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八年级英语上册《8A Unit 4 Wild animals》Period 2 Reading(1)学案

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《8A Unit 4 Wild animals》Period 2 Reading(1)













1.预习单词outside --- writer, 对照音标,拼读单词,认知词义。

2.预习Reading, 了解大熊猫的生长过程和生存处境。


4.阅读Reading, 找出下列短语。

1. 看起来像小白鼠 _______________ 2. 在四个月大时 __________________

3. 第一次________________________ 4. 不再 5. 在最初的时候

7. 生活在野外 9. 拿走,带走 __________________ ___________ 6. 照料她自己_____________________ ______________ 8. 砍倒树木 ____________________ ______________ ___________ 10. 处在危险中 (答案:1. look like white mice 2. at four months old 3. for the first time 4. not?any more 5. at the very beginning 6. look after herself 7. live in the wild 8. cut down trees 9. take away 10. in danger )




I. Read the text quickly and answer the following questions:

1. What’s the story about?

2. What will happen to giant pandas if we do nothing?

(答案:1. It’s about a giant panda named Xi Wang.

2. There’ll be no giant pandas in the world.)

II. Listen to the tape, answer the following questions:

1. Was she very small when she was born?

2. How heavy was she when she was 4 months old?

3. Why do hunters catch giant pandas?

4. Do people do anything for giant pandas?

(答案:1. Yes, she was. 2. 10 kilograms. 3. They catch them for their fur. 4. Yes, they do.)

III. Listen to the tape again and judge the following statements. Write a “T” if it is

true; write an “F” if it is false.

( )1. When the writer saw Xi Wang, she weighed only 10 kilograms.

( )2. When she went outside for the first time, she started to eat bamboo shoots and leaves.

( )3. Eight months later, she weighed 35 kilograms.

( )4. Xi Wang drank her mother’s milk for up to 14 hours a day at the beginning. 2

( )5. Farmers kill giant pandas for their fur.

( )6. Making bigger reserves for giant pandas will help to protect them. (答案:FFTTFT)

IV. Read through Paragraph 7-8 and fill in blanks:

? We should take the following _________ to protect giant pandas.

? We should make giant panda bigger and build more reserves. ? the panda reserves.

(答案:1. actions 2. reserves 3. leave)

V. Complete the passage:

The writer first saw the lovely giant panda c_______ Xi Wang when she was only ten days old. She looked like a little m________ at that time. She w________ only 100 grams when she was born. But she grew fast. At twelve m_______ old, she _______ into a healthy young giant panda and she was much h________ at that time than the very beginning. At 20 months old, Xi Wang’s mother stopped l________ after her because she had a_______ baby. From then on, Xi Wang started to take c_________ of herself.

Xi Wang’s favourite food is b_______ s________ and l_______. But before she was six months old, she liked d_______ her mother’s milk.

Xi Wang may find i_____ difficult for her to s_______ in the wild. Here are two reasons. H_______ may kill her for her f________. F_______ may cut down forests so she may have n________ to live.

Giant pandas are in d______ now. We must do something to p_______ them. We can build more r________ for giant pandas and make the reserves b________. We can also e_______ farmers to leave the reserves. By doing these, the number of the giant pandas will grow l_______. But without these a_______, there will b___ no giant pandas in the world.

(答案:1. called 2. mouse 3. weighed 4. months 5. grew 6. healthier 7. looking 8. new 9. care 10. bamboo 11. shoots 12. leaves 13. drinking 14. it 15. survive 16. Hunters 17. fur 18. Farmers 19. nowhere 20. danger 21. protect 22. reserves 23. bigger 24. encourage 25. larger 26. actions 27. be )



I. 根据中文提示、英文解释或句意在空格处填入合适的单词。

1. Cats are good at catching ____________ (老鼠).

2. To ____________ (keep sth. safe away from danger) the earth means to save


3. ____________ (叶子) begin to turn green when spring comes.

4. The ____________ of the series (系列) book “Harry Potter” is J.K. Rowling.

5. My book is ____________ (厚的) than his.

6. Our principal ____________ (鼓励) students to donate their pocket money to the

children in poor areas.

7. One tree doesn’t make a ____________.

8. It was raining hard, but the rescuers (搜救人员) ____________ (go on) to search

for the survivors.

9. ____________ speak louder than words.

10. Things on the moon don’t ____________ (重) as much as those on the earth. (答案:1. mice 2. save 3. Leaves 4. writer 5. thicker 6. encourage 7. forest 8. continued 9. Actions 10. weigh)

II. 选词并用适当的形式填空。

1. Both of the twins ___________ 4 kilograms when they were born.

2. We use these ____________ to hold books.

3. Fruit and vegetables are ____________.

4. It’s ____________ to put anything hot into the rubbish bin.

5. At the ____________ of the party, Mr Li told us a funny story.

6. Who can read the ___________ words?

(答案:1. weighed 2. shelves 3. healthy 4. dangerous 5. beginning 6. following) III. 选择填空。

( ) 1. --- I hear Jay Chou will give a concert in our city.


--- Really? __________ he comes, my sister will be very happy _________ she

is a big fan of Jay.

A. Until; because B. If; because C. Before; because of D. If; because of

( ) 2. If there __________ a football match this afternoon, I will not go to the


A. is B. has C. will have D. will be

( ) 3. If people keep cutting down the forest, they will have nowhere ________.

A. to live in B. to live C. living D. living in

( ) 4. There was a terrible traffic accident on the road last night. Nobody in the

bus __________.

A. left B. stayed C. survived D. continued

( ) 5. When I saw Jackie Chen __________ the first time, I became very excited.

A. at B. for C. by D. on

( ) 6. ---Why are you kicking cans on the street? --- __________ fun. A. For B. With C. Great D. Much

( ) 7. Most children in China start to go to school __________ eight.

A. at B. at the age of C. in D. A and B

( ) 8. The traffic moved slowly __________ the rush hour. A. because B. because of C. for D. when it’s

( ) 9. They found __________ very interesting to watch the song and dance parade.

A. it’s B. this is C. it D. that was

( ) 10. ---Will you eat here or __________? --- Either is OK.

A. take it away B. take away it C. take if off D. take off it

(答案:1. B 2. A 3. B 4. C 5. B 6. A 7. D 8. B 9. C 10. A)

IV. 完形填空。

Dolphins are not fish. They are mammals (哺乳动物). They live in groups and speak to each other _ 1 _ their own languages. But they are quite __2__ from almost all 5

land animals. Their brain (大脑) is as big as __3__ and they live a long life –-- at least 20 or 30 years. __4__ some animals, dolphins use sounds to help them find their way around. They also use these sounds to talk to each other and help them find __5__. They don’t use their __6__ to receive sounds, but use the jaws (下巴).

It’s strange that dolphins are __7__ to men, and for thousands of years, there have been many stories about dolphins and men. In the 19 century, in a deep part of the __8__ near New Zealand, there was a dolphin. The fishermen liked him very much because he met every boat in this area and __9__ it the way.

Today, some people __10__ dolphins, but many countries in the world now protect them, such as Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

( ) 1. A. with B. in

( ) 2. A. same

( ) 3. A. man C. of D. use th B. far C. different D. the same B. man’s C. people D. person

( ) 4. A. Like B. Liking C. As

( ) 5. A. farm B. land C. water D. Likes

D. food


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