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Unit 3 This is my sister

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Unit 3 This is my sister

I. Aims and demands

1 to learn the names for family members

2 to practise Identifying people

II. Importances and difficulties

Use the new words to indentify people

III Language points: (语言点)

a) father, mother, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother,

grandparent, parent, friend

b) This/That is my….

These are… Those are…

IV. Teaching steps

Step1 Present the new words

The students are interested in cartoons, so I’ll show them the photos of a family to arouse their active participation.

Say This is …… While I show them the pictures. In this way, most of the new words in this lesson are lead out. ( Use Pictures 4— 11)

Give them the meanings of grand and ask them to guess the meanings of grandfather, grandmother, and grandparents. This step will help them to master the way of learning words.

( Use Picture 12-14 )

Step2 Learn the new words

After presentating the new words by the pictures, teach them to read the words on the screen.

Step3 Practise the new words.

After learning the new words , ask the students to match the new words with the pictures in 1a. This step will help the students to remember the new words,

Step4 Listening

Play the tape .Let the students to finish 1b ,2a and 2b.This step will help the students to be more familiar with the new words from the point of listening.

Step5 Present the sentences

Show them the pictures again . Ask them to introduce the person in the picture with the sentence This is……( Use Picture 18 )

Step6 Practise the sentences

Ask the students to point at the picture to introduce the person to the others with the sentence This is…… they learned just now in Step5 .

Step7 Present the target sentences

I will ask the students Is this Nezha ? while pointing at

Nezha’s father? Help them to answer Yes, it is or No, it isn’t. In this way ask about the other pictures to present the target sentences. ( Use Picture 18)

Step8 Practise the target sentences

Then let the students ask and answer i Is this …… in pairs. ( Use Picture 18)

Step9 Game

In order to go on practising the target drill I design the game “ Let me be an actor” . The students come to the front to act the persons . Then the others ask Chenglong, Sun Wukong and the little rabbit With the drill Is this …….? to indentify Chenglong’s father, Chenglong’s friend, Zhu Bajie, Tangseng, Shaseng, the rabbits’ grandfather, grandmother, father and mother. (Draw some pictures on the blackboard). Step10 Exercises

Ask the students to finish the excises to practise the spelling ability of the new words.

Step11 Moral education

Use the new words to educate the students, this will help them to remember the new words and educate them to love the people around them.

IV Homework

Write down some names of your family,and then ask the other students to guess who they are with the help of the sentence Is this ……?

V Writing on the blackboard

This is……..

Is this …… ?

These are…

Are these…? Yes , it is. / No, it isn’t. Yes, they are./ No, they aren’t.

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