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()1. of them knew about the accident because it has been already reported

on TV.

A. Each one B. Every one C. Everyone D. Everybody

()2. Sorry,I can't you my bike because is wrong with it.

A. borrow; something B. lend; anything

C. lend; something D. borrow; nothing

()3. We live in a world colors and colors can us.

A. be full of; effect B. full of; effect

C. being full of; affect D. full of; affect

()4. Can you describe the moods of people by_the colors they choose to


A. looking B. seeing C. judge D. looking at

()5. Tony lost his wallet. He didn't talk to_all the afternoon.

A. anything B. nothing C. nobody D. anybody

()6. I wanted to buy a story book but there were_left in that bookstore.

A. anyone B. no one C. none D. nothing

()7. This blue shirt doesn't fit you. I think that black one good


A. will look; in B. looks; on C. will look; on D. look;in

()8. Do you know how many colors_in the rainbow?

A. are there B. is there C. there is D. there are

()9. Which you rather,tea or coffee?

A. would; to drink B. would; like

C. would;/D. would; drink

()10. The moonlight is shining brightly in_the windows.

A. across B. on C. from D. through

二、完形填空 Which of your two hands do you use more? Very few of us can use 11 of our equally(同等地)well. Most of us are right-handed. Only about five people 12 a hundred are left-handed. New-born babies can grasp(抓住)objects with 13 of their hands, but in about two years they usually prefer to use their 14 hands. Scientists don't know why this 15 .

Monkeys are our 16 relatives(亲戚)in the animal world. Scientists have found that monkeys prefer to use one of their hands more than the 17 -but it can be either hand. There are as many right-handed monkeys as left-handed 18 .Next time you visit the zoo, 19 the monkeys carefully. You'll see that some of them will prefer use their right hands when they swing(荡秋千),and others will use their left hands. But most human beings use their right hands better and this makes life 20 for those who prefer to use their left hands. In fact,we live in a right handed world.

()11. A. either B. both C. two D. all

()12. A. from B. among C. from among D. out of

()13. A. either B. neither C. two D. all

()14. A. two B. both C. right D. left

()15. A. will happen B. happens C. take place D. will take place

()16. A. farthest B. furthest C. best D. closest

()17. A. other B. right C. left D. two

()18. A. one B. ones C. monkey D. people

()19. A. look B. see C. watch D. read

()20. A. interesting B. comfortable C. easy D. difficult



Roger,a young man from China, has taught Chinese in a primary school in England for 3 years. A lot of children like his class and he enjoys teaching them very much. All the pupils are quite interested in what Roger teaches them. They learn quickly and do everything carefully.

One day he said to the children,“People in a lot of Asian countries wear white clothes at funerals(葬礼),but people in America and Europe wear white in the weddings because white means purity and happiness. What colour does an English woman wear when she gets married?"

Mary said,"White, sir, because she is happy.”"That is good, Mary,”Roger said."You are quite right. She wears white because she is happy.”

But then one boy in the class put up his hand. "Yes, Dick?" Roger said. "Do you have a question?" "Yes,”Dick said. "Why do men wear black in our country when they get married, sir?"

()21. What does Roger do?

A. He teaches English in China. B. He is a Chinese teacher in China.

C. He teaches Chinese in England. D. He teaches English in England.

()22. Roger enjoys teaching his pupils because_.

A. they are his own children B. they are clever and careful

C. they are lovely D. they are polite and helpful

()23. An English woman wears white clothes ______ .

A. when she gets married B. when she is worried

C. when she is sad D. when she is at a funeral

()24. What colour do men in England wear when they get married?

A. White. B. Black. C. Red. D. Green.

()25. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Roger dislikes teaching the children.

B. Dick was a slow girl.

C. People in England wear white when they get married.

D. Dick, a clever boy, liked asking questions.


Everywhere we look, there is colour. We see it in the sky or in the sea. There is colour in rocks and in all plants and animals. Colour makes our home and schools pretty. We see it in pictures and in books. We even see colour in our food. It can make things look good.

Everything we see has colour. We see green grass and red apples. How can we see? We see colour when light hits our eyes. Dogs and many other animals can't see. But bees can. They even see colours we don't see. This helps them find flowers to fly to.

We sometimes use the names of colours to say things. People may say that they see red when they are angry. Or you may say you "feel blue". This means you are sad. We use colours to tell us things, too. Red is the colour of stop signs. It means "stop". Green means "to go".

Animals come in all kinds of colours. Many of these are very pretty. An animal's may stand for "Here I am","Stay away" or "Watch out". Or it may help the animals to hide. Some animals can make their colours look like what is around them. Then they can't be seen.

Some people can't tell one colour from another. They can see yellow and blue. But they can't tell red from green. We say these people are colour-blind.

()26. The best title for the passage is“_”·

A. Sky B. Sea C. Colour D. Beautiful world

()27. The first paragraph tells about ______ .

A. many kinds of colours B. the differences of colours

C. the colour of the sea D. the colour of the sky

()28. The second paragraph tells about ______.

A. how everything has colour B. how we can see colour

C. why apples are red D. why grass is green

()29. The main idea of the third paragraph is that_·

A. we can use the names of colours to say things

B. why people see red

C. why people see blue

D. people like the red and blue colours

()30. The main topic of the last paragraph is_.

A. people's colours B. colour-blindness

C. people and colours D. red and green colours


31. Which color creates the feeling of_(和谐)?

32. The students are doing a project on colors-what they_(代表)and how they _(影响)people.

33. You should wear white if you are feeling ______(感到压力的).

34. Wearing green clothes can make you_(精力充沛的).

35. Wearing red can help you when you can't make a(决定). 36. Suddenly he r what was happening at that time. 37. I u (通常)go to bed early but I stayed up late last night.

38. He looks at all the children with a_ (satisfy) smile.

39. The lawyer_ (to make something clear and easy to understand) the news to us the day before yesterday.

40. He is very_(有创意的)and comes up with different ideas.


41. There is only a bed in the small room.(改为同义句) There is a bed in the small room.

42. Tom would rather watch the football match than go fishing.(改为同义句) Tom the football match fishing.

43. It's good for our health to wear energetic clothes.(改为同义句) energetic clothes good our health.

44. He doesn't know how he can make a kite.(改为简单句) He doesn't know make a kite.

45. Nothing is impossible if he puts his heart into it.(改为反意疑问句)

Nothing is impossible if he puts his heart into it,______ ______?



要点:1. Millie是个文静害羞的女孩;






一、1-5 ACDDD 6-10 CBDDD

二、11-15 BDACB 16-20 DABCD

三、21-25 CBABD 26-30 CABAB

四、31. harmony 32. represent; affect 33. stressed 34. energetic 35. decision 36. realized37. usually

38. satisfied 39. explained 40. creative

五、41. nothing but 42. prefers; to 43. Wearing; is; for 44. how to 45. is it


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