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( )1.---Is this bike?

---No. is over there. Her bike is red. This one is black. A. Her ,Her B. her, Hers C. hers, Hers D. hers, Her ( )2. This isn’t my English book. I left at home.

A. myself B. me C. my D. mine

( )3. How is your mother? Please say hello to for me.

A. she B. her C. hers D. herself ( )4.---Excuse me., are these books ?

---No, they are classmate’s.

A. his; he B. hers; hers C. your; mine D. yours ; my

( )5.---Help to some fruit, Jack.

---Thank you.

A. yourself B. your C. you D. yourselves

( )6. Though he is only 5 years old, he can make his bed by .

A. his B. himself C. themselves D. he ( )7.---Who teaches Chinese?

---Mrs White. She has lived in China for years. Chinese is very good. A. you; Her B. your; Hers C. you; Him D. your; She ( )8. ________are in the same class.

A. Her and me B. She and I C. Me and her D. I and she ( )9. She said she would try ____best to help me.

A.her B.hers C.one’s D.herself

( )10. The pen is _______. She wrote ________name with it______. A. hers; her; herself B. her; hers; her C. her; hers; herself D. her; herself; hers ( )11.My sister learns English by ________. A. myself B. herself C. himself D. yourself

( )12. If you drove more carefully, your uncle would be all right

and you wouldn't have hurt_____.

A. himself B. yourself C. itself D. yourselves ( )13.---Miss Lin teaches English this term.

---You’ is a very good teacher.

A. our; She B. us; He C. us; She D. ours; He ( )14.Did you enjoy A.youself B.you C.yourselves D.youselves ( will rain tomorrow.

A.It B.It’s C.Today D.This

( )16.I think necessary for us to learn English well.

A. that B. this C. it D. one

( )17.Things produced in factories are usually much cheaper

than made by hand.

A. these B. this C. that D. those

( )18.The weather in Guangdong is hotter than ___ in Qinghai.

A. it B. that C. one D. this

( )19. The schools in Shanghai are not different from________. A. those in Beijing B. that of Beijing

C. Beijng D. Beijing's students

( )20. may have a chance to be successful if he tries his best.

A. Somebody B. Everybody C. Nobody D.None

( )21. May I have a talk with you, sir? I’ve got important to tell you.

A. nothing B. anything C. something D. everything ( )22. ---What are you doing this weekend?

---I want to do .

A. something different B. different something C. anything different D. different anything ( )23.---Which do you prefer, green tea or coffee?

’d like a glass of water.

A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. All

( )24. I have two pens. One is white, is black.

A. other B. another C. others D. the other

( )25. ______of them has a new dictionary

A. Every B. Each C. All D. Both

( )26. His parents_______ English teachers.

A. both are B. are both C. all are D. are all

( )27. We have ___ rain this spring. The trees and grass don’t grow well. A. little B. a little C. a few D. few

( )28. “When shall we meet next time?” “__________ day is OK.” A. Either B. Neither C. None D. Any

( )29.There are quite a few old books on the shelf , but______ of them is useful to him. A. both B. all C. none D. any

( )30. Your digital watch is quite nice. Where did you buy ____ ? I want to buy ___ ,too. A. one ; one B. it; it C. it; one D. one; it ( )31. On sides of the street are a lot of colour flowers. A. each B. both C. either D. all

( is your coat, Mary? ---This purple one.

A. What B. Which C. Where D. Whose

( is the old man over there? --- My grandfather. A. Which B. What C. Who D. Whose ( pen is this?


A.Who B.Whom C.Whose D.Who’s

( )35. That bridge is almost broken. _______ is not safe to cross the bridge. A. It B. She C. This D. That ( )36. Did you find ___ very interesting to play computer games? A. this B. it’s C. that D. it

( )37.I don’t like this coat,could you please show me ______? A. other B. another C. the other D. others

( )38.There are many people in the park,some are playing cards,

some are dancing,and ____are taking a walk in it.

A. other peoples B. the others C. others D. the other people

( )39. There are twenty teachers in this grade.Eight of them are women teachers

and ____ are men teachers.

A.the other B.the others C.othersD.other ( )40. Some students hope to enter the best universities

while _____ simply wants to learn skills.

A. the others B. others C. another D. the other

( )41. I invited Joe and Linda to dinner,but _____of them came. A. neither B. either C. none D. both

( )42.I had to buy ____these books because I didn‘t know which one was the best. A. both B. none C. neither D. all

( )43. “Do you like these pants sir?” “No,please show me ______.” A. another B. some ones C. some others D. the other ( )44. He can't hear you, because there is ____ noise here

A.very much B.too much C.much too D.so many ( )45. ----Look! We have ____ sugar. ----Really? Let's go and buy some.

