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最新七年级英语上册课件 p2 U3 Is this your sister.

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Period 2 Section A 3a-3c

Number Chant:
Three,two,one,o, Let’s go! Let’s go. One,two,three,four, Please go and close the door. Five,six,seven,eight, Hurry up! Don’t be late. Nine,ten,nine,ten, Get a ruler and a pen.

Grammar Focus
Is this your pencil?
Is this his green pen? Is that your schoolbag? Are these your books? Are those her keys?

Yes, it is. It’s mine.\ No, it isn’t . It’s hers. Yes, it is.\ No, it isn’t. The blue pen is his.
Yes, it is.\ No, it isn’t. It’s his. Yes, they are.\ No, they aren’t. They’re hers. Yes, they are.\ No, they aren’t. They’re mine.

It’s = it is

isn’t = is not

aren’t = are not

IS _____your book? Yes, it is. No, it_____. Are _____my pencils? Yes, _____are. No, they aren’t. Is _____his ruler? Yes, it _____. No, it isn’t.

Are _____het pens?

Yes, they are. No, they _____.


Read the questions and complete the answers.

it is 1.Is this her ruler? Yes,_____. It’s _____. hers it isn’t 2.Is that Eric’s schoolbag? No, _______. _____Sally’s. It’s they are 3.Are these his pencils? Yes, ________. They’re _____. his 4.Are those Anna’s books? No, they aren’t ________mine. _________. They are

Put some things into the teacher’s box. Then take one thing out of the box and find the owner. You only have two guesses.
Is this your eraser?

No, it isn’t.

? ( )1.Is it orange? ? A. you B. he C. his D. she ? ( )2.What’s this in English? is a ruler. ? A. This B. That C. It D. They ? ( )3.Is this old computer? No, it’s new one. ? A. a, a B. a, an C. an, an D. an, a ? ( )4. your mother? She is fine. Thank you. ? A. What’s B. How’s C. Where’s D. She’s ? ( )5.They are . ? A. teachers B. teacher ? C. teacher’s D. teacheres

1.用am, is 完成句子
1.This ____ my watch._____ that your watch? 2.What ______ that?It_____ a nice book.

3.I____ Sonia. This _____ my mum.
4.His name _____ John.

1. It’s her a pen. ( ) A B C D 2. That’s a English dictionary. ( ) A B C D 3. What do you spell book? ( ) A B C D 4. What is you last name? ( ) D A B C 5. Is it your ruler? Yes, it’s. ( ) AB C D

1.This is a pen.(变为一般疑问句) ——————————————— 2.Is this your pen?(肯定回答) ——— , — ——. 3.How do you spell “ruler”?(回答) —————————————— 4.Can you spell “ruler”?(回答) —————————————— 5.Is that her pen?(否定回答) ——— , — ———.

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