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Do you still get free plastic bags from the supermarkets? Things have 1____. China has banned (明令禁止) free plastic bags at shops and supermarkets, and people have to pay for using plastic bags. The 2____started on June 1, 2008. It came because our country 3____to make litter less.

The Chinese once used about 3,000,000,000 plastic shopping bags a day, and they have caused pollution of the environment. The bags have 4____a main cause of plastic pollution because they are 5____to break and people throw away here and 6____. So the Chinese people are encouraged to 7____their own bags for shopping.

What kind of shopping bags is the 8___ to bring? Some students have a good idea. They make their own shopping bags. They use old clothes to make cloth bags and send them to their parents as presents. They also ask their parents and friends to use cloth bags 9____of plastic ones. They think it is their 10____to protect the environment.

B. 听下面一段对话,回答第6至第8三个小题。(3*2=6)

( )6.When did the man go to Australia?

A.Last week.

( )7.Where did he stay?

A.In a hotel.

( )8.What happened to him?

A.He hurt his leg. B.He had a car accident. C.He missed his plane.


( )9.What is Mr Green doing at the moment?

A.He is making a call.

( )10.Who will call later?

A.Joe. B.Amy. C.Mr Green.


( ) 1. Many students asked the teacher _____ the time of the test.

A. for B. to C. about

( ) 2. Aunt Li often asks her son too much junk food . It’s bad for his health .

A. don’t eat B. not to eat C. not eat

D. to not eat

( ) 3.. Lucy thinks that ____ English movies isn’t a good way.

A. watch B. watched C. watching

( ) 4.. I read very slowly. I can’t spell some English words, _____.

A. also B. either C. but

( ) 5. We don’t think she is ____ honest girl.

A. a B. an C. the D. / B.He is having a meeting. C.He is writing a letter. B.At his friends’ house. C.At his uncle’s house. B.Last month. C.Last year.

( ) 6. ____ of the two new books are interesting.

A. All B. Both C. Any D. Either

( ) 7. --Can I get you a drink? --That’s very nice of you. I’ve already got _____.

A. it B. one C. that D. this

( ) 8. -____you ever ____with a group?

-Yes, I have .

A. Have ;study B. Have; studied C. Do; study D; study

( do you learn French ? ---By talking with Frenchmen .

A. When B. Why C. Who D. How

( ) 10.We learn English by videos .

A. seeing B. looking at C. watching D. to watch

( ) 11.When I don’t know how to spell a word , I always .

A. look up a dictionary B. look at a dictionary

C. look it up in a dictionary D. look it for in a dictionary

( ) 12. I didn’t know to London .

A. how to go B. where to go

C. what to go D. how go

( ) 13..I can’t understand what you are saying . Would you please

speak ?

A. slow B. quickly C. fast

D. more slowly

( ) 14.. I need a partner .

A. to speak B. to talk C. to speak of D. to talk with

( ) 15.I find useful to learn how to use a computer .

A. that B. this C. its D. it


Most adults(成年人) once studied at school,had classes and did their homework every day.The same problem for the modern students.

All the students should agree that weekend homework should be abolished(取

消).It’s 4 for them studying at school five days a week.They have a lot of interests.With homework to do on Saturday and Sunday,how can they find to help around the

house,go and watch a football or basketball game or a good film,join in family recreations(娱乐),or just have 6 at home?Because of these or other activities,the homework can’t .So their weekend homework is usually done in such a hurry that on Monday teachers are and often threaten(威胁) to fail whole class of students because they know nothing about the .If there were no weekend homework against the students’ having a good rest and learn what the teachers teach.

( )1.A.thing B.school C.class D.homework

( )2.A.Also B.But C.Still D.Though

( )3.A.no B.another C.one D.other

( )4.A.not enough B.enough C.no good D.no use

( )5.A.friends B.time C.places D.money

( )6.A.a rest B.an exam C.a lesson D.a picnic

( )7.A.Monday afternoon B.Saturday afternoon

C.Friday night D.Sunday night

( )8.A.pleased B.sorry C.unhappy D.not worried

( )9.A.lesson B.games C.interests D.activities

( )10.A.until B.when C.before D.after



How I study English

I often hear some students say English is difficult, and it gives them a headache. So they can’t learn it well. But English is very easy for me. I’m good at it. I’m very glad to tell you something about how I study English.