A.few B.a few C.little D.a little

( )46.There isn't ____ milk in the fridge. You'd better buy some. A.no B.any C.some

( )47.----“There isn't ____ water here. Could you get ____ for me?” ----“All ringht.”

A.some; some B.any; any C.some; any D.any; some ( )48. There were ____ people and noise in the park last Sunday.

A.many; much B.much; much C.much; many D.many; many ( )49. There is ____ water here; but there are quite ____ empty glasses. A.little; a few B.few; little C.few; a few D.little; a little

( )50. My father is very busy with his work. He has ____ time to do the housework. A.little B.few C.a little D.a few ( )51. “Would you like some milk in your tea?”“Yes, just ____ .” A.much B.a little C.a few D.little

( )52. Walking along the streets,you can see many beautiful flowers

on _____ side of the street.

A. every B. all C. both D. either ( )53. Put it down, Richard. You mustn't read ____ letter.

A.anyone's else's B.anyone's else C.anyone else's D.anyone else ( )54. “Haven't you forgotten ____ ?”“ ____ ,oh, I forgot my bag.” A.anything; Excuse me B.something; Excuse me C.something; Pardon D.everything; Pardon

( )55. ____ of them has a dictionary and ____ one of them can look up words in the dictionary. A.Each; every B.Every; each C.Each; each D.Every; every ( )56. I often help ____ .

A.he or she B.his and her C.him and her D.his and hers (中考真题)

( )57.---Sam, who teaches _____ Chinese?(12玉林市) ---Mrs White. She has lived in China for years.

______ Chinese is very good.

A. you, Her B. your, Hers C. you, Him D. your, She

( )58. Our school is bigger than ______.(12南宁市)

A. theirs B. their C. them D. they ( )59. It isn’t my umbrella, ______ is at home.(12崇左市) A. my B. me C. mine D. myself ( )60. I can’t connect my computer to the Internet.

There must be ______ wrong with it.(12上海市)

A. something B. everything C. anything D. nothing

( )61.They were all very tired, but ______ of them took a rest.(12天津市) A. none B. all C. both D. either

( )62. Don’t worry about me. I’m old enough to think for ______.(12河北省) A. himself B. herself C. yourself D. myself

( )63. CCTV-10 often plays ______ around the world. It can help us learn more about not only

nature but also different cultures and customs.(12哈尔滨)

A. new something B. something new C. anything new

( )64. It’s polite to take ______ flowers as a gift when you go to visit a friend.(12贵阳市) A. little B. any C. some

( )65. My English is so poor, please help ______ to improve it.(12铜仁市) A. me B. I C. my D. mine

( )66. Mary and Gina are my cousins. ______ father works in Dongfeng Company.

A. Their B. They C. Them D. Theirs ( )67.---Are these CDs ?

---No, they are not mine. They belong to A. your; her B. yours; her C. you; hers D. yours ; she

( )68. With help, we finished our work on time.


A. they B. them C. their D. theirs

( )69. Han Han is very popular among the teenagers. We all like A. him B. he C. his D. himself

( )70. ---Have you bought for Linda’s birthday?

---Not exactly. Just some flowers.

A. something unusual B. anything unusual

C. unusual something D. unusual anything

( )71.There were only two paintings for sale and he bought A. all B. any C. both D. some

( )72. ---How was your trip in Chengdo?

---Not so good. I stayed there for two days, but it rained on of the days.

A. none B. neither C. both D. all

( )73. ---Whose pen is this?

---Oh, it’s A. you B. yours C. me D. mine

( )74. ---Which basketball player do you like best, Kobe, James or Jordan?

of them. Lin Shuhao is my favorite.

A. All B. None C. Either D. Neither

( )75.---There is still a copy of this book in the library. Will you go and borrow ---No, I will buy in the bookstore.

A. one; it B. one; one C. it; one D. it; it

( )76. I think very important for students to study by themselves

in the school or at home.

A. it B. this C. that D. they

( )77. I have two children , and of them are working in the west of China.

A. all B. both C. neither D. either

( )78. Teenagers should learn to protect from all kind of danger.

A. them B. they C. their D. themselves

( )79.---Can you cook by ---Yes, I can cook well.

A. you B. your C. yours D. yourself

( )80.Kelly often helps with my math.

A. my B. I C. me D. mine


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