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1. get to school = arrive at/ reach school 到校

2. a bus stop公共汽车站,

a train/ subway station火车(地铁站)站,

a bus station客运站, a TV station 电视台

3. take the subway 乘地铁

4. ride a bike 骑自行车

5. take the/a bus乘公共汽车

6. want to do sth.想做某事

7. take a taxi乘坐出租车

8. walk to school 步行上学

9. go in one’s car 坐(某人的)车

10. in North America 在北美

11. by bike/ bus/ subway/ car/ train乘坐……车

12. in other parts of the world在世界的其他地区

13. have a quick breakfast迅速吃早饭

14. depend on=depend upon 依靠,靠……决定

15. the early bus 早班车

16. leave for 起程(动身)前往……

17. take sb. to sp.带某人到某处

18. a number of=many 许多

19. the number of ….的数量

20. Doing sth. takes sb. some time/ money.

=It takes sb. some time/money to do sth..

=sb. spends some time/money (on sth.).

=sb. spends some time/money (in) doing sth..

. =sth. costs sb. some time/money.

=sb. pay some money for sth..


21. worry about( sb./sth.)=be worried about(sb/sth.) 为某人(事)着急/担心

22. around the world= all over the world 世界各地,全世界

23. be different from 与……不同

24. how far 多远

1.How does Emilio get to school?爱米丽欧怎么去学校?

2 .How far is it from your home to school ?从你家到学校有多远?

3.How long does it take you to get from home to school? 从家到学校你花费多长时


4_I ride my bike to the subway station.我骑车去地铁车站。

5.In North America,not all students take the bus to sch001.在北美,并非所有学生坐公共汽车去学校。

6.In China,bikes and buses are the most popular means of transportation.在中国,自行车和公共汽车是最流行的交通方式。

7.What do you think of the transportation in your town? 你认为你们镇上的交通情况如何?

8.Other parts of the world are different from the United States.世界上其他地方与美国不同。

9. It depends on where you are. 它取决于你在哪里。

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