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※※※※※※ 满分:120分 时间:120分钟 ※※※※※※一、单项选择。(共40分,每题1分) ※※※※※※( )1.The girl’s name is Maria Schuartz, so her ___________ name’s Maria. ※※※※※※A. last B.family C.first D.mother ※※※※※※ 马畈小学2013年秋季第一次月考七年级 英 语 试 题


























※※※※※※ ( )2. —Are you Mr Li? —_________. A. Yes, I am B. No, you’re not C. Yes, you are ( )3. —Is this _____ basketball? —No. It’s _____ basketball. A. you;my B. my;you C. your;his ( )4.-What’s your telephone number? -___________ 278-106. A.I’m B.It C.It’s D.Is it ( )5.-Is that a ruler? -No, ______________. A.it is B.it isn’t C.that is D.that isn’t ( )6.That’s a girl. Her name is ___________. A.Wang Xiaoling B.Wang Xiao Ling C. Wang xiaoling D. Wang xiao ling ( )7. I _____ a student. You ______ a teacher. It ______ a book. A.am, are, is B. be, are, is C. am, be, is D. am, is, are ( )8. M y name _______ Jim Green. A. am B. is C. are D. be ( )9.—How is Li Ming? —_______. A.He is good. B. He is a boy. C. He is fine. D. I’m fine. ( )10.—Hello, Kate. Nice to meet you! — _________. A .How are you? B. What’s your name? C. Nice to meet you, too! D. I’m fine. ( ) 11. —_______ do you spell “pen”? — P-E-N. A. What B. Where C. How D. Which ( )12.This is Gina. _______ phone number is 5874—6923. A. She B. Her C. He D. His ( )13.In England, the last name is the __________. A. family name B. middle name C. given name D. full name ( )14.-Is Grace your friend? -Yes,____ is. A.his B. her C. she D. he ( )15. -What’s this ____English? -It’s ____orange. A. in; an B .at; an C. in; a D. on; the ( )16.This is _____ruler. A.I B.my a C.a my D.my ( )17. -What color is _____jacket? -Red. A.your B.I C.you D.it ( )18.This is _____pen and that is _____orange. A.a; a B. an; an C.a; an D.an; a

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( )19.This is a ruler. _____ruler is blue.

A.A B.The C.An D./

( )20. -Are you Helen? -____.

A.No, I’m not B. No, it isn’t C.Yes, it is D.Yes, I’m

( )21.Mary is a(n)____student. She is ____.

A.good; fine B.well; OK C.OK; fine D.well; fine

( )22.与字母L含有相同因素的一组字母是______.


( )23.—Your English is very good. —______.

A.Thank you B.Thanks you C.You are good D.Not good

( )24._______Steven._______phone number is 215-0273.

A.My is;I B.I’m;My C.I is;I D.I’m;I

( )25. —What’s ______name? —He’s Vinson.

A.he B.he’s C.his D.her

( )26. —Is it ______backpack? —No,it isn’t.

A.he B.she C.her D.hers

( )27.This is ______pen.

A.white B.a white C.an red D.an green

( )28.Look! This is ______ID card.

A.a B.an C.the D./

( )29. —What’s four and three? —It’s_____.

A.seven B.eight C.one D.six

( )30. —____ your name? — My name is Kate.

A. What’s B. What C. Where

( )31. —Is she Maria? —No, she ____.

A. is B. isn’t C. aren’t

( )32. “ One one zero ” 表示 ____。

A. 火警 B. 匪警 C. 急救中心

( )33. —What’s this ____ English? —It’s ____ egg.

A. to; a B. to; an C. in; an D. in; a

( )34. —Is that an orange? ____. It’s an apple.

A. Yes B. No C. It is D. It isn’t

( )35. —____ your name. —T-I-N-A, Tina.

A. Spell B. Now C. Say D. Speak

( )36. My mom is ____ teacher. She’s ____ English teacher.

A. a; an B. a; a C. an; a D. an; an

( ) 37 . —Is her name Kate? — ____

A. Yes, she is. B. No, she isn ’ t. C. Yes, it ’ s. D. No, it isn ’ t.

( )38.—Is this_______English car ? —No, it’s _____Japanese car.

A. a; a B.a; an C.an; an D.an; a

( )39. —Is your name Brown?

A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, I’m. D. No, I’m not.

( )40. I am a teacher. She is a teacher, _______.

A. to B. too C. two D. do

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二、语言知识运用。(共5分,每题1分) 词语释义,选出与句中划线部分意义最相近的解释,并将标号填入题前括号内。

( )41.——Glad to meet you, too.

A. Good B. Nice C. nice D. Hi

( )42. —What’s your name, please? —I’ m Tony. —My name is Lily. A. And your mom? B. And how are you?

D. And how old are you? C. And what’s your name? ( )43. —How old are you? —I’ m

A. thirty year old

B. thirteen year old D. three years old C. thirteen years old

( A. I have short hair. C. I have red hair.

B. I have long hair. D. I have white hair. A. China B. America C. UK D. UN


woman. good students.

