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1. come to one’s party 参加某人的聚会

2. on Saturday afternoon 在星期六的下午

3. study for a test为测验而学习

4. go to the doctor=see a doctor 去看医生

5. have/take a piano/guitar lesson 上一堂钢琴(吉他)课

6. much too 太,过于

7. too much 太多

8. a birthday party 生日聚

9. soccer practice 足球训练

10. look for 寻找

11. find out 找到,弄清楚,查明

12. be (go) on vacation 度假

13. join sb.加入某人(的行列)

14. a football match足球比赛

15. keep quiet 保持安静(keep+形容词“保持某状态”)

keep+(sb.)+doing 使(某人)不停地做某事”

keep sth. 保存某物,饲养某物

16. a culture club 文化俱乐部

17. “给某人打电话”的几种说法:

call sb.( up), phone sb.(up),

phone to sb., telephone sb.(up),

telephone to sb., ring sb.(up),

give sb. a ring, give sb. a phone,

make a telephone (call) to sb.

18. have to 不得不,必须

19. the day after tomorrow 后天

20. a science report 科学报告

1.Can you come to my party on Wednesday?


2.Sorry。I can't.I have a piano lesson.


3.Sure.I'd love to.当然,我愿意。

4.I'm playing soccer.我在踢足球。

5.I have too much homework(to do) this weekend .这个周末我有太多家庭作业(要做)。

6.I have to go to the doctor.我得去看医生。

7.On Thursday,I'm studying for a test.周四,我要备考。

8.I can't join you because I have to help my mom? 我不能参加,因为我要帮我妈妈干活。

9.I'm having a piano lesson the day after tomorrow?后天我要上钢琴课。

10.Can you come over to my house to discuss the science report':你能来我家讨论这份科学报告吗?

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