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2013八年级上英语unit1 Grammar Focus -3c

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Grammar Focus
Where did you go on vacation? I went to New York City.

Did you go out with anyone? No, No one was here. Everyone was on vacation. Did you buy anything Yes, I bought something for special? my father. No, I bought nothing. How was the food? Did everyone have a good time? Everything tasted really good Oh, yes, Everything was excellent

1.不定代词:some, any, no, every与-one, -body, -thing

构成复合代词。我们称之为复合不定代词 somebody 某人 anybody 任何人 someone 某人 anyone 任何人 something 某物,某事 anything 任何事物 nobody 没有人 no one 没有人 nothing 没有东西 everybody 每人 everyone 每人 everything 一切

2. some一般用于肯定句,any一般用 于否定句或疑问句,no表示完全否定 ,因此其复合不定代词somebody, someone,something一般用于肯定句 ,而anybody,anyone,anything一般 用于否定句、疑问句或条件句。用于 提建议或请求的问句,以及希望说话 对方作出肯定回答的问句中。则some, something, 而不用 any, anything.

Some are doctors,some are nurses. There isn’t any water in my cup. Is there any water in the cup? Did you go out with anyone? Did you buy anything special? I bought something for my father. Everything tasted really good Everyone was on vacation. Would you like some milk?

3.由some,any,no,every加上-body, -one,-thing构成的复合不定代词在句子中 作主语时,都作单数看待,其谓语动词一般用 单数形式。

Everything is ready. Something is wrong with my bike. There is nothing wrong with my bike. Nobody knows my name. No one is here. Everyone wants to go home. Everybody likes swimming.

4.复合不定代词被形容词所修饰时,形容词须放 在它们的后面。

Did you buy anything interesting? Did you do anything special last month? Do you have anything important to do this evening? I do something fun on my vacation.


Fill in the blanks with the words in the box And practice the conversation

Linda: Did you do________ fun on your vacation, Alice? anything Alice: yes, I did. I went to Sanya. anyone Linda: How did you like it? something Alice: Well, it was my first time there. So __________ was really interesting. anything everything anyone Linda: Did you go with__________? everything Alice: Yes, I did. I went with my sister. nothing Linda: Did you go shopping? Alice: of course. I boughtsomething for my parents, but _________ nothing __________ for myself. Linda: Why didn’t you buy__________ for yourself? anything anything Alice: I didn’t really see _________ I liked.

3b Fill

in the blanks in the e-mail message with the words in the box anything, everything, nothing ,everyone , no one Dear Bill, How was your vacation? Did you do _________ anything everyone interesting? Did __________ in the family go with you? I went to a friend’s farm in the countryside everything with my family.______

____ was great. We fed some hens and saw some baby pigs. They were so cute! The only problem was that there was nothing __________ much to do in the evening but read. Still ___________ seemed to be bored. Bye for No one now.


Ask your group questions about their last vacation. Then tell the class your results.
Everyone Someone No one

Did you… eat anything at a restaurant?

read anything interesting visit anyone in your family buy anything keep a diary Report like this:
In our group, everyone ate something at a restaurant …

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