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I. 单选。

( )1. I believe our country will become _________.

A. better and better B.faster and faster C. bigger and bigger D.smaller and smaller

( )2. Please fill the bottle _________ clean water.

A.in B. which C. by D. through

( )3. I am not sure _________ I can pass the exam. I should work harder.

A.that B.when C. which D.whether

( )4.Julia and her sister look the same, so I mistook Julia_______ her sister at the party.

A.How often B. How long C. When D. How soon

( )5. The officer ordered his men _________ a bridge over the river.

A.to build B. builder C. building D. built

( )6. It took Lucy three days _________ the novel.

A. to read B. reading C. looking D. to look

( )7.This river is only 8.2 kilometers________.

A.far B.long C.high D. wide

( )8. Qin Shihuang ordered his men ________ the Underground Palace.

A.build B.building C.built D. to build

( )9. The color TVs were very popular___________.

A.in the 1990s B. in 1990s C.in the 1990s D. on the 1990s

( )10. Help me collect these books ,_________?

A. are you B. will you C. do you D. shall you

( )11.They find it ________ to learn English.

A.use B.uses C. using D. useful

( )12.Robots can do many kinds of _________.

A.a job B. jobs C. works D. a work

( )13. ---Is Mr.Brown driving here? ---I’m not sure.He _______ come by train.

A.may B. need C.shall D. must

( )14. ---Whose notebook is this?--- It ______ be Ning’s. It has her name on it.

A. share B.will share C. sharing D.shares

( )15. Last week I bought a new pair of socks because my old ones _____ out.

A. need B.can’t C. must D. shall


II. 词汇。

1. Hobbies can bring us __________ because they can make us _________(happy).

2. I’m _________( interest) in collecting stamps.

3. They __________(practice) speaking English from six to eight last night.

4. Why not __________ (paint) a tiger for me?

5. My interests are ____________(change) all the time.

6. Lesson 5 is ____________(easy) than Lesson 6.

7. This song is ___________(good) than that one, but it is _________ ________ to sing.

8. Edison is a famous __________(science) , and he invented more than one thousand things.

9. Mary was reading while Bill ___________(repair) the radio.

10. So far, there are no living things on other __________(planet).

11. Miss Wang often __________(wake ) up the students in the morning.

12. I bought some __________(dictionary) in that shop.

13. The ________(build) are building a tall building.

14. After that, the tower became one of the greatest __________(wonder) in the world.

15. We ________(weigh) the elephant yesterday afternoon. Its weight is 1.5 tons.

16. I think this photo is ________(beautiful) of all.

17. My shoes are ___________(wear) out. I need to buy a new pair.


1. Let’s have a rest, __________ ________?

2. You are so careless. (改为感叹句)_________ _________ you are!

3. I used to go swimming during the summer vacation (改为一般疑问句)

_________ you _________ to go swimming during the summer vacation?

4. I prefer reading to going out. (同义句转换)。

I like reading _________ __________ going out.

5. Why not go to see a doctor?( 同义句转换)。

Why ___________ ___________ go to see a doctor?

V. 综合填空。

Have, building,each,look,first, they in enough,without,but,much,at

Do you know the differences between the new buildings and the old ones?Old buildings _________ brick and stone walls. The walls hold up _______.

In cities, many modern buildings ________ like glass buildings. Walls of dark glass reach high into the air. Many buildings are ________ than 50 stories tall.

Are walls of glass strong ________ to hold up the new buildings?No,the new glass walls do not hold up the buildings, _______ they only cover up the steel frame .Did you watch a new building going up in the past? The steel frame is built________ .Then the class walls are fixed on the frame. When the building is finished, the frame does not show. The outside looks like windows_______ walls. The glass walls shine ______ the sun. Many people find _________ beautiful.

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