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1. spend time with friends和朋友们一起度过时光

2. a sports camp 运动野营

3. how about= what about ……怎么样

4. go camping 去野营, go shopping 去买东西, go swimming 去游泳, go boating去划船, go skating 去溜冰, go walking去散步, go climbing 去登山, go dancing去跳舞, go hiking 去徒步远足, go sightseeing 去观光, go bike riding 骑自行车旅行, go fishing 去钓鱼

5. do some shopping 买东西, do some washing 洗衣服, do some cooking 作饭, do some reading读书, do some speaking训练口语

6. how long 1)多长时间 (询问动作在时间上所延续的长度)

2)多长 (询问事物的长度)

7. show sb. sth. = show sth. to sb.出示某物给某人看 give me the book=give the book to me 给我书,

pass me the cup=pass the cup to me 把杯子递给我, sell me the house=sell the house to me把房子卖给我 buy me a book =buy a book for me 给我买书,

make me a cake=make a cake for me给我做蛋糕

8. get back=come back回来

9. take walks=go for walks散步

10. think about 考虑

11. decide on= decide upon 决定计划

12. something different 不同的事情

13. a great/exciting vacation 愉快的(令人激动的)假期

14. can’t wait to do sth. 等不及做某事

15. a famous movie star 著名的影星

16. ask sb. about sth. 向某人询问某事

17. forget to do sth. 忘记要做某事

forget doing sth. 忘记做过某事

1.What are you doing for vacation?你假期要干什么?

2.He's going camping with his parents.他要和父母去野营。

3.She's babysitting her sister.她要照看她妹妹。

4.I'm going on Monday.周一我要去。

5.How long are you staying?你要呆多长时间?

6.I'm going hiking in the mountains.我要到山中远足。

7.I'm going sightseeing.我要去观光。

8.I'm taking walks,going fishing,and going bike riding. 我要散步,钓鱼,骑自行车。

9.I'm renting videos and sleeping a lot.


10.I want an exciting vacation! A no-stress vacation! 我要过一个令人激动的假期!一个没有压力的假期!

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