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Lesson 77
Terrible toothache 牙疼不是病,一疼要人命

课前补充 He worked no more than a week, so he could get not more than 100 yuan. 他只干了一个星期,因此他至多能得到一百元。 no more than (仅仅,只有) not more than (至多,不超过) no less than和一 样多 ? not less than至少,不少于 ? no +比较级+than 和一样比较级的反义词的… =as +反义词+as no better than=as bad as no less than=as many/much as

? appointment n. 约会,预约 ? urgent adj. 紧急的,急迫的 ? till prep. 直至…为止

? 1.prep用于肯定句,与延续性动词相连(直到…为止 ? I have been theretill last week ? 我在那儿一直呆到上个星期 用于否定句,与短暂性动词相连(在…之前,直到 …才) ? Don· call me till eight o’clock在八点之前给我打电 t 话 ? 3.conj主句为肯定句,谓语为延续性动词(直到…为 止)I lived in the country till I was fifteen ? 我在乡下一直住到十五岁 ? 主句为否定句,谓语为短暂性动词(在…之前,直 到…才)He didn`t come back till he finished his homework直到完成作业他才回来

? Not --- until 句型 (1) 陈述句 not --- until --- 直到……才 例:Last night I didn't go to bed until 11 o'clock. 昨晚我11点钟才睡觉。 (2) 强调句 It wasn't until…that... 直到……才……. 例:It wasn't until yesterday that I got your letter. 我直到昨天才收到你的来信. (3) 倒装句 Not until...did... 直到……才……. 例:Not until I began to work did I realize how much time I had wasted. 直到我开始工作,我才意识到我已蹉跎了很 多岁月.

? 在英语中,一般是名词或代词做宾语,宾 语一般是跟在动词或介词后。 I want an apple. Put it on! ? 由一个句子来充当宾语,就是宾语从句。

宾语从句跟在两类词后: 1.表示人的情感或心理活动的形容词 afraid/ sure/ sorry/ glad/ anxious/ confident/ proud ? S+ be+ adj. + 宾语从句 ? 主句和宾语从句中有that连接,后边加句子。 当主句是一般现在时,从句可以用任何时态。 ? 我担心我明天去不了了。 I am afraid that I can't come tomorrow. ? 很抱歉我昨天没有去。 I am sorry that I didn't go yesterday. ? 我跟高兴你能帮助他们。 I am glad that you can help them.

2、S+ v. +that +从句 其中的动词为: think/ know/ believe/ say/ hope/ understand ? 她知道你会来的。 She knows that you will come. ? 我相信我能飞。 I believe (that) I can fly.

? Good morning, Mr. Croft. ? Good morning, nurse. I want to see the dentist (看牙 医), please. ? Do you have an appointment (预约) ? ? No, I don't. ? Is it urgent (急诊吗)? ? Yes, it is. It's very urgent. I feel awful. (难受极了) ? I have a terrible toothache. ?

Can you come at 10 a.m. on Monday (on/in), April 24th? ? I must see the dentist now, nurse. ? The dentist is (be适当形式) very busy at the moment. ? Can you come at 2 p.m.? (at/in/on) ? That's very late. Can the dentist see me (I适当形式) now? ? I'm afraid that he can't, Mr. Croft. ? Can't you wait till this afternoon? ? I can wait, but my toothache can't!

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.I want to see the dentist , please. 对红色部分提问 What do you want to do? 2.Do you have an appointment? 变成肯定句 I have an appointment. 3.Is it urgent ?变成肯定句 It is urgent. 4.It‘s very urgent. 变成一般疑问句 Is it very urgent? 5.I feel awful.对红色部分提问 How do you feel?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

7.I have a terrible toothache. 变成一般疑问句 Do you have a terrible toothache? 8.I must see the dentist now, nurse. 变成否定句 I mustn’tneedn`t see the dentist now, nurse. 8.The dentist is very busy at the moment. 对红色部分提问 Who is very busy at the moment? 9.Can the dentist see me now?变成肯定句 The dentist can see you now.

? ? ? ? ?

Written exercises 书面练习 A Complete these sentences. 把下列句子改写成过去时。 Example: She goes to town every day. She went to town yesterday. bought ? 1 She buys a new car every year. She ______ a new car last year. aired ? 2 She airs the room every day. She ______ it this morning. ? 3 He often loses his pen. He ______ his pen lost this morning.

? 开心阅读,根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F). ? My name is Tom , I am eleven 。this is my room.look,there is a desk and a bed in it .the bed is next to the desk. My bed is red ,beside the bed is a bookshelf.my book are on it ,on the desk there is a clock ,my cat is sleeping near the desk. my room is small but very nice .I like it very much. ? 1、Tom is ten years old. ( ) ? 2 、The bed is next to the desk . ( ) ? 3、There is clock on the wall . ( ) ? 4 、Tom’s cat on sleeping on the desk . ( ) ? 5、 This room is small but very nice . ( )

? 写出下列单词的复数形式:(8’) ? 1. radio 2. knife 3.glass ? 4. shelf 5. boss 6.dress ? 7. housewife 8.postman 9. leaf ? 10. church 11. mouth 12. family ? 13. tie 14. tomato 15. piano ? 16. baby

Thank you!

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