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From 1a to2c

----What will you do if you have one Yuan? ---I will buy some candy, water…. ---What will you do if you have ten Yuan? ---I will buy one book, dictionary….. ---What will you do if you have one hundred Yuan? ---I will buy snack ,watch ,car model

? --What would you do if you had a million

dollars? ? --I would buy a beautiful house for my parents , buy a fashion mobile phone for myself and some suitable clothes, donate some money to the poor and the old . ? --What about you? What would you do if you had a million dollar? ? --I would…

1a.What would you do if you had a lot of money?
Add more ideas to the list and share your answers with other students.

? give it to charity, buy snacks, put it in the

bank,______________________________ ___________________________________ __________________________________

1b.Teacher plays 1b listening material to students and check out the answer by asking students to correct order.

Teacher asks students to practice oral English by making conversation with each other. For example:

? A: What would you do if you had one

million dollars? ? B: If I had one million dollars, I would… ? C: If I were you, I would… ? D: If I were you, I would…

Some useful expressing are list:
? I’d buy a beautiful car.
? I’d build a research lab. ? I’d give it to the Hope Project.

? I’d travel around the world.
? I’d give it to medical research.

? ...

2a, In this part ,teacher gives students three minutes to read the title and prepare for listening .
Why is Larry nervous? Listen and circle the reasons. ? 1.He’s late for the party. ? 2. He doesn’t know what to wear. ? 3. He doesn’t know if he should bring a present. ? 4. He can’t find his shoes. ? 5. He might not know anyone at the party. ? Answer:235

2b Listen again. Check (√) the four things Larry’s sister says to him. Teacher asks students to listen and give answer at the same time.
? (√) 1. If I were you, I’d wear a shirt and tie. ? (√) 2. You shouldn’t worry about what other people are wearing. ? (

) 3. If I were you, I’d be a little late. ? (√ ) 4. If I were you, I’d take a small present. ? (√) 5. If you don’t know anyone, you can talk to Tom. ? ( ) 6. But if you’re still nervous, you don’t have to go.

2c,In this section, teacher asks students to practice speaking skill.
? Teacher gives three minutes for students to

make new conversation with their partner. ? And then, students show the perform in front of class and teacher gives some advice ? and encouragement .

Important grammar focus :
? 虚拟语气
? 虚拟语气表示所说的话只是一种主观愿望和

假想虚拟的情况或与事实相反的假设。如果 要表示与现在或将来事实相反时,其虚拟语 气结构为:

? (从句) if +主语+动词过去式(be 动词用were),

一般过去时 ? (主句) 主语+would+动词

原形 ? 过去将来时 ? 如:If I had time, I would go for a walk. (事 实上我现在没有时间)

Grammar focus
? What would you do if you had a million

dollar? ? I would give it to charity. ? If I were you, I would wear a shirt and tie. ? If I were you, I would take a small present.

Home work
? 1、Remember new words and phrase in

mind. ? 2、Review the whole grammar focus after class. ? 3、 Preview 3a to 4.

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