First, I think an interest(爱好)in English is very important. When I was in Grade One, we had a new subject – English. It was fresh for me . I was interested in it, so I worked hard at it. Soon we had an English exam and I got a very good mark. How happy I was! After that, I learned English harder and harder. Our English teacher often teaches us English songs, the songs sound nice. I often think how interesting English is!

Second, I think English is a foreign language. I should learn it well in the following ways: Listen to the teacher carefully, speak bravely, read aloud and have a good vocabulary. Then practice again and again, never be tired. And I also have a good habit: Asking whenever(不论何时)I have a question, I must make it clear by asking our English teacher. How happy I am when I understand!

Besides this, I often read English stories, jokes and easy novels. From these I know English is not only interesting, but also useful. They help me understand a lot of things. So doing more reading is an important way to learn English well.

And I also do some exercises from our class magazines, and I often write English diaries. English has become a close friend of mine.

Now I have learned English for more than two years. I always keep the first position(位置) in our school. From these words, I hope every student can learn English well.

( )1. Why do some students often “have a headache”?

A. Because they are easy to catch cold.

B. Because it’s often very cold

C. Because they think English is easy.

D. Because they don’t think English is easy.

( )2.The writer tells us that we should be____in English if we want to learn it well.

A. boring B. interested C. interesting D. strict

( )3.The sentence “I got a very good mark” means ______.

A.I got a good way.

B. I had a good idea.

C. I did badly in the exam .

D. I did well in the exam.

( )4.The writer thinks English is interesting because________.

A. English is full of stories.

B. English is full of jokes.

C. his teacher often teaches them nice English songs.

D. of nothing

( )5.Which of the following is not the way the writer studies by?

A. speaking bravely B. Writing to foreign friends

C. Reading aloud D. Writing English diaries


Swimming and English Learning

Can you swim? Do you like swimming? Yes? Well, how can you learn to swim? I think the best way is to go into the water and learn. I’m afraid you’ll never learn to swim just by reading books about swimming or looking at others swimming. It’s the same with the English study. We must practice, practice and practice.

Listening and speaking are very important for beginners. The children in English-speaking countries first listen to others. Then they try to imitate(模仿) and speak. We can listen to English programs on radio. You may just understand a few words. It doesn’t matter. Just be relaxed, try to catch every word.

Somebody may be a good listener. But he dare(敢) not speak. He’s afraid of making mistakes. You know we sometimes make mistakes when we speak Chinese. Don’t be afraid. We must be brave. If you really want to learn English well, you must try to speak with everyone so long as he knows English. Whether you know him or not is not important .When there’s nobody to talk with, you can talk to yourself in English. It’s interesting and also a good way to practice your spoken English. Remember, the more you speak, the fewer mistakes you’ll make.

Reading and writing are more important for senior(高级) school students. First we must choose the books we’re interested in. A lot of reading will improve your language sense(感觉). This is the most important.

Keep writing English diaries. We can also write English articles. You may even post(寄) them to English magazines. Don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is the mother of success.

Easier said than done. Well, let’s do more practice from now on. I’m sure you’ll learn English well in this way.

( )6. You can learn to swim by_______.

A. reading books about it

B. looking at others swimming

C. having lessons on it

D. going into the river and learning

( )7.. We should learn English by _______.

A. listening and speaking B. reading and writing

C. A and B D. swimming

( )8.. What will you do with mistakes when you speak?

A. Don’t make mistakes. B. Study hard

C. Try not to speak English D. Don’t be afraid.

( )9.. What’s more important for senior school students?

A. listening B. speaking C. reading and writing D. learning

( )10. We can listen to English ______, according to the passage.

A. by train B. on the radio C. every minute D. now and then


Many Chinese students don’t pay much attention to(注意) spoken English at

school.They think it necessary to practise speaking English in class,but not out of class.Here is a story to show you how important it is to speak the English language freely in everyday life.

A foreigner once got hungry and went into a restaurant in London.He sat down at a table.When the waiter came,he opened his mouth,put his fingers into it and took them out again in order to express that he wanted something to eat for he could not speak English.The waiter soon brought a cup of tea.The man shook(摇动)his head.The waiter then took away the tea and brought a cup of coffee.The man again shook his head.He tried again and again,but he wasn’t able to make the waiter understand him.Finally another man came

in.He spoke English clearly and fluently.In a few minutes,there was a large plate of meat and vegetables on the table before him.

