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七年级英语上Unit3练习题 孙国英

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七年级上册Unit3 This is my sister.练习题

东营区实验学校 孙国英




father/2.______ uncle/3._______

daughter/4._______ 5._____/brother


1. Mr.White,________ my father.

A.it is B.this is C.this D.that

2._____ am a Chinese student.

A.He B.She C.I D.They

3.They ______ brothers.

A.are their B.is their C.are they D.is they

4.-Is Nancy your sister?


A.Yes,he is B.Yes,she is C.No,he is D.No,she is

5.-What is that?

-It is _______ case.

A.his a B.a his C.his an D.a

6._____a cat.We do not know_____ name.

A.It is,its B.Its,it is C.It is,It is D.It is,is

7.Who is _______?Is _____ your ______?

A.he,he,sister B.she,she,uncle C.he,he,grandfater D.he,he,aunt

8.Those are my _______.

A.pencil B.boxbs C.watchs D.pens

9.My father’s brother is my _______.

A.aunt B.uncle C.brother D.grandfather


-They are my books.

A.What are those B.What is that C.What is those D.What is this

11._______ is my family photo.

A.She B.They C.Her D.Here


12.Thank you __________!

A.how much B.much C.many D.very much

13.-Dad,this is my pen friend,Shirley.


A.Thank you B.OK C.Nice to meet you D.Good

14.-_________do you spell ring?

-It is R-I-N-G.

A.What B.How C.Who D.Where

15.-Who are these girls?

-They are _________.

A.a student B.student C.students D.teacher


1.cousin ______ 2.son ______ 3.photo ______ 4.she ______

5.kite ______ 6.dictionaries _______ 7.tomatoes ______

8.families ______ 9.daughters _________ 10.parents_________

Ⅳ.改错。(8%) 1.Are she your sister? ( )_________

A B C D 2.Those is my sisters. ( )_________

A B C D 3.Is this your friends? ( )_________

A B C D 4.Are these your brother. ( )_________



1. That is ___ bike.(she)

2. -What’s this in English?

-________is a watch.(its)

3.They are my ______.(grandparent)

4.______ am Gine.(my)

5.______ is a picture.(these)

6.______ is my aunt.(her)

7.That is________ book.(Mike)

8._______ are his photos.(it)

9._______ are sons.(he)

10.Are those ______ brothers?(you)



This is a picture of Mr Green’s family.There are four pople in the family.They are Mr Green,Mrs Green,Jim and Kate.Look at the picture.We 2

can see Jim is behind Mr Green.Kate is behind Mrs Green Jim and Kate are students.They go to the same school.Mr Green and Mrs Green are teachers. They are good teachers.They go to woek by car.


( )1.Jim is Mrs Green’s son.

( )2.There are four people in Mr Green’s family.

( )3.Jim and Kate are not student.

( )4.Jim and Kate are in the same school.

( )5.Mr and Mrs Green go to work by bus.


A:Look,it is a picture of my family.

B:Oh,it is a nice picture,Tom.Who is this man?

A:It’s my father.

B:Is the girl your sister?

A:Yes,she is.

B:How old is she?

A:She’s ten.

B:Are you in the same school?

A:No,we are not.

B:Is the woman your mother?

A:Yes,she’s a teacher.

B:She looks young(年轻的).

A:I look like her.

B:Who’s that?

A:Who?The baby(婴儿)?



B:Is it your brother?


B:I know(知道) it’s you.

A:That’s right.I look lovely(可爱的).


( )1.What photo is it?

A.A photo of a boy.

B.A photo of a family.

C.A photo of a room..

D.A photo of people.

( )2.How old is the sister?

A.7 B.6 C.9 D.10

( )3.What is her mother?

A.She is a doctor.

B.She is a teacher.

C.She is a nurse.


D.She is a worker.

( )4.Are Tom and his sister in the same school?

A.Yes,he is. B.No,he is not.

C.Yes,they are. D.No,they are not.

( )5.How many people are there in the family?

A.Four B.Five C.Three D.Two


A.What is this? B.May I have a look? C.No,he is a teacher. D.I am here. E.He is my uncle. A: 1 ?

B:It is a photo of my family.

A: 2 ?

B:Sure,here you are.

A:Who is this man?Is he your father?

B:No,he is not. 3 .

A:Is he a worker?

B: 4 .

A:Where are you?

B: 5 .






Ⅰ.1.grandfather 2.mother 3.aunt 4. sister 5. son 6 cousin Ⅱ.1.B 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.D 6.A 7.C 8.D

9.C 10.A 11.D 12.D 13.C 14.B 15.C

Ⅲ.1.cousins 2. sons 3. photos 4. they 5. kites 6.dictionary

7.tomato 8.family 9.daughter 10. parent

Ⅳ.1.A Is 2. B are 3.D friend 4.D brothers Ⅴ.1.her 2.It 3.grandparents 4.I 5.This

6.she 7.Mike’s 8.They 9.They 10.your

Ⅵ.(A)1.T 2.T 3.F 4.T 5F (B) 1.B 2.D 3.B 4.D 5.A Ⅶ.1.A 2.B 3.E 4.C 5.D



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