____ (not climb) the hill if it _____ (rain) tomorrow.

8. Tom______(call)you as soon as he arrives in England。

9. He_______ (knock) over the books if you put them here.

10. Linda _________ (plan) to go to see the final but ________ (not go) in the end last

Saturday. Keys: 1.was 2.invited 3.have seen 4.did get 5. wasn’t hurt 6. will not 7.won’t rains 8will call 9.will knock 10.planned not to go


1. You’d better _______home now.

A. going B. go to C. to go D. go 2. I have not got a chair ________.

A. to sit


3. The boss made workers _______14 hours a day.

A. worked B. to work C. work D. working B. for to sit on C. to sit on D. for

4. The teacher let the boy_______ it again. A. does B. did C. to do D. do

5. Granny told her _______ the cat any more.

A. not play with

C. not to play with B. to not play with D. don’t play with

6. He really doesn’t know_______ .

A. to talk about

C. what to talk B. to talk about what D. what to talk about

7. Jack decided_ _______ in Beijing before May Day.


A. to reach B. to get C. to arrive D. go

8. It took me an hour _______the homework yesterday evening.

A. to do B. did C. doing D. do

9. Mother is sure _______.

A. win B. to win C. to be winning D. won

10. Mike is waiting _______the doctor.

A. to see











9. The sweater looks nice _____ me. Do you like it? Don’t tell Jim about it. It is only _______ you and me. Kate fell _______ the tree and hurt herself. Mr. Smith often goes _______ a ride before breakfast. There is something new _______ today’s newspaper. People made medicine _______ bones. They went there by bus instead _______ on foot. Japanese is quite different _______ English. Would you tell Bruce to ring me ______ if you see him? B. for to see C. see D. for see

10. He will wait for me _______ the bus stop.

Keys: 1.on 2. between3. off4. On5. in 6.from7. of 8.from 9.up 10.at

[语篇写作训练] 假设你班同学喜欢锻炼,并于上周日结伴去安定广场游玩。根据以下词语提示,并发挥想象,完成一篇短文。字数不少于70字。


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