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江苏省海安县大公初级中学八年级英语上册《8A Unit 4 Wild animals》Period 8 Checkout学案

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《8A Unit 4 Wild animals》Period 8 Checkout



1. 掌握 because, because of的用法。

2. 掌握if引导的条件状语从句。

3. 掌握与野生动物有关的词汇和短语。



1. If farmers keep taking the land, wild animals will have ________(no place)to live.

2. Tigers are in danger because people like their fur and make _________ from their bones.

3. Do you know the importance of __________(保护)wild animals?

4. We can ___________ (support) the farmers to leave the reserve. 5. If you ____________ (go on) to play games all day, you will fail in the exam.

6. When Xi Wang was born, she just __________ 100 grams. Keys: 1. nowhere 2. medicine 3. protecting 4. encourage 5. continue 6. weighed






A. 同义句转换

1. He is too fat, so he has no good suit to wear. He has no good suit to wear _______ he is too fat.

2. Many tigers died because they lost their homes. Many tigers died _______ ________ ________ their homes.

3. We were late because of the heavy rain.

We were late because ________ ________ _________.

It _______ ________, ________ we were late. Keys: 1. because 2. because of losing 3. it rained heavily, rained heavily so

B. 用所给动词的适当形式填空

1. If Linda__________(work) hard, she____________ (pass) the exam easily.

2. If we ____________ (not protect) giant pandas, they _____________(die) soon.

3. If a polar bear is hungry, it _____________(catch) fish from the water.

4. If she __________ (not be) busy, she will have supper with us.

Keys: 1. works, will pass 2.don’t protect, will die 3.will catch 4.isn’t

C. Finish the table.

D. Write a letter.

If you are a wild animal, please write a letter to people. Tell them about 2

your life, your problems and your hopes.

(提示:happy, in the past, in the forest, but now, hunters, I hope….)

Dear humans(人类),

I am _________________________________________________________




_______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________


Forever friend



1. I felt even _____________ after I walked for about two hours.

2. When the baby pandas are born, they look like little white ______________.

3. How much does she ____________? --- 45 kg.

4. If there is ___________, what do male wolves do?

5. The poor child looked _____________ at his broken glasses.

6. Which is ___________________, rice, noodles or porridge?

Keys: 1. thirstier 2. mice 3. weigh 4. danger 5. sadly 6. the most delicious


1. When I walked past the room, I heard someone _____________in it.

2. We hope another charity show ______________ place in our school.


3. Please be quiet while they _____________ a meeting.

4. If a tiger is hungry, it _____________ for food. 5. If they __________ tired, they will go on with their work. 6. An earthquake _____________ Haiti in January, 2010.

Keys: 1. singing 2. will take 3. are having 4. will hunt 5. aren’t 6. hit


( ) 1. What _____ you do this weekend if it _____? A. do, will rain B. will, rain C. do, rains D. will, rains

( ) 2. You must be tired. Why not _______ a rest?

A. stop taking B. to stop taking C. to stop to take D. stop to take

( ) 3. I find _______ important for us to spend _______ time ______ our hobbies.

A. it , some , on B. that , some , in C. that, much , on D. it,many,





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