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新目标七年级英语(上)Unit 6 SectionB课件-梅会英

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六户中学 梅会英

1.知识目标: 1单词:eat, eats, like, likes, oh, for, carrot, runner, lots of, dessert, egg, apple, chicken, fruit, vegetable, food, breakfast, lunch, dinner, eat, run, star, healthy, list 2)句型: ---What do you have for breakfast/ lunch/dinner? ---For breakfast, I have… ---What does he/ she have for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner? ---For breakfast, he/ she has…. 2.能力目标:学生能够用英语描述一日三餐。 3.情感目标:懂得一日三餐应合理搭配饮食,才会健康,


Pair work
---Do you like…? ---Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

For breakfast, I have eggs, apples and bananas.

For lunch, I have hamburgers, oranges and carrots.

For dinner, I have broccoli, chicken, salad and ice cream.

Pair work
---What do you have for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner? ---For breakfast, I have… ---What does he/she have for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner? --- He/ She has…

阅读3a,完成下列表格,了解 Sandra Clark的食谱
Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Write about what you like for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You are going on a picnic with a group of friends. Make a list of food to buy.

根据意思以及首写字母完成单词 1. We call apples, oranges, strawberries and pears f______________________ ruits unch 2. We have l_______________ at 12 o’clock. 3. He runs very fast and he’s a r________________ star. unner 4. Tom eats h_________________ food. ealthy egetables 5. Do they like v____________________ and rice for meals every day.

Jim’s father Jim’s mother
like chick, tomatoes apples, pears

chicken, bananas

Not like carrots, eggs, oranges hamburgers hamburgers

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