So you see a man often goes hungry if he doesn’t master(掌握) a foreign language. 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)(10分)

( )11.Chinese students pay little attention to spoken English.

( )12.The students only practise speaking English in class.

( )13.The story happened in a restaurant in New York.

( )14.The man wanted to eat something because he was hungry.

( )15.Another man spoke English very well.


A good reader is very much like a driver.He must change his reading speed(速度) to fit what he is reading and what he is reading for,just as a driver does to fit the road situation(状况).A good reader may read at 1000 WPM(词/每分钟) when he looks for something for a report in the library.But he finds what he needs,he may slow down to 100

WPM.A good reader may read newspapers and storybooks at 600 WPM.But he may read his science or maths books at 150 WPM.Just as a driver has a wide change of driving speed,so a good reader has a wide change of reading speed.


( )16.The writer thinks that a good reader can_________.

A.read at 1000 WPM

B.read as fast as he can

C.spend more time reading

D.change the reading speed as he needs

( )17._________decides the speed of reading.

A.How many books he is reading

B.What he is reading for

C.Where he is reading

D.When he is reading

( )18.A good reader may read faster _________.

A.when he reads newspapers and storybooks

B.when he reads something most useful to him

C.when he is trying work out a maths problem

D.when he is trying to find something for his report

( )19.The word “once ” in the passage means_________.

A.one time B.only C.as soon as D.at once

( )20.Which is the best title for this passage?

A.The importance of Reading Fast

B.The Difference Between Driving and Reading

C.The Best Way of Fast Reading

D.A Good Reader and His Reading Speed


Is it right that you don’t take your breakfast? Not long ago, a test __1__ given in the United States. People of different __2__, from 12 to 83, were asked to have a test. __3_ the test, these people were given all kinds of breakfasts and sometimes they got no breakfast at all. Scientists wanted to see how well __4__ bodies worked when they had different kinds of breakfasts.

The results show that if a person __5__ a right breakfast, he or she will work __6__ than if he or she has no breakfast. If a student has fruit, eggs, bread and milk before going to school, he will learn more quickly and listen __7__ carefully in class.

The results also show that having no breakfast will not __8__ you lose weight (重量). This is because people become so hungry at noon __9__ they eat too much for lunch. And they will gain (增加) weight __10__ of losing weight.

1.________ 2.________ 3.________ 4.________ 5.________ 6.________ 7.________ 8.________ 9.________ 10.________


根据下面的对话情景,在每个空白处填上一个适当的句子,使对话的意义连贯、完整。 A:Hello,Fangfang.We are looking for you everywhere. 1.________________________? B:I went to the school library.What’s up?

A:We’re going to help the children in hospital.Will you join us?

B:Of course. 2.________________________?

A.This Saturday morning.We’ll stay there for the whole day.

B.That’s great.See you then.

(At the Children’s Hospital)

B:Hello,I’m Fangfang.Can I have your name,please?

C:I’m Li Hua.

B:Hello,Li Hua. 3.________________________?

C:I’ve got a high fever.I have stayed here for five days.

B:How are you feeling now?

C:4.________________________.I hope I can go back to school soon.

B:Don’t worry.I will help you with your lessons.


B:It’s a pleasure.Now,let me read you a story.


请以Believe myself,and I’ll win为题,写一篇自己在学习或生活中遇见并战胜困难的一件事情的文章。注意:内容必须包括:①你遇到了什么困难;②你是如何克服的;③你从中领悟到了什么。




A 1__ 2__ 3__ 4__ 5__

6__ 7__ 8__ 9__ 10 __

B 6__ 7__ 8__ C 9__ 10 __


1__ 2__ 3

6__ 7__ 8

11__ 12__ 13


1__ 2__ 3

6__ 7__ 8


1__ 2__ 3

6__ 7__ 8

11__ 12__ 13

16__ 17__ 18


1__ 2__ 3

6__ 7__ 8


__ 4__ 9__ 14__ 4__ 9__ 4__ 9__ 14__ 19__ 4__ 9__ 5__ __ 10 __ __ 15__ __ 5__ __ 10 __ __ 5__ __ 10 __ __ 15__ __ 20 __ __ 5__ __ 10 __

1. ________________________________________________?

2.________________________ ________________________?

3. ________________________________________________?

4. ________________________________________________.

5. ________________________________________________.


Believe myself,and I’ll win

____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________

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