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( )1.—Would you like ? —Yes, please.

A.something to drink B.have a drink

D.to something to drink C.have a cup of tea

( )2.—What does your father do?

A.He drives a car

C.He is a dentist — . B.He watches TV D.He is old

( )3.They didn’t have supper their father came back.

A.but B.until

( )4.—I now.

—, you’ll be better soon.

A.have headache;third time one day B.headache;third time a day

C.have a headache;three times a day D.have an headache;three times day ( )5.— do you get up every day? —At six o’clock.

A.What B.Where C.What time D.Which C.because D.if ( )6.Emma has to stay home to look her grandmother.

A.at; at B.in; over C.in; up D.at; after ( )7.My brother enjoys to the radio.

A.to listen B.to hear C.listening D.hearing ( )8.You smoke here.It’s dangerous.

A.needn’t B.couldn’t C.mustn’t. D.might not ( )9.—You never saw him, ? —No, I didn’t.He’s new.

A.didn’t you B.don’t you C.did you

( )10. beautiful! Where did you get them?

A.What a B.What an C.How

( )11.Stop so much noise! My father is sleeping.

A.to make B.making C.to hear D.doing D.What D.do you ( )12.Mount Qomolangma is the first mountain in the world.

A.more tall

B.tallest 1 C.taller D.highest

( )13.—Excuse me, ?

—Sorry, I don’t know.My watch is broken.

A.what’s the time now C.what’s wrong with your watch

B.whose watch is this D.how does the watch work

( )14.—He can’t come to dinner with us. —

A.That’s too bad.

B.I’m sorry to hear that. D.What a shame! C.He is too careless.

( )15. I called you last night but nobody answered the phone.What ___


A.are; doing B.were; doing C.do ;do

( )16.The child fell asleep in the end after crying for a long time.

A.went to sleep B.went to bed C.was in bed

( )17.It’s very .

A.beautiful B.well

( )18.I’ll go out to find him A.a minute ago B.soon C.quickly

( )19..

A.get back B.return C.give back

( )20..

A.a few B.many


1.He used to go out for a walk after supper.(改为否定句)

→He .

2.You should take this medicine three times a day.(对划线部分提问)

→__________ __________ should I take this medicine?

3.Jim speaks Chinese very well.(改为感叹句) →4.He is so old that he can care for himself.(改为同义句)

→He is old .

5.Can you tell me how I can get to the museum? (改为同义句)

→Can you tell me 2 D.do; are C.kind C.a little


Nowadays (如今) more and more people like to do physical exercises(体育活动) 1 their spare time.Physical exercises are important to us.

Firstly, it is important to good health.People who do running, swimming and other exercises will have less chance to get disease. 5 to 10 years than those who .

Secondly, it is important to social life.While doing exercises, people can 8 about many interesting things each other.

Finally, it is also very important to social development.Healthy 10 can lead to a strong country.

( )1.A.at




( )2.A.more and more B.fewer and fewer

C.many and many D.much and much

( )3.A.never



D.hardly D.sick D.lie D.longer D.needn’t D.talk D.for D.exercises

( )4.A.fat B.fit ( )5.A.play B.live



C.long C.can’t

( )6.A.short B.shorter ( )7.A.don’t B.doesn’t ( )8.A.speak B.say ( )9.A.to


C.discuss C.about


( )10.A.people B.food 四、阅读理解。(20分)

We each have a memory(记忆力).That’s why we can still remember things after a long time.Some people have very good memories and they can easily learn many things by heart, but some people can only remember things when they say or do them again and again.Many of the great men of the world have got surprising memories.

A good memory is a great help in learning a language.Everybody learns his mother


language when he is a small child.He hears the sounds, remembers them and them he learns to speak.Some children are living their parents in foreign countries.They can learn two languages as easily as one because they hear, remember and speak two languages every day.In school it is not so easy to learn a foreign language because the pupils have so little time for it, and they are busy with other subjects, too.

But your memory will become better and better when you do more and more exercises. ( )1.Some people can easily learn many things by heart because .

A.they often eat good food

B.they read a lot of books

C.they have very good memories

( )2.Eveybody learns his mother language .

A.at the age of six

B.when he is a small child

C.after he goes to school

( )3.Before a child can speak, he must .

A.read and write

B.make sentences

C.hear and remember the sound

( )4.In school the pupils can’t learn a foreign language well because .

A.they have no recorders

B.they have too much time for it

C.they are busy with other subjects

( )5.Your memory will become better and better .

A.if you have plenty of good food

B.if you do more and more exercises

C.if you do morning exercises very day


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