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1. go to the movies=go to the cinema 看电影

2. look after=take care of 照顾

3. surf the Internet 上网

4. healthy lifestyle 健康的生活方式

5. go skateboarding 去划板

6. (be) in good health =(be)healthy身体健康

7. keep healthy=keep in good health 保持健康

8. as for至于

9. take/do exercise=play/ do sports锻炼,做运动

10. eating habits 饮食习惯

11. the same as 与……相同

12. once a month一月一次

13. be different from 不同

14. twice a week一周两次

15. make a difference to 对什么有影响

16. how often 多久一次

17. although=though虽然

18. most of the students=most students大多数学生

19. activity survey活动调查

20. go shopping=do some shopping 购物

21. do homework做家庭作业

22. do housework做家务事

23. junk food垃圾食物

24. be good/bad for 对……有益(害)

25. on/at weekends 在周末

26. want to do sth=would like to do sth =feel like doing sth 想要做某事

27. want sb to do sth

= would like sb to do sth想要某人做某事

28. try to do sth 尽量做某事

try doing sth.试着做某

try one’s best to do sth.尽力做某事

29. come home from school放学回家

30. of course=certainly=sure当然

31. get good grades取得好成绩

32. help sb ( to )do sth 帮助某人做某事,

33. help sb with sth在某方面帮助某人

34. a lot of =lots of=many /much许多,大量的

1.What does she do on weekends? 她在周末常干什么?

2.She often goes to the movies. 她经常去看电影。

3.I watch TV every day. 我每天都看电视。

4.We often surf the Internet. 我们经常上网。

5.I read English books about twice a week. 我大约一周两次看英语书。

6.I shop once a month. 我每月购物一次。

7.She says it’s good for my health. 她说这对我的健康有利。

8. How often do you eat junk food? 你多久一次吃垃圾食品?

9.I look after my health. 我照看我的健康。

10. My eating habits are pretty good. 我的饮食习惯相当好。

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