( )46.A. be B. am C. is D. are

( )47.A. My B. Your C. His D. Her

( )48.A. be B. am C. is D. are

( )49.A. His B. Your C. My D. Her

( )50.A. They’s B. They’re C. They D. Their

( )51.A. am B. is C. are D. be

( )52.A. His B. Her C. She’s D. He’s

( )53.A. She’s B. He’s C. She D. He

( )54.A.friend’s B. friends C. friend D. friends’

( )55.A.They B. They’re C. their D. them



Mr. Black comes from New York in America(美国). He teaches(教)English in No. 3 Middle

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School. He likes his work(工作) very much. He often says Chinese people are very friendly(友好).

He has two daughters(女儿). They are Lily and Lucy. They are twins(双胞胎). They are in the same school. They study(汉语) Chinese very hard(努力). The teachers and students all(都)like them. They have a lot of Chinese friends.


( ) 56. Mr. Black is from New York .

( ) 57. Mr. Black teaches (教) English in No. 5 Middle School.

( ) 58. Lily and Lucy are twins.

( ) 59. Lily and Lucy are in different schools.

( ) 60. Lily and Lucy have a lot of Chinese friends. B

Mr. and Mrs. Brown are from America. They are now teaching English in Zhengzhou. Their son Jack is with them. Jack speaks English. They want him to learn some Chinese. Jack is in Grade Three in a Chinese school. He plays with Chinese children every day. He listens to Chinese, speaks(讲) Chinese, reads books in Chinese and writes in Chinese. He is doing well in his Chinese. 阅读短文,选择正确的答案。

( )

61. Mr. and Mrs. Brown are________. A. Chinese B. English C. America D. Americans

( ) 62. They are working ________ now.

A. in England B. in China C. in America D. in Grade 3

( ) 63. Jack is________.

A. a student in a Chinese school B. a girl from America

C. in Class One, Grade Three D. learning English

( ) 64. Jack likes to play with________.

A. his father B. his mother C. his brothers D. Chinese children

( ) 65. Jack learns the Chinese language (语言) by________.

A. listening to the language B. listening to the language and speaking it

C. reading books in Chinese and writing in it D. listening, speaking, reading and writing


I’ m Tom. I’ m an American boy. Jim is my good friend. He is from England. He’ s thirteen. My sister is Ann. She is ten. She has a round face and a small nose. She is very lovely(可爱的). We are in the same school. But we are in different grades. I’ m in Class 3, Grade 2.

Our teacher is from China. She is Miss Gao. She has big eyes and long hair. We like(喜欢) her very much.


( ) 66. _______ come from America.

A. Tom and Jim B. Tom and Ann C. Jim and Ann D. Tom, Jim and Ann

( ) 67. Tom and Ann are in different _______ .

A. schools B. school C. grades D. grade

( ) 68. Ann has ______ .

A. a long face and a small nose B. a round face and a big nose

C. a round face and a small nose D. a short face and a small nose

( ) 69. Our teacher, Miss Gao is ______ .

A. American B. my good friend C. English D. Chinese

( ) 70. We like ______ very much. A. Jim B. Tom C. Ann D. Miss Gao

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五、词汇。(共15分,每题1分) A)根据汉字或首字母提示填入正确的单词。(共10分,每题1分) 1.Good a _____ , Cindy! 2.What’s this in _____(英语)? 3.This is a ____(被子). 4.Her name is Alice. A____ my name is Mike. 5.My name is Li Hong. Li is my f____ name. 6.Frank is in _____ (中国). 7.消费者投诉电话:one—two— three— one —____ 8.—How are you? —I am f_____, thanks. 9.______(拼写) it, please. 10.What is your telephone n_______? B)用所给单词的适当形式填空。(共5分,每题1分) 1.What’s ________name? ( you ) 2.He is my friend._____(he) first name is Tony. 3.—What’s this? —_______(it) a key. 4. Hi! I ____ Liu Yun. What is your name? (be) 5.It is ______ (a) UFO. 六、句型转换。(共10

分,每题2分) 2. Alice is fine. (改为同义句) Alice ____ _____. 3. It is a blue map.(改为一般疑问句) ____ ____ a blue map? 4. —Is he Dale? (作否定回答) —N0, he ____. 对划线部分提问) ____ ____ is the ruler? 七、书面表达。(10分) 假如你的朋友叫Dale Brown,请以“ My Good Friend ”为题,运用所学的英语知识,介绍一下你最要好的朋友。 注意:1.语句通顺,语意连贯。 2.不少于30个单词。你可以这样开头: My Good Friend I have a good friend. His / Her name is ___________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

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一、1-5CACCB 6-10AABCC 11-15CBACA 16-20DACBA 21-25ADABC 26-30CBBAA 31-35BBCBA 36-40ADDAB


三、46-50CDCAD 51-55BBCBA

四、56-60ABABA 61-65DBADD 66-70BCCDD

五、A)1-5 afternoon, English, quilt, And, family 6-10 China, five, fine, Spell, number

B) 1-5 your, His, It’s, am, a

六、1、What is your 2、is OK(well) 3、Is it 4、isn’t 5、What color


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