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新目标七年级英语Unit3 sectionB学案(区实校 曲响.doc

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Section B

Learning Aims:(学习目标)

1. be able to call the names of family members

2. learn to talk about the family members.with the target language. Importances and Difficulties:(学习重点难点)

1.Sentence structure:(1) These are…

(2) This/ That is… …

(3) He/She is…

2. Key vocabularies:son, cousin, daughter, uncle, aunt

3.The use of plural nouns while introducing family members Learning steps:(学习过程)


a) Daily greetings to the students(日常问候)

T: Good morning/afternoon. Who is on duty today?

S1: I am.

T: Is everyone here today?

S1: Yes, Everyone is here./No, … is not here.

T: Thank you/Well done.. 1

b) Revision(复习)

T: Here is a picture from Miss Li. Guess who he is?

S1: Is he …’s father?

S2: Is he …’s brother?

S3: Is he …’s friend?

S4: Is he …’s uncle?

T: Yes, you are so clever.


1)T: Here is a photo. Do you know who he is?

S: I don’t know..

T: He is Mike Brown .Who is his father?

S: …

T: Here are also many people in his family. Let’s guess

Who they are. Are you ready?

S1: Is he Mike Brown’s father’s father? 5

T: You are so wonderful. He is Mike Brown’s grandfather.

S2: Is she Mike Brown’sgrandmother?

S3: Is he Mike Brown’s brother?

T: Thanks. You are so clever (good/wonderful/…).

2)This is …

These are…

He is …

She is …

3. 实践练习

1)Make a family tree

Every family has a family tree, can you finish

the family tree8

2).Draw a picture ofyour family and frioends .Tell your partner about your picture.

T: This is my family photo. These are my parents. This is my Grandmother. This is my cousin Tom.I have another two pictures. One is Dave’s, One is Lin Hai’s. Can you guess which is Dave’s and which is Lin Hai’s?

S: Yes.

T: Who can say something about Picture 1?

S1: There are eight people in the picture.

S2:This is Dave’s grandfather.

S3: I think this is Dave’s uncle.

… ….

3).Read a letter from Emma .Draw a picture of her family.

Test in class(达标测试)


1.this(反义词)________ 2.these(反义词)________

3.it(复数形式)________ 4.that(复数形式)________

5.photo(复数形式)________ 6.picture(复数形式)________

7.cousin(复数形式)________ 8.friend(复数形式)________

9.son(对应词)________ 10.sister(对应词)________


11.My father’s mother is my g ________.

12.My father’s father is my g ________.

13.My father’s sisters are my a ________.

14.My father’s brothers are my u ________.

15.My uncle’s children are my c ________.

16.My parents’d ________ is my sister.

17.I am a boy. I’m my parents’ ________.

18.This is my f ________ photo. These are my parents and this is me.

19.T ________ for your help(帮助)!

20.We like English very m ________.


21.________ 22.________ 23.________ 24.________ 25.________ 26.________ Homework:

Write a letter to your friend about your family photo.

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